The Azure Method Review – Scam Aware!

The Azure Method scam is likely to fool some people, but not you! That’s because by the time you’ve done reading this review, you will see why I believe it is a scam. It’s unfortunate that people seeking to expand their financial horizons through binary options have to deal with empty promises like this system. Take the Azure Method scam as an example. It’s supposedly the latest way to sit back and literally watch the money roll in with binary options trading. Or is it? The promotion of the “method” is just as dodgy as the system itself, if not dodgier, and it’s sure to leave every single investor wishing they could strangle a guy called Anthony Azure.

Azure Method is a dangerous binary options trading Scam because it is very convincing! This review will expose important details and scam evidence which will warn you of the dishonest and manipulative tactics being used in this most recent of scams.

What makes the Azure Method system quite compelling is that it appears to be a very well prepared software system.  The video pitch is extremely well done, and therefore rivals many of the cheap and cheerful shot at scamming people which we are used to exposing.  This makes it all the more dangerous.  Notwithstanding all the confidence it evokes, the Azure Method has already proven to many of our subscribers, that it is a scam trap, that should not be fallen into.  The large number of complaints received from our followers, and enquiries to review the Azure Method App, has already confirmed our suspicions that the Azure Method software is indeed a very dangerous scam.


Website under the spotlight and  investigation for scam: AzureMethod.com

One of the common pitfalls for scam sites such as the AzureMethod.com is that they advertise an unrealistic ability to make huge amounts of money when using the scam software.  This is a good sales trick to get day traders to submit their registration and give in their email address.  Even if an account is not funded, a trader can be assured of getting a phone call from a binary options broker, who will encourage you to secure your loosing deal!  This is sadly the manner in which money-stealing schemes operate.


Is The Azure Method Really a “No Loss” App?

There is no such thing as a “no-loss” software.  Bots an Apps are designed to scan markets by using different algorithms.  Good Apps such as Google Trader will give you a maximum of 75% return at the very tops. Neo2 in our manual trading experience gave us a 72% rate of return.   However in our experience with trading software systems, and live testing, we have NEVER come across a single App that has given a 100% rate of return and success rate.  Such exaggerated claims, are designed to lure innocent day traders, who are not experienced with scam on a first hand basis, to deposit a capital which they will loose, in turn deposit more funds in order to recover, which they will proceed to loose again.  The pattern of scam does not change.  What changes is just the style of advertising scam. Therefore the claim that the Azure Method is an exclusive NO LOSS software which will generate over $8750 per day, every single hour and every single day, is the most ridiculous thing to contemplate.

Bonuses by Binary Brokers are not gifts – they are an Obligation

Offering bonuses to new traders by Binary brokers has been a good tactic to entice traders into a scam trap and lock their account. The developers of the Azure Method scam, it is shown in this review, are literally in bed with the brokers, and offer this particular focus in order to attract more visitors.  Traders beware.  The crafty package is non other than an agenda to have you trading off your capital.  When accepting a bonus, what the Broker does not tell you at the outset, is that you are obliged to trade the volume of your account plus the bonus received, at least 20 times, before you can even withdraw your capital!  A nasty trick, which is really nothing but a sugared pill!  The Azzure Method of advertising, mentions the gift of a bonus several times, and this is a trap you must avoid at all costs. Granted that to a new trader it sounds great to deposit £250 which is matched by a further £250 – it seems to be free money..but in fact it is not – it is a ploy to block your capital.

Support for AzureMethod.com aka AzureMethod.net is not responsive!

As we do at the Binary Option Sheriff, before setting out to write a review we send an email to support, in order to check out responsiveness.  support[at]azuremethod.com is a non responsive email address.  You may check this out for yourselves in order to understand that this software is only designed to swallow up your capital. It may look attractive, but it is just another scam.

Very interesting point is also the fact that The Azure Method has actually engaged two different sites to promote its scam software. The AzureMethod.com site was registered about two months ago, but the .net extension was registered just five days ago.  The App itself has been launched only recently, so we can only suspect that some planning for this software has been in the pipeline to make it look more convincing.  The team have been thorough in their systematic targeting for new innocent depositors.

Paid Actors for the Azure Method Pitch Line

It is not uncommon to come across paid actors who act out the sales pitch for any software.  It is understandable that developers themselves are probably camera shy and want to avoid the lime-light. However, it never augurs well that you know that there is an organised set up for this, and the people who are conveying the scam message, and being paid to do it.  In our case the presentation is delivered by an actor.

Our assessment of the Azure Method is fully endorsed by a number of other sites who arrive at the same conclusion Like BinaryOptionsCaptain.com

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Conclusion On the Azure Method :

We have presented enough evidence to debunk the Azure Method. If you have visited this site in the hope of making money online with Azuremethod.com or Azuremethod.net we are sorry to have to dash your hopes.

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