Binary Secret Review – Scam Aware!

In this review we reveal that The Binary Secret is  scam.This software is not to be trusted. All the negative evidence is exposed in our Binary Secret review. The truth is that it would be a big risk to fund a trading account and allow this robot to trade from it.

What is the Binary Secret and Who is the Developer?

David Craig is a financial analyst. He is offering the Binary Secret software as a free trading tool for binary options. This trading robot has been built by a group of former Wall Street analysts and it has allegedly been tested by 2432 people.

The Binary Secret App is supposed to be available to a few people, by private invitation only, but we were able to access it easily for the purposes of this review. With the free offer being open to just twenty people, it means that only the fastest applicants will get to trade binary options with the Binary Secret System!

How Does the Binary Secret App Work?

Binary Secret App

The trading robot can be set to work in one of two ways, either Semi Automatic or Fully Automatic. The Semi Automatic App sends out Binary Secret signals by email or SMS, so you can decide when you want to make your own trades. The Fully Automatic system places all the trades for you, based on signals that are said to have a 93.62% win rate.

To access the Binary Secret System, you only have to sign up with your name and email address and go to the members’ area. You will then be asked to open a new account with a selected broker. According to the website, during beta testing most of the people who accepted an invitation to try the system started out by funding their new account with $300, and they were able to make between $900 and $1200 per day. Some of the beta testers deposited $1,000 to start trading, and they made daily profits of more than $2,500!

Is Binary Secret a Scam?

In this section of our review we expose the truth about the Binary Secret App and show you how it has been set up to make people believe that they can make $700 in sixty seconds. This scam is designed to urge people to open an account with a recommended broker and to risk their own money on automatic trading with the Binary Secret robot.

The website is presented by a fake CEO. A stock photo appears on his profile. The very same picture has been seen under various names on a number of other scam sites. The picture you see of David Craig comes from a website that provides royalty free images for anyone to use.It is not a real person presenting the Binary Secret method. There is no real analyst by the name of David Craig who is certified with the WWFA Academy and is responsible for a trading robot that can predict the outcome of binary options with 93.62% accuracy.

A demo showing profits of $700 being made in one minute is no proof of how the Binary Secret software will really perform when carrying out actual trades. We looked very closely at what is supposed to be the owner’s trading account, as seen in the demo on the video, and we noticed that the name on the account is David James. This either means that the people who faked that account for this scam did not get his name right, or the people behind the scam decided, after the demo had been made, that the name David Craig looks more realistic!

The Binary Secret System Reviews and Testimonials are Fake !

A number of members appear in the Binary Secrets video presentation, each of them giving a personal review of the App . These are all hired actors. One of the members appears in a video testimonial as Roger Brent, according to the screenshot of his trading account. The same man has been seen giving similar testimonials, under various names, on a number of videos promoting scam software offers.If the Binary Secret System really has been tested by more than two thousand people, as stated in the video, there would not be any need to hire actors to give it a false review. Those beta testers would be excited about such high returns and would be discussing the binary options robot in trading forums, on financial message boards and in social media.

There are just a lot of fake Twitter and Facebook messages shown on the Binary secrets website. None of those people or their messages can be found on any social media site. They have all been invented and their profile photos have been taken from other sites.It is stated on the Binarysecret.co website and in the video for this scam, that the offer is completely free and you are promised that you will not have to give your credit card number and you will not be asked for any bank details when you sign up. This is very misleading because you will need to supply a card number or bank information when you open a new broker account from the members’ area and fund it with your own money for trading.

There are examples on the website of members who deposited between $300 and $1,000 when beta testing the auto trading robot. These have clearly been invented to promote the Binary Secret software . Their fake trading results are just a tactic to persuade new applicants to make more than the minimum deposit when they fund their new trading accounts.

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Conclusion – The Binary Secrets is Scam !!

All of the negative evidence presented in this review shows that the Binary System is definitely not to be trusted. It is being promoted by actors giving false testimonials. All the names and details in the video and on the website appear to have been invented in order to get people to sign up quickly for what appears to be a limited free offer.

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