Binary Meta Bot Review – Scam Aware!

If you are asking “is the Binary Meta Bot a Scam software ?” we shall give you a clear answer that it is a huge lie !!!. In this British Binary Traders Association system review we will show you all the evidence and explain why it would be a big risk to fund a trading account.

What Is The British Binary Traders Association ?

The BritishTradersAssociation.com has created a website which looks authentic, but that does not stop the Binary Mega Bot program from being a scam, as you will find out from this review.According to the website, the British Binary Traders Association was founded in 2013 by Sir Roger Thorne, a trader with more than thirty years experience. He has now combined his knowledge of the financial markets with the latest robot trading technology to launch the Binary Meta Bot Software to a limited number of people.Our investigation for this British Binary Traders Association review has revealed that the name was only created for a website promoting the Binary Mega Bot system and it does not exist as an official organization.

Why the Binary Meta Bot Software is a Scam !!

Binary Meta Bot System

The software has been designed for autotrading from Binary Meta Bot signals. You are asked to sign up with your email address and then open a trading account with one of the brokers listed on the BritishTradersAssociation.com website. After depositing $250 or more, you have to trust the robot to get you winning trades.There is no information about the financial analysis behind the trading signals. You are only told that the Binary Meta Bot program has been designed for currency trading and it is claimed to have a hit rate in binary options of 98.77714%!The people behind this scam insist that Binary Meta Bot system is based on Sir Roger Thorne’s unique insight into how trades work, but there is no record of any trader with that name having a career in the City of London, which is the UK’s financial district.

Negative Trading Results Review .

When we researched it for this Binary Meta Bot review, we found a number of complaints made online about trades made with this software. One trader has lost his deposit of $300 and when he tried to make contact through the British Binary Traders Association website, he received no answer. There is no email address, street address or telephone number given on the website, just a Contact Us message box.

More Proof that Binary Meta Bot System is Fake !

There is a whole lot of evidence to show that the Binary Meta Bot scam has been set up to look as if it is part of an organization known as the British Binary Traders Association group. We have already said in this review that there is no such group of traders and there is no record of Sir Roger Thorne’s career, because he does not exist.Do not be fooled by the images on the website. Photos of Sir Roger with Bill Gates, Richard Branson and the British Prime Minister David Cameron are all fakes. These photos are supposed to have been taken at different times over the past 30 years, but his appearance has not changed one bit. He has exactly the same amount of gray hair in all of them!

If he really was a prominent figure in the UK financial sector who has received a knighthood, then “Sir” Roger would show up on Google for more than just the links promoting this British Binary Traders Association scam.The social media testimonials praising the Binary Meta Bot system have all been faked. Our research for this review revealed that there are no such people to be found on Twitter or Facebook. The British Binary Traders Association program does not have an account on Twitter or Facebook and the social media links which feature on the website just open a box urging you to sign up for the Binary Meta Bot software.

There are also fake trader testimonials used by the British Binary Traders Association method. All the traders shown on the website praising the Binary Meta Bot system are just made up names, with photos taken from other websites. A Binary Coach by the name of Chris P is shown as saying he has been following Sir Roger for 15 years now, ever since he was an amateur trader at age 16, but his photo shows someone much younger than 31!.In the presentation video there is a very indistinct trading account, which is supposed to illustrate the Binary Meta Bot method in action. It is very easy for someone with any technical skill to create what looks like an active account with a great many winning trades and only one loss.

In the video Sir Roger says that it would skew the markets if too many people had access to the Binary Meta Bot system. You are expected to believe that he wants to give it away for free to thirty members of the public, just as a way of saying thanks for all the success he has had with it over the years!The website shows there are just twelve spots left and the number starts to counts down. Each time we accessed it for the purposes of this review, the website always shows twelve spots available to start with. The British Binary Traders Association scam is not really restricted to thirty people and it is obvious that they want to get as many people as possible to sign up quickly for the Binary Mega Bot and fund an account.

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Conclusion – Scam !! Stay Away !

If you want to know “is Binary Meta Bot a scam?” you only have to look at what we discovered about it in our research for this British Binary Traders Association review. We have found false personalities, fake photos, false testimonials, fake social media messages and real complaints about this trading robot.There is no way that the Binary Meta Bot method can be trusted and it would be far too much of a risk to sign on and fund a trading account through the British Binary Traders Association website.

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