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Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The Blazing Trader. Blazing Trader is a new scam that is rapidly gaining a strong social media presence. Anyone considering investing with these villains must read this review for the truth behind this completely fraudulent operation

The supposed Blazing Trader Scam is the most current expansion to the business. It has made by Johan Strand and his sibling Lars Strand. The product has just discharged and merchants are as yet thinking about whether they ought to believe the advancement or is Blazing Trader platform only a trick. Strand cases to be a previous teacher of science and a previous representative of NASA. He purportedly made a binary option automated system in light of heuristic logic minimizers. The product is called Blazing Trader App and it purportedly can procure you $20,000 every day.

What is Blazing Trader App?

The Blazing Trader system uses plenty of big words and promises in an effort to lure new victims. Sadly it uses many off the all to familiar tricks that we’ve seen in plenty of similar binary scams before. As we’ll expose during this Blazing Trader review, the presentation uses plenty of big words that might sound impressive to anyone new to this form of trading. Yet the truth is that these words are complete nonsense, and the system is based upon a pack of easily demonstrable lies.

The sad reality is that Blazing Trader software is at heart a means of selling their clients into the hands of unscrupulous trading partners who will rapidly drain any funds invested with them. It’s completely unregulated and angry investors will have no chance of ever recovering their funds. So please read this Blazing Trader review for the facts why this is a complete scam, and to be utterly avoided no matter how tempted you might be.

Website: Blazingtrader.com

What The Blazing Trader Scam Review !!


Blazing Trader Software – Is it Really Free ??

For those who have been lucky enough not to endure the awful marketing spewed by this scam, we’ll quickly outline what Blazing Trader system promises to deliver for it’s investors. To reiterate much of this is very familiar with the many scams we’ve already exposed. In a nutshell this system promises a select 100 individuals (nonsense) to life changing opportunity to make $20k/day (impossible!). This is thanks to a magical new investment algorithm, offering an infallible trading system that presents no risk whatsoever for any investors.

Best of all it’s completely automated and requires no input whatsoever. Hopefully this is already sounding somewhat fishy. Even to those with zero experience in binary trading – these claims should sound impossible. This is because they are.Unlike many similar scams though, the Blazing Trader website offers several other lies to tempt people into thinking this is a legit investment opportunity.

Apparently investors will receive around the clock customer service, and even better clients don’t need to pay Blazing Trader Auto Trader a penny. They receive commission from their ‘carefully selected trading partners’ who will require an initial minimum deposit of $250 from all new clients. You can bet they’ll receive a commission – from the trading partners who will consequently drain all the capital invested with them into their own private, untraceable bank accounts. Seriously don’t trust a word of what Blazing Trader App has to say about itself.

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But The Presentation Was Convincing?

As with many scams the presentation is made by an actor claiming to be the genius behind this incredible scheme. This guy claims to be Johan Strand, an alleged mathematical genius who in cohorts with his brother devised this fool-proof trading system. Those brave enough to opt into the Blazing Trader program will find that all their financial problems are magically solved, and they’ll instead all they’ll need to worry about is selecting which elite property they wish to live in. Considering investors will allegedly become millionaires within three months – why not buy a few!

The truth however is that ‘Johan Strand’ simply doesn’t exist. He claims to have worked at the impressive sounding National Institute of Technology in Switzerland. As a professor no less! It takes seconds to discover with a quick search that this educational institution doesn’t exist. There’s also no proof whatsoever of anyone with this name working in applied mathematics anywhere in the world. If he did exist he would be easily traceable but he’s a complete ghost. Which of course is because he doesn’t exist either! Now why would the people behind the Blazing Trader scam lie to their potential clients about who they are? Simply because their entire system is also complete nonsense.


The Blazing Trader Software Exposed

Despite claiming that the software is completely 100% infallible, they contradict themselves by also saying that it has a 93% trading win rate. No matter how you look at it, this is pretty lazy lying! Even still 93% would place the Blazing Trader system way ahead of the success rates offered by genuine trading brokers (and yes there are a few out there). Remember also that binary trading is a big business nowadays – it’s one of the reason there’s so many fake traders – and anyone could bet that if it were genuine all 100 places would have bought up within an hour.

Yet even a day after initially reviewing their site out, there’s still allegedly 34 places left. The reality is that scams like Blazing Trader Software will take as many clients as they can get away with. The 34 places figure is just a high-stress marketing technique to make people think they’re at risk of missing out on a bargain. It’s a well proven trick used by many scams and believe me it sadly happens to work too. After all even if they achieve only one sign up in a thousand, it’s still sheer profit for them. They’ll receive their commission – or possibly the who investment amount if the scammers behind Blazing Trader system also own the trading platforms. You can bet there’s a good chance they might.

For scam operations such as Blazing Trader method to succeed it’s all about exposure. It’s one of the reasons why people are required to provide their email addresses, so that they can use them to market through spam and social media. Worryingly this is increasingly easy, and as more potential people are offered the opportunity to join this scam so consequently will their sign up rates and profits. Be warned that at time of writing and very soon after they’ve launched, there’s clear evidence that the Blazing Trader web marketing is proving alarmingly widespread.

Do Not Believe That Blazing Trader Is Risk Free!

The Blazing Trader website and marketing video repeat time after time that investing with them is utterly risk free. Plenty of falsified testimony from people across the globe is provided as evidence that they’re a legitimate operation. All of those profiles are made up and use easily obtainable stock images, presenting a demographic which suggests anyone of any age or gender can make $20k/day.

Further lies made on the Blazing Trader site center around the ease of fund withdrawal and comprehensive customer service. The reality is that once you’ve signed up and deposited with this system, those funds are now in the hands of the trading partners who will be unregistered and completely anonymous. Complaints are via a single ambiguous email address. There’s not even any information provided on where Blazing Trader App are based, and certainly no proof of who is really behind this nasty little scam. Sadly those who swallow the spiel and invest with Blazing Trader robot may as well have burnt their money.

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Conclusion :

Hopefully this Blazing Trader review will have convinced anyone considering falling for this scam to not go near them. Would you really invest with a company that lies about who owns it, makes up their possession of an infallible system and is to all intends and purposes completely unaccountable and untraceable? Amazingly some people still do, but even if it only puts a few people off then this scam expose will have been worth it. The bottom line is that all the evidence easily demonstrates that Blazing Trader software is a complete scam!

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