Convergence Sniper Review – Scam Aware!

Another scam software we are going to review is the Convergence Sniper App. It is a trading system presented by Frank Norton. The presenter claimed that the system works on the anomalies that were presented by a former Soviet scientist called Vladimir X. He claimed that Convergence Sniper software could earn you as much as five hundred to seven hundred dollars every day, and that is because it works on an advanced algorithm. The win ratio according to the creator could be more than 84.9 percent.

We know that many of you must have heard about this system and probably you have received spam messages from the creators of the App. Before joining them,read this Convergence Sniper review, discover why you should not use this trading software.

Why Convergence Sniper Is Scam ? Review Facts Revealed !!


We have reviewed this Convergence Sniper App and we are finding it hard to believe the information they put forward. Our review of similar products in the past has shown that these so called creators were used by fraudulent brokers to advance and promote their business and pay the promoters a peanut afterwards. It is not surprising that you see most of these apps marketed aggressively. They know that they make money when people buy through their affiliate efforts.

The Convergence Sniper team would do everything to convince you to deposit the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars and they can earn money when you buy the product. When they make up their story about a famous physicist from Soviet; it is to drop a name that can convince you that they are selling a reliable and reputable app. Far from that, the app is not real, it is a fraud as you can see from some of the negative reports that have flooded the internet.

This Convergence Sniper Scam is not aimed at making money for you. We have spotted several loopholes about this trading program, and we have to present them to you here so that you save your money for a useful investment. By the time you are through with this system, you would understand why you should stay away from it.We have sufficient reasons to convince you that Convergence Sniper software is a fraudulent trading system. We can start our analysis from the so called creator of the system by name Frank Norton.

Frank Norton of Convergence Sniper System is Fake !!

When you watch the Convergence Sniper review videos, you would discover that it is full of lies and misleading information. One of such misleading information is a man called Frank Norton. We checked and found that the man involved in the case does not exist. We have checked the social media website and the search engines for any lead about the man outside the Convergence Sniper software. We did not get any information about him and that raised the suspicion that the man may not be existing after all. We strongly believe that he does not exist and we challenge him to prove his identity to convince anybody that he exists. We checked the image used as Norton we are shocked that the photo was taken from the stock photo. This is in fact misleading. We are also able to confirm that the man who spoke on the video was a paid actor.

Fake Convergence Sniper Testimonials & Reviews !!

Another evident that shows that the Convergence Sniper system is scam, is the use of fake testimonials and hyped positive reviews. We discovered that the people who testified about Convergence Sniper do not exist. They are paid actors and the evidence they made are not reliable. We are also certain that most of the people used in the trading system were from Fiverr.com. They were ready to offer their services for any dirty job just for five dollars. This means that they were paid five dollars for the ignoble roles they played in this app. We are familiar with some of them because their faces are known, as they have endorsed similar apps in the past. If you were believing on the App based on the information presented at the Convergencesniper.com testimonial page, then you have to think twice because the testimonies were all forged, they do not exist.

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The Convergence Sniper App lacks Proper Trading Pattern

We have checked for the trading algorithm and we do not find any. The claim that it relies on an algorithm produced by a former Soviet scientist does not hold water, because it did not let us into how that influenced the working of the Convergence Sniper system. As far as we are concerned this software does not have any trading algorithm. The claim is misleading and a deliberate misinformation. How do you think that you are going to make money from an App does not have a trading system? This is another sign that you are dealing with a scam, so you have to stay out of it to avoid losing your investment.

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The Convergence Sniper Software is not Free

One thing that is common with many of these trading systems is the claim that they are going to give their apps to you free. The same thing is applicable to Convergence Snipper App. Its creator claimed that the app is given to you free. If it is free, it means that you are not expected to pay anything before you begin to use the app. This is not the case because you must pay the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars at least before you are allowed to use the software. This then means that the claim of being free is misleading. How do you think that they are going to give you their app, which they claim can make you huge sums of money? Do not be distracted by that, it is not free and it cannot be free.

Conclusion On The Convergence Sniper  !!

We are not in doubt as to whether Convergence Sniper App is a scam. You have seen enough evidences which can convince you not to invest in the fraudulent trading software. Investing in it means a lost of that investment, because you are not going to make even a dime with the system. It is one hundred percent scam and should be avoided.

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