Binary Interceptor Review – Scam Aware!

Check out this Binary Interceptor review very carefully if you’re considering to join this crazy program. You’ve got to read this, you won’t believe what we found! This is such a generic piece of binary options bogus software that if you have seen any of my reviews, you would have been able to easily spot this one by yourself. In fact, the creators of this system thought that their idea is so good, that they can duplicate it on a second Binary Interceptor site, but with a different guy! How dumb can they get!!! Read on for the full scoop!

Binary Interceptor Review Summary

Annoying Browser Pop-Ups: Yes
Fake Scarcity Counter: Yes
Paid Actor Testimonials: Yes
Impossible Revenue Gains: Yes
Comes Across As Authentic: No
Convincing Proof of Profits: No
Probability of Being a Scam: 98%
Price: Free. Have to sign up with one of their brokers.
Auto-trading Available: Yes, fully auto-trading software
Available In: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States


Why Binary Interceptor System is A Scam ? Valid Points !!

Binary Interceptor System

The Binary Interceptor Review ;

The Binary Interceptor is another options trading scam that claims to make you huge returns but instead does not. It is a robot that takes and takes in order to benefit just a few individuals. It is one more thing to stay away from.

First, it is difficult to find information about this system and its creator. All you find are videos giving promises that are unfounded. Furthermore, the Binary Interceptor website does not rank high in the search engines.It is risky to invest in Binary Interceptor platform. This trading program from Robert Harper is a lousy scam. Harper alleges that he is a skilled options trader who is now employing his knowledge to make others rich if they trade with his system.

The claims from Binary Interceptor system video is that it can make about $900 in a single day even when the trader does not get involved. It entices users with a free trial period after which the user pays 15 percent of his monthly returns. The problem is that there will not be any returns in the first place.

Before you decide to sign-up with this recent entrant into the options market, it is important to know everything about it. This review gives you full details about Binary Interceptor software and what you part with when you trade using this platform. This review will help you come to the right decision about whether or not to invest in this system.

For you to trade with Binary Interceptor platform, you require a minimum investment of $250. This is the initial deposit but it calls on traders to fund their accounts with higher amounts in order to benefit more. This deposit matches other binary options trading program in order to make this system appear authentic.

You get to trade with this software through the Binary Interceptor signals. There is no much detail on precisely how this App works to arrive at the signals. The signals are made up to look as profitable as possible but it is difficult to judge their accuracy. The automation further makes it harder to learn the operation of the system. It is made this way so that you do not understand what makes you lose.

The Binary Interceptor does the work for you once you decide on the trading strategy. It automates the rest of the process. The operation of the software is so simple that you even doubt if it does any actual trading. It even claims to predict the movement of prices in the market but this is not exactly factual.

In addition, the steps to sign-up for this Binaryinterceptor.org are made simple in order to attract as many traders as possible. It also follows the customary steps of other options trading robot where you fill in your details, download the software, and link it to your trading account.You then employ the Binary Interceptor signals to put an option or place a call. It further has an option to withdraw money but so far, no traders have benefited from this software.

Similarly, the Binary Interceptor comprises of the typical features that you find in other trading platforms such as chat support and live trading signals. There is nothing to make you feel good about investing with this software.

Fake Win Rate’s and Fake Binary Interceptor Positive Reviews 

Moreover, there is hardly any positive feedback about the Binary interceptor method from its users. You should really think twice before signing up for it. It falls short of trading results and feels like a trap or a complete risk.

In addition, you will not find any useful information on this App’s website or from reviews. There is only a video where the creator narrates how the Binary Interceptor works. The software is therefore a complete scam. It uses the logic that many other binary options scams use, and it is for your own good not to invest in this system.

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Is Binary Interceptor a Scam?

The Binary Interceptor robot is not an approved option trading system. There is no evidence to show that this software is dependable and legitimate. Consequently, save yourself from losing money and avoid investing in this scam.This Binary Interceptor software by Robert Harper is a reinvention of previous binary options scams. It is a new fraud mechanism and investing in it is a total disaster. You should not trust this system for options trading.

It uses some unrealistic statements during the introduction and promises unreasonable returns. It even claims high win rates. The statements mar its legitimacy from the beginning. Furthermore, it over-promises and yet does not deliver even a bit of what other trading options do. Its claims of 100 percent success rate are hard to reach with any authentic signal service. This is because of the fluctuations on the financial market.

The Binary Interceptor App is not Associated with Experts 

The Binary Interceptor video claims that the software is made from some of the brightest minds and financial analysts, and further claims to have used a lot of money to make it friendly to new traders. There are also allegations that it uses refined algorithms to analyse market data and generate signals. However, the signals are executed automatically and leave little for the trader to do.

Moreover, this Binary Interceptor team claims a monthly return of $10,000 and support to traders until they achieve this sum. However, these individuals only serve to lead you into bigger loses.In short, it has paid actors, impractical claims, insincere identities, deceitful Binary Interceptor testimonials, and an awful website. Additionally, no-one knows about the creator of this program, and he does not appear in believable blogs or forums. He is like a ghost which indicates that he is made-up to represent this software. He uses bold and unsubstantiated statements to make the software appear real when reviews show it otherwise.

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Conclusion : The Binary Interceptor Software is Scam !!

The Binary Interceptor is a scam, and its best you stay from it. A lot of traders are unsatisfied with it since it has no actual returns. Its signals are also a fake and are designed to make you lose money. You will be taking a big risk if you put your money in this platform.The Binary Interceptor App is a scheme where you lose your money the moment you invest. It is all a fabricated trading program story that benefits only a few individuals

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