Binary Alpha Trader Review – Scam Aware!

In this unbiased review we present the evidence about the Binary Alpha Trader which is a 100 % Scam system. This is a newly launched automated software for binary options and we have investigated the offer of a free trial to see if it is legit or a scam. From this we concluded that the Binary Alpha Trader Platform is a scam.

What Is The Binary Alpha Trader System?

Jeff Foxworth has implemented the trading system and he says that he is making the Binary Alpha Trader software available for a 60-day free trial, so it can be properly tested and improved. This seems to indicate that this system is still in development and there is still room for improvement.

According to the Binary Alpha Trader website – they makes use of leading methods, strategies and trading systems to make money with binary options. Binary Alpha Trader software produces hundreds of trading signals for binary options throughout the trading day. It focuses on six of the pairs of currencies that are being actively traded and it can generate more than 700 signals each day.There is no more detailed information available from Binary Alpha Trader site ,so we are unable to tell you in this review about the type of trading strategies or market analysis that is being used to generate Binary Alpha Trader signals.

Why The Binary Alpha Trader Is Scam : Proofs !!

Binary Alpha Trader App

The user interface for the Binary Alpha Trader App is very simple and no previous trading experience is required. The trading platform can be used by anyone, without any understanding of the markets or any sort of specialist knowledge.There is a very simple way to access the system for the 60-day free trial. You just click the sign-up button and enter your name and email address to reserve your copy. You will then be sent full details and you will be directed to a page where you are required to register for a new account with an affiliated binary options broker.

Once you have deposited some money, you can quickly download and install the Auto Trader. It takes about ten minutes to set it all up and then the Binary Alpha Trader program will process all your binary options trades for you.The trading signals can be sent to you directly by e-mail or you can access them through the automatic trading bot every day, for unlimited binary options trading. The software can be downloaded onto any type of computer or Internet connected device. It is designed to make profits from binary options trades with an 80% return on investment. Our review investigations have revealed that there is no verified win rate for this program.

More Details : Why Binary Alpha Trader is Scam !!

There are many reasons why you should not trust this trading robot for binary options and in this detailed Binary Alpha Trader review we reveal all of the red flags. We also expose all the lies which have been told by the developer of this unreliable trading system.The man in the video says that he is the creator of the BinaryAlphaTrader.com and he introduces himself as Jeff Foxworth. The exact same name was previously used for a very similar scam which was known as Binary X Traders. We assume that the reason for this is because it is the same person behind both scams. The man who appears in the Binary Alpha Trader video is not Jeff Foxworth. He is an actor who has been paid to participate in the presentation.

The Binary Alpha Trader scam is obviously being presented as a “get rich quick” program, because the main focus of the video presentation is all about making enough money to buy all those extra things that you always dreamed of owning. There are none of the relevant details that a binary options trader really needs to know before deciding whether or not Binary Alpha Trader signals can be relied on for winning trades.

The “Live Binary Alpha Trader Earnings” on the website are not real. There are no trades shown for any currency pairs, only for precious metals, and these ‘live’ results are never updated.In the video there are quotes from three traders who are supposed to have written to Jeff Foxworth to say how pleased they are with their trading results. The original emails are not shown. Only short review messages appear on the screen and in each one the trader gives thanks for being given the chance to make a lot of money with the system.

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The Binary Alpha Trader Reviews & Testimonials are Fake !!

On the website there are six more members who can be viewed on video if you want to see them giving their testimonials and hear about their trading success. There is no proof that any of these people are genuine traders who have actually used the system. It is far more likely that they are people who have been paid to appear in a fake video review.

When signing up to reserve a copy for this review, we were told that Binary Alpha Trader software has been winning awards for three years. At the same time it is being presented as a completely new system that has not yet been fully released. This means that it is impossible for the program to have won an award three years ago!

If this binary options robot really has been proved to be the best for three years in a row, surely there is no reason for Jeff Foxworth to offer it on a 60-day free trial. He clearly states in the video that his software is being made available for free for a limited time only, to allow for more testing and improvement.

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Conclusion : The Binary Alpha Trader is Scam !!

The Binary Alpha Trader scam is obviously aimed at the sort of people who will believe that it is an easy way to make money, so they will want to sign up and deposit hundreds of dollars into affiliated broker accounts. Our Binary Alpha Trader review has shown you that there is a lot of deception being used to promote the scam platform and there is no way that you can trust this binary options system for automated trading.

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