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Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The Automata Formula . Well here it is, Automata Formula is a pure and recycled scam owned by George Coleman. Read this important review to learn why you need to avoid Automata Formula scam always. The Automata Formula program passes itself as a binary options trading signal software. It claims to provide auto trading functions on currencies, indices and commodities in the financial market. According to George Coleman, the Automata Formula signals integrate with other major binary options trading signals allowing traders to make a killing. In order to begin trading, you need to sign up via the Automata Formula website. Once you have done so, you will have access to the Automata Formula software which will allows you to trade in the financials market.

To start trading, you are required to make a deposit of $250. The one thing that is not clear with the Automata Formula system is what payment systems it supports. According to the scammers behind Automata Formula scam, one can make a total of $950 in an hour and $20,000 in a day. As expert investors ourselves, we know that it is highly impossible for traders to make an exact amount every month from binary options trading. Binary options’ trading is not a risk free market. There are lots of risks involved which means genuine traders know that they will make wins and losses altogether. This is what George Coleman is not revealing to traders. His so-called Automata Formula app will not ensure risk free trading for users.

Website: automataformula.co


The Automata Formula website is currently accepting beta testers who are told that they will have a free 100% access to the system. The one thing we have discovered is that scams like Automata Formula always advertise that they are looking for beta testers. The one thing online users need to know is that Automata Formula system is not a profitable trading app as advertised by George Coleman. In the evidence section, we are going to reveal all the lies build around the Automata Formula scam. You will also get to learn who George Coleman really is. Stay tuned!!

Why Automata Formula is a Scam? 

Who is George Coleman?

George Coleman claims to be an ex-Wells Fargo banker who has made over $12 million in the past year. He claims to have been working on the Automata Formula app with his developing team who were his former colleagues. He claims that the app tracks down trading volumes in real time and also anticipates the top traders’ behaviors in the binary options trading market. He further continues to claim that the system can calculate the best trading options for the users without them lifting a finger.

While access to the Automata Formula scam software is free, you are required to make a deposit of $250 in order to start trading. So, who is George Coleman? George Coleman is a front for the scammers. His software can’t help you make $950 in an hour or $20,000 in a day. To us, it does not make sense how one can be assured of such high rewards in an hour while every expert knows that the binary options market is not risk free.

Resurrected scam

Yes, according to Automata Formula review, the app is a resurrected scam by the same criminals who have been stealing hard earned cash from online users. Our investigators decided to carry out an in-depth investigation into the claims being made by George Coleman. The first thing we discovered from our archives is that Automata Formula software is a resurrected scam. The scammers who have resurrected this dead scam were also behind the Amissio Formula, the Opus Formula and Orion Code. These scams have depleted the accounts of many innocent people causing a lot of pain to families. The one thing we know about the scams is that they don’t provide the riches they claim to. All they do is steal user’s deposits. The above highlighted scams have long been blacklisted and this is the reason why the scammers behind the Automata Formula scam keep finding new ways to resurrect dead websites.

These Automata Formula testimonials are fabricated ↓


I guess a corrupt trading scam truly isn’t complete without the magic touch of fiver imposters, disguised as successful traders banking loads money for promoting a faulty system. AutomataFormula.co is loaded with scripted advertisers from the Fiverr marketplace, a common gateway many binary scamming developments resort to for falsified testimonies. Take for instance the individual depicted above, a familiar face we’ve exposed in past losing softwares, who’s services are attained by anyone for as little as five dollars. The point being made here is Automata Formula Group is displayed as a life-changing solution where traders around the world are becoming millionaires. So where are they? Why cant we find any supporting evidence succeeding results, except within their own platform?

How the investment application works?

The presenter was so kind to, avoid talking about this such important manner! Skipping it immediately rises our suspicious! Furthermore, he mentions that the reason behind the success of this system is that it’s based on “Legal Loophole”. First, such loopholes do not exist, secondly if they exist they won’t be legal, a real banker will know that!

In general trading based on information coming from individuals or companies who own inside information is considered as illegal! Simply because every manipulation over the online markets is against the global laws and ethics!

Can this software really make $30,000,000 for 1 year?

No, of course this is also super overextended statement. Moreover, the official domain is registered on 17.10.2016, making it slightly time-conflicting?

Does the overall storyline make any sense?

Maybe for newcomer, the story can sound convincing but for us, its complete BS. The alleged CEO and Founder George Coleman says that he is using this trading method for 12 years now. In addition, he mentions that this website will exist only for 24 hours once they invite few people for their 7th beta testing period!

  • Today is 26.10.2016 9 days after the release, page is still up and running! This is just lousy marketing trick, they want to push us into registration and deposit as fast as they can!
  • The Binary Options Trading has been officially released for the wide public back in 2008. Before that it was available only for private hedge funds and big financial institutions! This conflicts with the story how this software has been used for 12 years now!

Can we trust Mr. George Coleman?

At the Automata Formula scam website, you will find a video presentation that highlights the great lifestyle this con artist – George Coleman claims to live. In the video, the guy begins introducing himself as George Coleman. He claims to be an ex Wells Fargo employee who was able to make $12 million after using the Automata Formula app. The one thing that our investigators uncovered was that George Coleman is not the self-made millionaire he claims to be. In one of the resurrected scams run by the same scammers behind Automata Formula system scam, George Coleman goes by the name Edward Robinson. The past scam was Orion Code which was blacklisted but not before conning many people of their hard earned money. At Orion Code, he claims to be the founder which is quite conflicting since it is already a blacklisted scam. Our conclusion about George Coleman/Edward Robinson was that he is a con artist who provides his services to scammers looking to steal people’s money.

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Fake promises

When you have a good look at the videos and Automata Formula website, you will get to learn that they are looking for beta testers. The scammers behind the Automata Formula software claim that one will make $950 in an hour and $20,000 in a day. What this scam is trying to say is that his software allows risk free trade. What we know as experts in the financial market is that no trade is risk free. You cannot have 100% success rate for every trade made. What this means is that the promises made at Automata Formula app and by George Coleman are fake. You will not make any money from the system. All you will end up doing is losing your money.

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Conclusion :

Folks, as you can see we have extremely misleading offer. The involvement of fake identities and the fact that this system has literally no support from the trading society is enough of evidence! Furthermore, we have number of lies about the potential profits, and about the capabilities of this software. After everything said, we simply cannot let you put your money inside automataformula.co because you`ll lose all your capital immediately! Our advice here is fair: do not sign up with this product!

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