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Read my comprehensive Binary Brain Trust Review ;This Scam system is expected to hit the market within a very short time. The chief executive officer and founder of the Binary Brain Trust App is Martin Clayton. Even though this trading system is yet to hit the market, many people are already receiving spam messages in their emails telling them to register with the software and fund their live trading account. Because of this, we have series of requests from our readers asking us to review the App.

We have reviewed the Binary Brain Trust program and discovered that it is a scam. If you were planning to use this App, you wait for this review to determine whether it would be profitable for you. We are convinced that this Binary Brain Trust software is nothing, but a fraudulent system, which was designed to steal money from you. There is nothing enterprising in this product. You will be convinced that nothing good will come from this junk Binary Brain Trust video presentation. If you watch the video, you are going to discover that it is full of lie, inaccurate and misleading information. You may begin to wonder whether people behind the trading App were real traders.

Why Binary Brain Trust System is 100 % Scam

Binary Brain Trust System

The App claimed that its users would earn as much as $5000 every day. Every professional trader knows that the claim will never happen. Furthermore, it has not stated how Binary Brain Trust system generates its signals. We will not be surprised that it fails to show it, because it does not actually have anything to show.

Martin claimed that this software would earn that amount of money irrespective of your initial deposit. If you start the investment with $250, you are going to earn $5000 everyday. It appears that somebody who starts with a higher amount will earn the same amount. This shows that it does not make any sense. The worst thing you are going to see in this Binary Brain Trust App is the lie. It says that the app has been making that sum for its members for the past five years. When we checked, we discovered that the website was created in January 2016 and the app will hit the market within next week. It means that at the time of writing this review that Binary Brain Trust Software has not yet entered to the market. You can ask from where has the app being earning $5000 consistently every day.

The Binary Brain Trust Providers Use Fake Time Counter  !

One factor that can show you that you are dealing with a scam website is False time counter. Its creators seek for ways of forcing you to use the App and that they do that by creating an artificial scarcity. You will see a counter counting downwards telling you to use the Binary Brain Trust App before the opportunity passes you by. It creates artificial scarcity to force you to use the trading system. You can check further by refreshing the Binarybraintrust.com . You will notice that it is going to start counting afresh. Anytime you see such a counter , it should send an important message to you and that message is that you are dealing with scam .Anytime you plan to leave the website, it will present a popup asking you not to leave but to sign up for the robot. Why should they force you to stay and sign Up? Any time you see any of such popup, you should simply stay away from this Binary Brain Trust scam website.

Fake Endorsement Badges on the Binary Brain Trust Website !!

Another thing that can convince you that Binary Brain Trust System is a scam is the presence of fake badges. The badges are fake, because they are non-clickable. This is a pattern with many fake trading bots. You can easily tell from many of them we have reviewed here. They claimed that CNN, Forbes, HUFF, and several others have endorsed the trading robot. If you check those websites, you will be surprised that none of them has ever endorsed Binary Brain Trust Autotrader. Anytime you see such a badge and you cannot click them, it is a sign that you are dealing with a scam .

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Fake Information 

The Owners claims that,the Binary Brain Trust software has been available for the past five years and it has been making money daily. We have checked for the date the signal service provider was created, and we discovered that it was created in 2016 and not five years ago as the creator has claimed. There is no way you can earn money with an app that is full of lies and misleading information.

Secondly, Martin Clayton who claimed to have created the app was a non-existent person. Clayton does not exist, he does not have any social media website profile. We have checked the internet binary options forums, as well as discussion groups; there is no information about him anywhere that can show that he was not actually, what he claimed to be. If you believe in this because of the bogus claims, you have to think twice as nothing good will come from this method.

No convincing evidence of earnings with Binary Brain Trust APP !

We are sure that Binary Brain Trust system will not earn anything for anybody and it has never earned anything for anybody. Moreover, the testimonies posted by some people that it has earned them significant amount of money could not be verified. Even the bank of America statement of earnings presented at the website cannot also be believed. Moreover, the people who gave the testimonies of huge earnings were not real people in the real sense of that word. They are fake, and they paraded fake images. Their pictures were copied from different sources on the internet.

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Conclusion : The Binary Brain Trust System is Sure Scam !!!

We have to conclude this Binary Brain Trust review with a warning that you should stay away from this scam . You have seen from the evidences provided above that the software is a complete fraud. It has never earned money for anybody, and it will never earn money for anybody. It is a complete waste of time and money for anybody who attempts to use the app.

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