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Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The Consistent Income. There’s currently a huge explosion of binary options software on the internet. Consistent Income app is just among the latest to join the bandwagon. As it is, everything looks suspicious about this software, which is why we wanted to come up with this Consistent Income review to save eventual pitfalls. So if you’re among traders who came across the Consistent Income software and wanted to use it, we advice you to stop and read this review carefully.

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Is Consistent Income Scam?

Despite these guys claiming that this software could make you $1,100 a week (which was a realistic figure), we felt that this was not a good deal to get into. There is so much inconsistency in how this Consistent Income app is being presented, and that makes us grow suspicious about it.

First, they claimed that this Consistent Income system had an average win rate of 82%. Then somewhere along the line, we were told that traders could do extremely well if they happened to rely on signals that are at least 90% accurate.

In other words, there is no guarantee whatsoever that all signals applied on your trades will be accurate. It is even scarier to realize that no one knows about the actual probability of this Consistent Income program. According to the statement given in the Consistent Income website, there is no certainty in using this software. Once could make $1,100, $3,000 or $7,000 or nothing. And chances that you will make nothing are very high, actually in the 90% zone.

So we don’t think any sane trader would like to gamble his money this way. Even though nothing is guaranteed when it comes to interacting with the money markets, Consistent Income software pushes it too far when it gambles with your hard-earned cash.

The results depicted on the Consistent Income website are not accurate representation of what happens

These are confessions which should be taken very seriously. If you fail to see the truth that they are trying to leak here, you will be disappointed after you end up losing your money. Yet again, they are warning you so that you will not have anywhere to complain once Consistent Income scam you of your cash.

It’s a trick they are using to leave you with no other option once you lose. Sooner or later, you will lose all your investment in this fake money-making scheme.

On one side, Consistent Income software claim their robot is good because it’s consistent and can earn you a monthly salary. But on the other, they claim nothing is being guaranteed, and that you still stand a chance to lose.

This is essentially a risk warning that pertains to the use of this Consistent Income app, not the kind of risk you expose yourself to when trading binary options with some knowledge.

This is the reality that will ultimately come to you as soon as you get your broker account all set with a cool $250. Because the Consistent Income system has no guarantees and no one knows whether or not it follows trading indicators as claimed, you will lose a fair number of trades placed either by you or by the Consistent Income scam software. You’re likely to lose 8 in every 10 trades. This is because we are relying on guesswork or random signals that are generated out of nothing.

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Consistent Income testimonials are fabricated

Consistent Income software is being endorsed by some strange individuals we can’t trace somehow. Where are these testimonials coming from?

Well, right before coming up with this Consistent Income review, we have searched the web for any legit endorsement of this software and it appears the owner is making use of paid testimonials to lie.

This fact alone makes them inconsistent with what they had earlier announced. They lack transparency as well. Would you trust such a software developer? If you did, you’d lose your money.

So here is an alleged user of the Consistent Income program claiming that he made a whooping $20,000 in a week using this software.

Was he getting real or was he only fooling with people’s intelligence? Well, according to the statement which the owner of Consistent Income software gave, placing 15 trades a day would earn you a profit of $7,000 a week. This is still unrealistic. So how exactly did someone make 20K?

The answer to this question is obvious; he was paid to lie! The same applies to all other people who have written their testimonials on the Consistent Income website.


More incriminating evidence

When you open the Consistent Income app site for the first time, it is not very obvious that these guys have a promotional video anywhere on the homepage. But when you scroll down towards the footer, you will find a pink button that says ‘’click here’’ to watch the video on how to make money from home.

Now, if you read the disclaimer statement at the bottom of this video, you will understand that the people used in this video are actors and do not represent what actually happens when you use the Consistent Income software.

Again, this is a statement that has been clearly written at the bottom of that video, and it’s an indication that Walter and his group are admitting foul play.

They further state that the video should be treated for entertainment purposes only. This is quite horrific considering that something so serious like this is being treated like child-play.

Many people are exploring binary options because they want a means to earn income but they don’t really want to go to the casinos. However, since Walter doesn’t take it seriously and actually calls it a joke, you’d be as good as someone who plays at an online casino. Even casinos have a fair chance of making you rich, and cannot be compared to this Consistent Income scam software.

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Conclusion :

Consistent Income scam is a dangerous app which should be ignored at all cost. The way it is presented tells us that it’s already a flawed deal. Even the owner admits it.

It is actually being advertised as a ‘’2-click software’’ to profits. However, we can tell you that in as much as this is a 2-click trading robot; the chances of losing are at 95%. That is the most dangerous position for any trader to find himself in, especially if they get into it for profits and not fan. In short, we are advising everyone not to trade with the Consistent Income system.


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