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Hey Its Christine Loghran ready to answer your question  Is AlgoMaster System a scam? Definitely it is. We have discovered that the Algo Master system is a cheap and dirty scam that is targeted at anyone who will listen to their story. This is just another made-up tail of highly efficient servers and fast computers that only execute trades when there is 100% chance that they will turn successful. And then somewhere along the presentation, we are told that AlgoMaster System software has a win rate of 94%, and that it’s been beta tested by over 300 individuals and endorsed by major financial institutions.

Does AlgoMaster System scam sound like what every other scammer is using to market their products out there?

Well, you can now find out the truth in this Algo Master System review. You should know outright that this software is nothing more than an insult to your intelligence. Even a newbie trying his hands on manual trading would beat this software flat foot – this, we promise!

AlgoMaster System Review – Whats AlgoMaster all about?

The AlgoMaster System is the freshest addition in the list of scams we have gathered so far. This software was allegedly created by a man called James Torn. He is now the CEO of a company which doesn’t even exist.

The promotion video doesn’t say anything about the establishment of this system. Instead, all that this man wants traders to know is that he discovered AlgoMaster System app, a successful way of increasing one’s o income online, and that he is now sharing his knowledge with the public for ‘’Free’’.

Now, there is something really strange about the lack of sufficient data to support the so called Algo Master System program. It is already raising suspicion, thereby making it hard to trust.

Website: www.algomastersystem.com


The mode in which AlgoMaster System scam operates in

It is alleged that this software is so powerful that it processes information at a speed of 1/1,000,000 a second. Because of this, it is able to effortlessly achieve a 94% success rate, thanks to the fact that it has undergone 12 months of extensive research.

But our research was not able to prove that any of this information was true. We are also not able to trace this guy anywhere on the internet. Now, this can be very risky for anyone contemplating to trust AlgoMaster System software. After making you incur damaging losses while hiding behind risk claimers, this man will comfortably go scot-free.

Full risk disclosure page is mentioned but does not exist

At the bottom of the AlgoMaster System website, you will find a notice warning you that investing in binary options is not a suitable investment for all people, and therefore you must read their risk disclosure statement to familiarize yourself with the risks.

But there is no link anywhere in the footer that takes you to that page. This website even lacks a privacy policy page, yet they claim to be so professional.

How exactly are you supposed to trust this AlgoMaster System website or the person that is running it? Already those pages are lacking, yet they are directing their visitors to read what does not exist.

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Algo Master Software and its credibility very questionable

We have some user testimonials where people seem to thank the creator of AlgoMaster System app for saving their lives when they were in debts, or when they couldn’t meet their bills. All these things should be considered fluff that is used to decorate the Algo Master System website.

The truth is that the operator of this site paid for what you’re seeing as testimonial. This can’t be used as credible evidence that AlgoMaster System program works like promised.

In addition to this, the stamps that appear at the bottom of this site are not genuine. These stamps are usually offered by certified organizations which scrutinize a business/website before issuing their stamp of approval.

Those stamps have since turned out to be a tool that can be manipulated by scammers to achieve their end.

One of the stamps here is displaying an SSL certification, meaning any website that uses this certification must have a padlock sign at the top left side of the address bar telling visitors that it is secure to conduct transactions therein.

This one doesn’t have that sign either, yet they have an SSL badge at the bottom of the website. In addition to this, we can also see many more badges being used to promise users that their satisfaction will be guaranteed. These certificates are false since we can’t click on them to find out about the truthfulness of the information.

AlgoMaster System Testimonials are FAKE


The false statistics

The Algo Master System scam also makes use of false stats to try and convince. For example, this website claims that its users made over $794,562 in profits the previous week. And then we are told that the average trader makes $15,000 every week using Algo Master System program.

You are then supposed to believe that you will make that amount of money because this software was created by top mathematicians and programmers who can’t fail you no matter what.

And then in the next phase of this bogus presentation, you are urged to invest some $250 with this AlgoMaster System software so you can start reaping the profits in minutes.

It sounds too good to be true. Apparently some traders even got their adrenaline kicking in because they imagined it would fulfill their dreams.

Other truths and word of advice

You need to stay away from the AlgoMaster Software because it is only a dream. They didn’t make use of beta testers like claimed. They didn’t even make use of top coders and mathematicians like claimed.

So the risk of losing with this bogus app is very real. Rest assured of that fact. The AlgoMaster System app is bound to mislead naïve traders and cause unnecessary excitement. This is the reason why we are warning people not to pay attention to what they are saying.

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Conclusion :

In as much as Algo Master Software is being presented as genuine, nothing in this world will change the fact that it’s a scam. If you love your trading career and wouldn’t want to have a bad start, you should exercise caution when being offered such phony deals. Never think for a second that you will risk nothing with this software because as a matter of fact, you will risk everything.


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