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We have published this 50k A Week Review to prove that this App is nothing but scam. The 50k A Week software is in question together with its owner, Josh Harris, should be treated with suspicion since he has failed to provide enough proof to support his allegations. Of course we can’t purely rely on the things he is saying. We must seek proof first. If it is not there, then we can’t hesitate to blacklist it like other scams in this category.

Overview of the 50K A week software !

The usual fabricated stories of how Harris used to be poor and is now swimming in riches is used here as well.This seemingly non-existence character claims that he used to work with a company called GenuisTech, and that is where he learned how to trade the financial market with skill.

That’s when he went on to create 50K a week system that would retain an accuracy level of 99% all the time. He decided to use the name 50K a week because the software is famous for making its members 50 K a week, or if you like, $500 every minute.

50K A Week System Scam

Don’t you think these claims are a little bit far fetched? You see, anyone can claim that they used to work with a big investment firm at Wallstreet. Anyone can say that they have studied the financial markets for the last 10 years or so, and that they now have enough experience to create a trading robot that can only make profits instead of losses.

The story of this man is not convincing enough to prompt people to want to sign up. We must admit that we have been unable to come across any evidence suggesting that these allegations — concerning how this software performs are true. We are 100% sure that this is a scam because no one is using the 50K a week system to make any money, and thus those who will sign up will end up being ripped off.

One thing we want you to know is that the 50K a Week program is a trading robot that is over-promising and using other false elements to steal from unsuspecting traders. Since it is very new, and we have reviewed it in and out, we do not think anyone has fallen in their trap yet. But it’s just a matter of time before some random newbie gets caught and losses their money thereafter.

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Continue reading this 50k A Week Review to find out more

We have listened to the promotional review video that is being hosted on the 50K a week website. We must say that the entire presentation is just sounding too good to be true. Remember, this is an element of all scams.

Harris claims that he needs some 60 beta testers to test his product before it can be sold to the public for the price of $6,999. This, according to us, is very ridiculous. This statement already contradicts what Harris had initially said — that his software is famous for making $50k a week. You see, if this system has been proven without a doubt to generate that impossible sum, why would they need 60 more beta testers?

It doesn’t make sense, and they are not proving us with the answers we want. The reason why this is happening is that Harris wants to seemingly give everyone a chance to sign up. That is, he wants to take hold of every visitor who lands into this rogue site so that he can rip them off. It will be obviously impossible if he shuts you out, and thus you will always qualify among the 60 beta testers.

More evidence to settle the question of ”is 50k A Week scam?”

Some people have received an invitation to this scam 50kaweek.com website through email. Those messages were directed to their spam folder as opposed to their main message inbox. This suggested that the mails were being sent in massive numbers, which is why they were being flagged and directed to spam folders. This is not a special invitation to join anything.

This is a trick they are using to nurture leads so that they can steal from them when they eventually take action. It only takes your name and email address to start receiving these spam emails, one after the other. They intend to brain-wash you with the so-called 50K a week system. Once you’re in and reading each one of their emails, they will play what is called reverse psychology to help you see that what they are offering as 50K a week App is genuine. It goes that way until you lose your hard-earned $250.

More Proof to Suggest that 50K A Week System is scam

Can you see the 60 spots left countdown timer on the 50k A Week website? Well, if you reload that website, it will start counting from 60 again. What does this tell you? It says that you should treat this website with suspicion. They want to pressure you as much as they can so that you end up forgetting to check reviews concerning the software in question.

The Fake 50k A Week Testimonials

In the 50K a week website, you will see 3 video testimonials & reviews of people who got extremely wealthy, courtesy of 50K a week.This screenshot below has been floating around the internet since the 50k a week system was launched. We got it from a critic website that also educated traders on this scam.

You can see that someone was sourced from Fiverr to lie on camera. They were paid $5 only to do this. How shameful can this get? He was paid very little to do so much more! Apparently, the same applies to all the other faces you’re seeing here.

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Conclusion :

They have teamed up with some unregulated off-shore broker to rip off their customers. Be aware when they ask you for $250 in order to start trading and become rich. You won’t become rich with this 50 k a Week software, and that’s a fact you should know.

The 50k a Week software cannot be relied upon. You can see how aggressive they are at marketing this scam system. By doing so, they hope to fool a few individuals so they can benefit their selfish motives. So if you love your money, stay away to avoid disappointments. There is nothing to get excited about here.

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