Automated Binary Review – Scam Aware!

Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The Automated Binary .The Automated Binary, is new auto-trading service. Allegedly the service must unlock the door to financial freedom for you but in reality such things cannot be achieved by opening a trading account.  Especially if you rely on bad reputed trading system!

Originally this particular trading tools, must be a sophisticated algo-trading software, which allows novice traders to access the financial market and eventually benefit from them! Choosing from different settings and money management strategies, the bot is looking very good from the inside.  But can this shiny new invention be profitable?

Check our quick review and decide for yourself if you should put your money inside this options robot!

Website : automatedbinary.com


Who are the creators of the service?

Here we have our first red flag, because the official website automatedbinary.com, does not contain information about the people behind this money making opportunity!

How the software works?

Again, we have zero intelligent information, transparently provided on the promotion page. That’s because the people who are offering this service are not really the creators. This service is just a white label trading bot, which anyone can buy! Adding some changes to the interface and you can also start scamming people in no time. The inside of this system is looking just like other already proven scams like iRobot, Golden binary robot, binary options robot, and others.

They all look the same, allegedly the algorithm should be relying on indicator combination strategy. Inside the settings you can apply MACD, Trend Following, Bollinger Bands, CCI, Stochastics and other famous indicators! Curious here is that turning them ON / OFF does not change anything about the applications behavior.

Also avoid similar scams like Fast Cash Club Scam and Millionaire Reborn !

Why you are always making money with the demo?

Simply, the demo account you can open for free, containing $50,000 is set to always win. The demo system is not connected with the online markets but manipulate to always win. So, don’t be fooled when you start making money right after you start the bot with the demo version.

Completely opposite the real version of the investment application will lose your money instantly! In the past we have tested one of those robot and we lost around $750 for 2 days, trying all available settings combinations. Therefore, keep that in mind before you decide to register and invest your hard earned money!

Highest Performing Auto Trader of 2016!


Conclusion :

We don’t feel necessary to really write long review here. The things are beyond obvious, just take a look to some of our previous reviews associated with those subjects. They all look the same, they always look the same concept and settings, and they always have wining demo! The only difference between all the 10+ similar looking robots is the branding. Therefore, avoiding this service and all alike looking once is extremely wise choice!

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