Daily Trader Club Review – Scam Aware!

Read this important Daily Trader Club review which exposes the scam software.Perhaps you’ve encountered the Daily Trader Club System and thought it was very promising, thanks to a few testimonials and media mentions that they’ve slapped on their site to back it up. Well, if this is the case, you need to proceed with caution. It’s very critical that you stop and listen to what this Daily Trader Club review has to say concerning the  software. You might just change your mind as we help you uncover the big lies and myths being spread around by the creators of this App.

Is Daily Trader Club a scam?

Definitely it is, and we have more than enough reasons to back our conclusion. First, the website of the Daily Trader Club system seems to be a rehash of a binary options system that was produced some time in 2015. It goes by the name Bit Options, a software that is responsible for causing massive losses among new traders who jumped in because they were convinced by testimonials of fake users.

Why Daily Trader Club Signals Are Fake Or Real Scam Exposed !!

Daily Trader Club System

The Daily Trader Club Owner claims to have generated millions of dollars from this software and beta testers who trusted that this system could yield results. We spent a few minutes watching his Daily Trader Club video and paying attention to his life story. Even though everything sounded a little bit convincing, we still needed proof that he was telling the truth.

So as always, we confirmed his picture using Google image search, and we were shocked to discover what we had always suspected.This image that has been portraying him and his wife is fake. In fact, the real names of the people posing as husband and wife are Mike and Amanda. If you want to know their true identities and how their pictures were stolen from the internet

check the link : http://onelifewealth.co.uk/casestudies/mike-amanda/recommendatio/

You can clearly see that picture on the left side of the page. It is the same picture that www.dailytraderclub.co uses to fool unsuspecting traders into sign up for this bogus Daily Trader Club program which clearly doesn’t have anything to offer, only your money to feed on and make the criminals smile their way to the bank.

News Coverage About the Daily Trader Club software is not Real !

Have you been wondering if all the news coverage on this site is real? Well, this is the most powerful bait that Stephen Gilbert uses to hook people into his system. Media mentions are of course good for this type of business which thrives on popularity.

However, after the first evidence which confirmed that the so called Stephen had stolen a photo from another site, we couldn’t believe everything else he told us about himself or the software he was selling to the world.So, were these media mentions photo-shopped? The correct answer is yes. We have dug through all Daily Trader Club reviews and news publication sites to try and see if someone ever mentioned the Dailytraderclub.co system.Unfortunately, we haven’t been successful in this bid to prove that indeed the Daily Trader Club was mentioned in Bloomberg business, Opinion or any other business news site.

Also, there is nothing like CNN Money ever mentioning the Daily Trader Club software or how members have been earning millions of dollars with the program. It’s all photo-shopped and clever works of fraudsters who want your money and nothing else.

The Daily Trader Club System Owner’s are Fake !!

Let us put this to the test. Once you’re on Google search, look for the name of the Daily Trader Club App or its owner, Stephen Gilbert. You will find nothing. The only information you will find is that which is related to this scam. Most of that information appear on lazy binary options review sites that don’t do any work to confirm their allegations. Most of these sites aren’t credible either, and should not be taken seriously when they publish any reviews.

Even if you try searching for the Ex-petroleum engineer story that relates to the so called Stephen, you find nothing. All this is made-up story from this hired actor who was probably sourced for $5 only.

If CNN Money review is real, then why can’t we trust this software and its creator?

The Daily Trader Club system features CNN Money reviews to lead us into thinking the software is very genuine, hence the popularity that comes with it and anyone else who uses it.If we take it hypothetically by assuming the CNN Money reviews are real, then why is it that the dates aren’t agreeing?

Okay, the reviews are highlighting dates in the year 2015, while Whois records are showing that this Daily Trader Club App and its website were only registered the other day in March 2016. If it’s indeed true that people have been making hundreds of thousands of dollars using this software, then their ought to have been at least a few real user reviews or comments on the internet. We mean the kind of comments we see in sites like warrior forum. Why is it that everyone else is keeping hush on something that’s transforming their lives in a magical way?

There is only one answer to all those questions. The fact is, this is a money-making scheme aimed at stealing money from unsuspecting traders, hence it doesn’t have any reputation. It also follows the usual trend of other scams which talk big but with little evidence to back the claims.

Annoying ways to keep you from thinking straight

It is the goal of this fraudster to keep ”entertaining” and prevent you from searching the words ”Daily Trader Club review”. They use annoying ways of making people sign up quickly without thinking a second time. This way, they know they’re laying a trap for people to make horrible mistakes. Notice how they tell you to hurry up before licenses can run out. Also, notice the annoying pop up which shows up every time you scroll down the Daily Trader Club page or try to exit. All these elements are giving the plan away because the site is not coming out as professional.

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Conclusion : The Daily Trader Club App is Scam !!

The Daily Trader Club method is 100% scam.Many fake systems have invaded the binary options industry like a plague. The industry is almost declaring them a disaster because they’re everywhere and traders are really losing money that cannot be accounted for. It takes your boldness and instincts to stand your grounds and say you will not send money before researching the broker or software in question. And most specifically, you will not send money to the Daily Trader Club scam.

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