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Hey Its Christine Loghran ready to answer your question Of Cash Formula app. Our investigation results were negative, and that means don’t sign up with it. Read our complete and authentic Cash Formula review before you take any action!

It is alleged that using the Cash Formula app is the only secret way to amassing wealth in the money markets. But are these claims true, or is this just another cover-up? Well, so far, we haven’t found enough information or evidence to show that the creators of this Cash Formula scam are genuine. It is therefore very difficult to trust it blindly, especially now that this issue has to involve someone funding their account with $250. So what is this Cash Formula app all about? Is this software really helpful like they claim it to be?

Cash Formula Review – What It All About ?

It appears that the Cash Formula software was created with an ill motive in mind, and that’s the reason we don’t have enough information to support the legitimacy of the software.

Cash Formula app, also known as the CF Files could just rip off anyone who dares investing in it. There are so many tools being released and made available on the internet for people to use when investing in binary options. 95% of them turn out to be scams, and this one by Tim Stafford is no exception.

According to the story, which we have not been able to prove, the Cash Formula program was created as a secret project. It was developed by the top 1% of the most elite traders who allegedly use it on a regular basis.

However, the so-called secret project was leaked a year ago, and Tim Stafford picked it up from there. He is apparently the co-founder of the company that is responsible for distributing Cash Formula software.

Website: cashformula.com


To address the question of who exactly gave him the software, Tim claims that it was issued to him by his mentor, someone he didn’t mention anyway.

Proving the truthfulness of this story is impossible since we have not been able to find any evidence of the so-called Mentor. We have also not been able to find any company associated with the Cash Formula system.

Because the real men behind the Cash Formula software are anonymous, we can’t advice anyone to invest using this software. It is extremely foolhardy to do so.

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Is Cash Formula a Scam? 

This software is marketed with the tagline that it will always follow the flow of money or what they call money waves. By using such phrases, they want to convince you to believe that the Cash Formula software follows the ups and downs or the business cycle of the money markets. Consequently, it is able to generate profits without losing.

As the software follows a rising or a dropping trend, it calculates in its algorithm to determine the next breaking point so that it can enter the necessary option in advance.

It is also marketed as the most mathematically-perfect software that will only compound profits for the user.

Despite the heavy claims that are being made here, we were not able to prove any of them. For this Cash Formula review we have searched all sources of information for hints but have failed thus far. Because of this lack of information, we can’t advice anyone to go head over heels on this software. It is very dangerous, and would result in heavy losses if not blowing your account in a matter of minutes.

So is Tim being honest with Cash Formula software? Definitely we don’t think he has your best interest at heart. It would be foolish to trust him.


The so-called performance results

Cash Formula system is alleged to be an automated system that was created by a small team of developers who always seek anonymity. We don’t know the reason why they are hiding.

Secondly, this software is said to have a success rate of 78% and increasing as you trade using it throughout the day. Again, we have not been shown its performance anywhere, so we cannot prove that Cash Formula app really performs like advertised.

It also gets very weird when we are told that Cash Formula software has a profit cap of $20,000 in 24 hours. This statement makes it very suspicious because we can’t see why it is being limited to that amount when it has the ability to trade so accurately. Why is it that the ability to remain profitable is stripped out of the algorithm once a trader allegedly hits the $20,000 mark?

Well, this statement was meant to fool people into believing that this trading app is very profitable indeed. There is no proof anywhere that the system will generate any kind of money for you. It is a very new trading app to start with. We don’t have any user-generated Cash Formula reviews despite the owner making it look like it’s already a successful robot.

We understand that these are marketing tricks being used on visitors who are desperate to make money with binary options.

These traders typically don’t understand how binary options work. But they certainly know that there is enough money to make. It is also for this reason that most of them end up losing everything because they take things at face value.


The Cash Formula website

It’s a very simple yet unprofessional website. It lacks all the important information you’d want to learn about the business. What we have here is a promotion video and obviously the privacy policy and disclaimer pages. We are confirming that Cash Formula is scam.

What we don’t have here is chat functionality or even an email address for reaching these crooks. In short, all customers willing to invest in this Cash Formula scam don’t have a way of reaching these criminals.

Yet they are still being made to believe that this software will make them life-changing sums of money. They are promised heaven on earth for doing nothing, literally! No matter which Cash Formula review you’re reading, this fact will always remain – no money to be made with this software.

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Conclusion :

It takes courage to send them your hard-earned $250, which is why we wouldn’t encourage anyone to invest in Cash Formula software. There is absolutely no reason why you’d want to trust this system when its owner is so suspicious. The thought of using Cash Formula scam on a live trading account is chilling enough. We cannot fathom it, and neither can you.


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