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Hey Its Christine Loghran ready to answer your question Of  Cambridge Method Software is fairly new binary options services. We are looking at fully automated trading solutions, which allegedly is going to start making for you, tens of thousands of dollars immediately. The alleged presented is even guaranteeing that fact, and if not he is willing to pay you $10,000 from his own pocket.

Since those are some serious statements we made in-depth investigation in seek of the truth. Currently we believe that, the service is just another scam and we have lots of evidence to prove it. Bear with us if you are interested about all the bogus details, or just skip to the reviews verdict below.

Website:  cambridge-method.com


How exactly the investment app works?

This particular video does not grant any intelligent information on how the implemented algorithms work. Or how the system is finding trades to place. The video has more like convincing and pushing approach. The voice over presenter consistently repeats how you`ll be able to make $10,000 per day! Everything is guaranteed, and how you need to hurry up because there are only 25 spots. Basically that’s the whole presentation, the video explains good what you can do if you are rich! But, the lack of intel on how you`ll be making to the rich-point, is making it very suspicious.

Anyway, all those lousy tricks are just part of the money stealing scheme. The scam narrator is throwing big sums and fancy toys in your face just to make you eager and push you into sign up process, where you are going to be doomed to lose your money!

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Cambridge Method Scam Review! Why we should not trust this app.

If, you are following our blog, you probably already recognize the presentation video inside cambridge-method.com. Since is just old sales pitch video uploaded on new domain with new service name. This fraud operation is part of large scam network. Maybe you have heard of: Aussie, Brit, CANUCK, Oxford, Sydney and many more trading methods. Simply the shady criminals behind this services have like 5 different convincing presentation videos! In addition, they are consistently registering new domain names! In most cases those names containing the word “method” and they are attaching the video with some stock photos and that’s it! Up and running website, ready to attract and lie new traders.

Now let’s move on to some specific details about this scam – Cambridge Method System.

Who is Jeremy Flynn and can his guarantees be taken seriously?

First the presenter is totally covered with voice over acting, we don’t see any photo or anything that can be used to confirm his identity. In addition, we have already made several researches regarding this personality with our previous reviews. Thus far we have never came across a credible information that can confirm this guy name or words! Therefore, we can’t speak about reliability at all!

In addition, inside cambridge-method.com we have completely other creator named James Hockton. Displayed as a former London’s stock exchange analyst. The guy is supposed to be the father of Cambridge Method System. Fortunately, or not the man is just a stock photo attached to name. We`ll provide evidence to prove our statement.

We are not sure why the scam developers are making such obvious and sloppy mistake, but probably they aim to confuse you somehow, and push you into registration.


Can we trust the testimonials?

Actually the only real people who appear in this presentation are the once who testify in support of the Cambridge Method Software! Note how they all claim super unrealistic profits! One of them even claimed to be making one million dollars starting from $250 initial deposit for only 7 weeks. To generate one million in profits you`ll be needing a lot bigger starting capital then $250. Moreover, you need to use a legit trading system not this joke service.


All the people you see are paid actors hired from online marketplace site called fiverr.com! Some of the people are really famous actors, you can visit fiverr.com, write testimonials in the search box, and after 5 minutes you`ll recognize all the faces.

Therefore, we can’t speak about trustworthy testimonials from hones people, since they are all paid to say those nonsense!


Highest Performing Auto Trader of 2016!


Conclusion :

Clearly we are dealing with yet another fraud operation part from this big “method” scam network. Be extremely cautious when you land on website involving the word “Method”! For the past one year we have investigated and exposed more than 15 of those filthy bogus attempts. The obvious connection between the Cambridge Method System and the other services we mentioned above is  enough of a red flag.

Avoid the Cambridge Method Scam by James, Jack or whoever these imposters call themselves. Be sure to ignore or discard any ‘special invitations’ inviting you to these horrible “methods” for online trading capable of only losing you money!

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