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Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The Brexit Bot. Wouldn’t it be great to become a millionaire in just six weeks? The Brexit Bot software claims that you can. We thought that this allegation was probably too good to be true so we checked it out. Our thorough investigation of Paul Harrison’s Brexit Bot system revealed that it is a scam that is set up to steal your money. Instead of just telling you to avoid this con, we are going to show you the proof that it is bogus. Keep reading this authentic Brexit Bot review.

What is Brexit Bot Software?

According to the Brexit Bot program website, the system is based on the Brexit decision is Great Britain. It takes advantage of the shifts in currency values and uses software to make automatic binary options trades. A robot searches through financial information and calculates the data to estimate which trades are the most likely to be winners. This sounds reasonable doesn’t it? If it actually worked the way it is supposed to it would be.

Lies and deceptions revealed

Paul Harrison claims to be a Forex trader who developed the ‘Brexit Bot scam’ software to make automated winning trades. He claims that it will generate a minimum of $25,000 a day with a better than 92% winning trade rate. This is a pretty bold statement so we delved into the details to look for any support that could possibly suggest that it is true. The initial goal was to prove that it was legit, but we discovered just the opposite. There is evidence of nothing but lies and inconsistencies without a single shred of support for his claims.

Website: www.brexitbot.com


Deceiving promises of high performing trades

There is no software on the market that can guarantee over 92% winning trades. There is no history of this being done in the binary options trading arena. If this were to happen, it would be big news and it would hit the media as a sensation. That is the best kind of advertising that a business could hope for. You don’t read about this Brexit Bot system anywhere other than this scam site.

The truth of currency trading statistics

You can check with any legit binary options traders and they will tell you that it takes a long time to make anything in this industry. It takes being vigilant and watching the trends. Millionaires are not made overnight. It takes hard work and dedication. An automated system like Brexit Bot app cannot yield this type of result.

Join today because the membership spots are limited!

The narrator claims that there are only 50 spots available and that when they are filled, the opportunity will be gone. This is a high pressure technique to get you to sign up before you’ve had a chance to check it out. We debunked this lie by going under a fake email and registering. Even after you register, you can return to the Brexit Bot software site and regardless of how many times you do, there will still be 50 places up for grabs.

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Who is Paul Harrison?

There is no Paul Harrison in the Forex trade market. His name does not appear in any financial journals or business news media. Our search while writing this Brexit Bot review to verify his identity in the financial world turned up zero. Anyone who has had years of experience would leave some type of a trail. Brexit Bot is not a registered company and there is no proof of its legitimacy. What we did discover is that the guy claiming to be Paul Harrison is a paid actor that will say whatever is required for money. He didn’t develop the Brexit Bot app and he isn’t a millionaire.

It’s free to join the Brexit Bot App! So where is the risk?

Yes, it’s absolutely free to join and become a member, but you will need to set up a traders account with one of their brokers. You must deposit money to start trading. This is where your risk comes in. You’re trusting them with your money.

The scammers behind this Brexit Bot scam are the ones who are making money. They dupe you into making an investment with their brokers and they get a commission on every deposit that is made. The broker makes some money and you get fleeced out of your investment without a penny to show for it.

There is no way to contact anyone from this business other than though the website. There is no telephone number and no physical address listed for the business so really, it is not a legit business. They don’t pay taxes and you can’t get a hold of them to ask why your deposit account is losing money. This immediately throws up red flags.

What about the Brexit Bot testimonials from other members?

When you do a little research, you’ll find that the testimonials are absolutely fake. You can find the pictures on the internet and the actors who are telling you about their success are not telling the truth. They get paid to read a script. They do not represent real people who have actually made any money with this Brexit Bot system.


Is Brexit Bot a Scam?

We spent the time and effort to try to find proof of legitimacy for this program. Our Brexit Bot review has confirmed that the Brexit Bot scam is not a legit money making opportunity. There is no Brexit Bot business registered in any country of the world. The video narrator tells you lies and is not who he claims to be. Why wouldn’t the real inventor of such amazing software want to take the credit? Why wouldn’t this amazing program be promoted through other advertising media? Why would they keep high winning trade software such a guarded secret? The next question is why would they only open up membership to 50 new traders who are people that they don’t even know?

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Conclusion :

Our reviews have left no stone unturned. We discovered only lies and inconsistencies. There is no evidence whatsoever to support the claims made on this bogus website. Brexit Bot is a lousy scam that will rob you of your hard earned money. We encourage everyone to avoid being taken for a ride by these dishonest scammers.


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