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Is The 7 Figure Challenge a Scam or is it a big breakthrough system that will make you a millionaire? We soon found out by investigating this trading software offer that it is all just a scam. In this 7 Figure Challenge review we can give you strong proof of some deliberate deceptions and fake information that is being used to promote it.We do not want anyone to lose money by opening and funding a trading account that is linked to the 7 Figure Challenge software. In this review we present all the evidence we have uncovered to show that this is a pure scam.

Martin Taylor is named as being the multi-millionaire trader behind the binary options system. He had the 7 Figure Challenge Software developed so that his “breakthrough system” could be fully automated. He wants to help ten people to make a million in a month and promises to help anyone who signs up to achieve this.The 7 Figure Challenge System is supposed to be 100% guaranteed to make you money or Martin Taylor says he personally will give you $10,000.

Why The 7 Figure Challenge Software Is a Scam to Avoid !!

7 Figure Challenge Software

The claim is that you can make more than $1,000,000 in the next twenty-seven days just by entering your name and email address to get started.You will receive a welcome pack showing you how to open a trading account through the 7 Figure Challenge App and when you have deposited some funds you can use the free software to get started within minutes.All he asks in return is that in twenty-seven days from signing up you send Martin Taylor a video of yourself trading and showing the results.

More Proof That 7 Figure Challenge System is a Scam

In this section of our 7 Figure Challenge review we set out solid proof, and there is no shortage of hard evidence that it is a scam. What we found out for this review proves that all the claims made about the free 7 Figure Challenge system are totally untrue and scam tactics are being used to get you to fund an account with an unaccredited broker through the 7FigureChallenge.com website.Nobody should believe that a multimillionaire named Martin Taylor actually exists. His voice on the video is just an actor reading a script and the photo of him on the website could have been taken from any site where people post their pictures.

We are certain that there is no big trader on Wall Street by the name of Martin Taylor. It is a common American name so there are plenty of people with the same name, and possibly some of them are traders, but there is no record of anyone of that name who has made millions as a trader and has already turned ten other traders into millionaires with his 7 Figure Challenge system, as falsely stated on the video.There is a complete lack of check able information about this trading system and no details about what type of data the software uses to create 7 Figure Challenge signals for trading in binary options.A young woman appears on the 7FigureChallenge.com video saying how happy she is with the results of trading with the software. She is clearly a hired actress seated in front of a white curtain so that no evidence can be seen of her actual financial circumstances. If it was true that the system has made ten people millionaires, why not use them in the video?

Until you receive your welcome pack, you are told nothing about the need to deposit a large amount of funds in order to use the system. The fake trading figures on the 7 Figure Challenge website prove that it is a scam with no real credentials.One of the first things stated on the video is that the 7 Figure Challenge Software has received an International Seal of Accreditation. This is a fake credential because there is no such accreditation for any software or trading system. There are some badges on the website but none of them is clickable and therefore mean nothing.

Fake Reviews And Sales Tactics with 7 Figure Challenge Method Exposed !

There are statements made on the 7 Figure Challenge video about only ten spots being available, which clearly contradicts what is shown on the 7FigureChallenge website. More than ten names appear in what are supposed to be live trades, and more than ten new names appear to have just made their first winning trade.Typical of a scam, there is a lot of pressure put on you to sign up instantly or miss out on the opportunity. The site shows one spot left, and it always shows one spot left. There is also a clock counting down, but when it told us that “you have 00.00 seconds left” we were still able to sign up for the purpose of this review.

Even before viewing the 7 Figure Challenge video, a pop-up window appears to inform you that you can “Get paid $10,000 just for being on this page” with boxes to enter your name and email address. This refers to what is claimed to be a $10,000 guarantee if you fail to make more than a million in less than a month. What is certain is that when you lose your deposit there will be no way of tracing anyone behind the 7 Figure Challenge scam.The CHASE checking account shown in the video, with a balance of $3,157,500.93, is another scam tactic and is clearly not a genuine bank statement. 7 Figure Challenge owner Martin Taylor also shows another account containing $27 million, which is ridiculous because no real millionaire would ever have such a big amount just sitting in a bank. Are we really supposed to believe that he has been making a million every month without spending or investing his profits!

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In our investigations for this 7 Figure Challenge review, almost everything we have seen indicates that is a scam. There is no big trader who wants to make you a millionaire or will pay you $10,000 just for supplying a name and email address. There are clearly many deceptions and much misinformation on the website, and in the video, with nothing that can actually be checked about the trading system.The conclusion of our review is that the 7 Figure Challenge is just a big scam and nothing about it can be trusted.

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