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Read this important warning review, the Click Trade App is a terrible Scam. It is so bad and disgusting to an extent that even a newbie trader will easily recognize it as scam software. We have solid evidence to prove it. If you are subscribed to the email list of scammers behind this C Trade App system, unsubscribe as fast as possible. Don’t wait. Click Trade App software is a fraudulent scheme aimed at stealing your hard earned money. It has been designed by criminals who do not care about you. That is why they want to empty your bank account.

The information provided in the Click Trade App website and everything that you are told by the presenter are lies. We shall tell you the reasons in this Click Trade App Review. You will realize that there is much hype and promises of becoming an overnight millionaire. You can only find such in a scam service. After receiving complaints from irate traders, we decided to carry out investigation and expose these scam artists. Everything that we found out about Click Trade App Program is here. See.

The Click Trade App Is Scam !! Review Facts !!


To start with, we have come across many scams but this one is so bad in the sense that the alleged C Trade App software owner and CEO, John Cross is a Fiverr.com actor. What a nasty scam? We found his profile on Fiverr.com and learnt that he charges about $5 for every 50 words spoken. John Cross has been hired by criminals to promote their money making scheme so that they can steal your money. This guy does not know what he is talking about and you can easily tell that he is reading from a teleprompter. You will realize that he is standing in one position as if he is reading news on television.

The Click Trade App is Fake ;Created Stories Full of Lies

John Cross, the alleged owner of Click Trade App tells us interesting stories that have just been created to attract your attention. He says that he hired the best programmers and market analysts to develop the software for him. Pure lies. How can a cheap Fiverr actor hire such high level professionals? Can he even afford to pay them with his $5 salary from Fiverr.com? Of course not.

John Cross also tells us that his team of specialists developed the C Trade software in 2014. This is the year we expect the site to have been registered. We decided to check the Click Trader App domain age,using the best domain checker and discovered that Clicktradeapp.com Website was registered in February 2016. In other words, the software was not developed in 2016 as claimed. It was created this year by scam artists who are desperate to make money from innocent traders.

Impossible Amount of Profits In A Day

According to John Cross, ClickTrade App Software makes $1,500-$5,300 in profits every day.This is impossible. Right now there is only one trusted auto trader that is highly recommended in binary option industry. But it never generates this kind of money in a single day. We therefore don’t expect any software to register better results especially if it is bogus like Click Trade App. These scammers are giving exaggerated promises to lure traders into signing up with C Trade App. You will not make the amount of money that you are being promised. What will happen is that after registering and subsequently depositing money with one of their brokers, it will disappear in the blink of an eye. Stay away.

Will They Take 0.5% Of Your Profits?

You are also told that these scammers will take 0.5% of your profits after 90 days. This is a condition which you must agree with. But there is one thing we want to disclose to you. There is nothing that these guys will collect from you after 90 days. They will have already disappeared with your investment probably on the first day of making deposit. They just want to appear real and show that the software makes money so that you may think that will have something to give back to them.

Is the Click Trade App System 90% Accurate? Really?

We are informed that Click Trade App System has over 90% accuracy.This is false. There is no legit and trusted software in the history of binary option trading that has ever achieved such high level of accuracy. This is because the financial market is very unpredictable. Scammers want you to believe that this platform will place winning trades for you. That it will generate profits consistently.No way.

Inflated Account Figures

The alleged website owner shows you screenshots of inflated account to make you believe that Click Trade App generates huge profits for traders. However, we cannot verify the results. These figures have just been created by some applications to fool newbie traders.

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Is The Trial Version Very Limited As Claimed?

These scammers have gone further to provide you with a free trial version which is said to be very limited. They want you to get yours right now. Please don’t bother to go for it. You will try it and be fooled that it makes profit. This will tempt you to open a real account. After depositing your money, it will all disappear. That is when you will discover that you are dealing with a scam service. It is good that you now know the truth.

Is Click Trade App 100% Free Today?

According to their site, Click Trade App system is 100% free today. This sounds like a crazy offer. But wait until you sign up. You will be told to deposit at least $250. If you do not have the money, you will not be allowed to use the software. This simply tells you that the Click Trade App Program is not free.

The site also indicates that C Trade App has been endorsed by companies such as McAfee SECURE,Verisign and GeoTrust. We visited site of these companies but could not trace any single information about Click Trade App. In other words, the endorsements are fake.

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Conclusion  On The Click Trade App !!

The Click Trade App CEO is a Fiverr.com actor, 90% accuracy is unachievable, promises are exaggerated, results are not verified, and endorsements are fake.Also,there is no positive Click Trade App reviews on third party sites. All that you see on the software site are fake testimonials meant to endorse this bogus system.Our reviews have proved that Click Trade App is scam. The CEO is an actor. This is the biggest joke in binary option industry. In addition, bank figures have been inflated, endorsements are not real, the trial version is a trap and more.

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