Binary Boxer Review – Scam Aware!

In this Binary Boxer review we expose all the red flags and proofs that we gathered about this scam. We don’t want to see people losing money by signing up and depositing funds in a trading account, just so that they can try out a risky system.In order to find “Binary Boxer software a scam or not ” in this review, we have taken a good look at what is offered and how the Binaryboxer.com App is supposed to work. From what we found  is enough to expose this as a scam.

What is Binary Boxer App ? Who Created it ?

The name of this trading system comes from the story that “Sherman” used to be an amateur boxer and now he is making a fortune as a binary options trader. There is no actual on offer, just a secret strategy which is said to result in 87% success with Binary Boxer Signals.When he was forced to retire from boxing, Sherman was told about a seminar in Singapore which would teach him about this secret trading strategy for trading in binary options. His friend “Travis” paid the $2,000 fee so that Sherman could learn the strategy. It has apparently been so reliable over the past two years of trading that Sherman wants to release free Binary Boxer software to a limited number of people.

How Does the Binary Boxer Software Work ?

Binary Boxer Software

You have to sign up with your name and email address and then open a trading account with a broker, through a link provided by Binary Boxer App. Then you have to deposit at least $250 into that account before you can learn the strategy for turning $500 into more than $30,000 each month.

Once you have signed up and funded your account, you receive Binary Boxer signals from Sherman and his team of traders, so that you can follow their trades. They do not rely on software to predict binary options outcomes, their trades are based on their own intuition and their “gut feelings” about trades. This is supposed to increase their chances of picking the right trades!

In this section of our review we reveal the results of our investigation, which prove that the Binary Boxer scam has been set up to get people to deposit money into trading accounts with a designated broker. There is nothing to back up any of the false promises made on the Binaryboxer.co website or the “secret strategy” that is supposed to be more than 87% accurate in its trading results.The Binary Boxer System is referred to as “the most profitable strategy in the world” for trading binary options, but there is no valid explanation offered and no way to verify the trading results.

Why Is Binary Boxer System a Scam ?Review of Truth 

We were unable to track down any ex-boxer trader for this review, because in the Binary Boxer video he only refers to himself as Sherman. The video script is read by the same actor whose voice can he heard on a number of similar videos promoting scam trading systems.In the very lengthy video there is no information presented about what the trading system is based on, only that it increases the chances of winning trades in binary options and has so far generated more than $11million. There is no evidence of this, just some fake Binary boxer screenshots of trading accounts belonging to Sherman and members of his trading team, named as James P, Randy L and Maggy.

On the website, after giving your name and email address, you will find false identities for two traders, Mike Eaton and Catherine Hall, who are supposed to have made tens of thousands from the Binary Boxer system. Stock images have been used for their profile photos.In our investigations for this review we could not find genuine traders with those names and, if this was not a scam, they would surely be discussing Sherman and his Binary Boxer system enthusiastically in financial forums and on websites devoted to binary options.

The creators of this App uses scam tactic to pressurize people into thinking they must jump in and fund a trading account or else miss out on the chance to make $30,000 a month. Although Sherman says his goal is to create an army of successful traders, he also makes it clear that this free offer is strictly limited to a few people and there are only a handful of spots available.The homepage has a clock counting down to show when the offer ends and indicates that the Binary Boxer System, worth $1,999, is only available free if you join today. The fact is that any day you view the website you will see the same thing, and it is very vague about how many people will be allowed to join.

Another indication that this is a scam is the statement, which is deliberately misleading, in the video where the narrator says that this secret strategy could guarantee you big profits. We should point out that by including the word “could” there is no guarantee being made.There is also no evidence of any underground seminar that teaches a secret trading strategy in Singapore, or anything to show that the Binary Boxer software is worth $2,000. None of this information can be verified and is designed purely to lure people into a scam where they have to fund a trading account in order to learn about a secret strategy from someone who does not actually exist.There are too many red flags associated with the Binary Boxer app for it to be genuine and we do not believe in this so-called secret strategy. It is likely to be a big disappointment to anyone who would risk putting money into a trading account in order to learn the secret.

If you are looking for trusted binary products see the reviews of the top performing Auto traders , the Virtnext Autotrader , Centument LTD and the Dow Jones Focus Group reviews.

Conclusion – Binary Boxer is Scam !! Stay Away !!

It should be obvious from this Binary Boxer software review that there is no ex-boxer with a secret trading strategy and who wants to share it with you. Anyone who does sign up with this scam App will have to deposit at least $250 in order to discover what is supposed to be a winning system.

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