Cloud Trader Review – Scam Aware!

Read this Cloud Trader App review to Find out the Red Flags.Most scam software’s typically emphasize on the ability to generate easy money without lifting a finger. Unfortunately, this is the same path which Cloud Trader system is following. Everything about it seems to be too good to be true. But at the same time, there are many red flags on the site hosting this software. You don’t even have to be keen to realize that this is just another scam posing under the disguise of a genuine auto trading bot.

Cloud Trader Review : Why to be Avoided !

Is Cloud Trader a scam?

Cloud Trader APP

We have comprehensively reviewed and analyzed the Cloud Trader software, and at this point, we cannot hesitate to point out that this is a scam. We visited the site and got a notice informing us that 7 partners were needed in our country to make $1,250 in daily profits. When we scrolled down the site, we were served with a Google map portraying the exact location of members who were using Cloud Trader method at the time.

However, it doesn’t take hard work to realize that those maps are automatically generated on the site (with the help of a widget) depending on where you’re browsing their site from,there is no single trader who uses Cloud Trader App in your country or locality. If you choose to believe that they need 7 members who will make daily profits of $1,250, you will loose your money.

If you scroll to the footer of the website, you will also realize that the owner of Cloud Trader robot is saying that his product is not associated with the Cloudtrader.co website.However, this statement doesn’t make sense given that you can sign up for the software without leaving the site. There is no other website on the internet that allows you to sign up for this system except www.cloudtrader.c  link. In other words, this fraudster is openly denying his creation when you’re supposed to believe that he’s genuinely offering you a good software.

Secondly, because the owner of Cloud Trader system knows that reviewers like us often go to who is to check for the registration details of scam websites, they decided to separate the website from the product. That way, it’s possible to lie that they’ve been in business for a couple of years. After all, there is no association between this system and the cloudtrader.co website which was only registered the other day.

More Evidence To Suggest Cloud Trader System As Fraud !!

Matthew Shepherd is supposedly the CEO of the Cloud Trader company.He claims his company has been around since 2012.However, if we look into the details of the website hosting this App, we realize that it was registered on March 03, 2016.It is for this reason that Matthew Shepherd is publishing a notice on the footer of his site warning that his App isn’t associated with his site.

And now that we know he only registered the site some few days ago, we cannot be convinced by his statement in which he claims that he has since gathered 1231 members who use Cloud Trader program on a consistent basis. That figure would have only been possible if he truly registered the site in 2012. But since we ruled out those claims with concrete evidence suggesting otherwise, we can never be fooled by anything he tells us thereafter.

The false story of how Cloud Trader signals work

We cannot afford to get convinced by the lies of people who don’t understand how the financial markets work.All information presented on the site that hosts Cloud Trader Method is very misleading. They have even stolen pictures from Google like other scams do to try and convince traders into believing this is something genuine.Matthew Shepherd further claims that when you join his system, you will comfortably make $1,250 a day without struggling or even knowing how the financial markets work.

Secondly, he makes a blatant statement by saying that his Cloud-trader software will trade with 100% accuracy, a statement that we can only term as insulting and rude.No trading bot has ever achieved a 100% win rate. Even 90% is impossible. The only figure that has ever come close to that is 80%, although such applications is rare to come by.Many fake Cloud Trader reviews claiming that this system has been consistently hitting the 100% mark is all lies. Also, backing it up with the lie that this App was founded in 2012 is something that we can only condemn with the strongest term possible.

All we can say is that this system is only taking advantage of newbie traders who don’t know that losses are part and parcel of trading binary options. Even the best software out there will not make you $800 on a consistent basis. That kind of figure can only be realized on a good day when luck is on your side. Remember that we are not saying you will make losses continuously. All we are saying is that a good system won’t make you crazy profits. It will only make you money at a reasonable success rate.

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A bunch of pictures with characters that make $1,250 daily profits

That section should not convince you at all. Also, do not be fooled by the fake Facebook/Twitter message feed portraying unrealistic user testimonials & reviews. The truth is that no one is using this program to generate any money as they claim. All social media account activities you see in this section do not represent any real user activity.

We have also discredited the following points:

(a) That these people have cloud servers in 82 locations around the world

(b) That this software was meant to trade at super-high speeds with a 100% accuracy

(c) That this software will not make any mistakes, and that all users will be guaranteed of an income of $1,250

Those claims are meant to trap newbie binary options traders. Anybody who has spent time some time trading binary options, either manually or with the help of a App will discredit those points as well.

Conclusion – The Cloud Trader App is Scam !! Avoid At all Cost !

The CloudTrader website that claims no affiliation with the trading bot are creations of criminals operating in the online space. Truth is, Cloud trader App is a 100 % scam system to loot people’s money. There is no doubt about it. Please be informed that using this software represents 100% risk of losing your money.

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