DeepNet Trading Review – Scam Aware!

DeepNet Trading is just another scam binary software with never seen before claims. We are exposing the system in this detailed review. We have strong evidence that DeepNet Trading Software is a Scam.You need to read our honest review to find out the truth about the DeepNet Trading scam. It is important to know that there is a big risk for anyone who invests money after signing up for this binary options trading system.

What Is The DeepNet Trading System?

John A. Palmer’s Deep Net Trading System is based on deep web trading in binary options. It is supposed to be a revolutionary new way to make money, because the DeepNet Trading signals give you a higher chance of winning trades and the powerful software delivers much faster trading signals.

According to John A Palmer, his DeepNet Trading App is able to scan the deep web to find the most profitable trades. The software is supposed to have been tested for more than a year and proven to be profitable. There is no actual proof of this provided, either on the website or in the video presentation. There is a complete lack of information about the average win rate and we could find no trading results that would back up any of the promises made about the earnings potential of this system.

The Deep Net Trading software is only being made available for free use over the first 30 days after you open a trading account that is synced to the robot for auto trading. Then, if you want to continue using the App, you will be required to pay a 1% Partners Fee to the developer.

How Does the DeepNet Trading System Work?

DeepNet Trading System

No research, no technical knowledge and no experience are required to use the automated trading bot. When you sign up for the autotrader and fund an affiliated broker account with the minimum deposit of $250, you can set it for auto trading with just three clicks. This will allow DeepNet Trading method to execute trades directly from your new broker account.

Minimum profits of $875 per day are promised, but the DeepNet Trading website states in its disclaimer that there is no guarantee of making any money. You could lose part or all of the money you place in your affiliated trading account. The legal section of the website says that DeepNet Trading is not responsible for any financial loss that may result from your decision to use their software.

Why DeepNet Trading is a Scam ? Honest Review !

Our review investigations reveal that the Deep Net Trading scam has been created to attract people with false guarantees and empty promises. In this DeepNet Trading review we prove how much false information has been used to promote this scam and we give you the true facts about it.The video presentation and the wording on the website make it look as if you could easily turn $250 into $19,749 within a few days. This is very misleading because it involves a technique that requires you to use your deposit, plus a lot of profits, to keep on making bigger trades. There is no actual information about the performance of the system for real trades and no proof of the accuracy of the DeepNet Trading signals.

The featured photos and statistics shown for international partners, who are supposed to have made between $76,234 and $108,450 from the DeepNet Trading system, all show false names. The photos have been taken from sites which supply stock images. Hired actors appear on video, where they are supposed to be trading partners giving a personal review of the autotrader. There is nothing on the video to show you what the trading platform actually looks like.

The man speaking in the video presentation claims to be a professional binary trader, but our review investigations reveal that the only search results for John A. Palmer, in connection with binary options trading, are for sites promoting the program and sites where a DeepNet Trading review has been posted.

The Deep Net Software is Not Free to Join !!

The story in the video is that DeepNet Trading software is being offered for free because this man has made a fortune from trading. Now he wants to get back at some of the big financial institutions, because of the way that ordinary people are preventing from doing what he had achieved. This scam App is not really being offered for free. It is only being made free to use for 30 days and after that time you will be required to become a fee-paying partner! The truth is that by the end of 30 days you probably will have lost a lot of money from the automated trades and you will not want to continue!

On the lower part of the Deepnettrading.com you will see badges that appear to show official endorsements for this software. One of the badges shows a 2014 TS Trade Software Award, but this system is supposed to be very new and it has only been tested for just over a year! When we investigated it for this Deep Net Trading review, we soon discovered that no such award exists. All the badges featured on the website are meaningless. None of them is linked and they do not represent any review sites.

Despite repeatedly promising that you are guaranteed to make a minimum of $875 a day, and indicating that your average monthly earnings will be $16,576, the developer of the DeepNet Trading scam has covered himself with an official disclaimer. In the small print at the bottom of the page it is clearly stated that the content of the website only implies a profit and it does not make any guarantees. There is no responsibility taken for any financial losses that may result from trading with the software.

Fake Testimonials

On the DeepNet Trading software website, you will also notice a couple of video testimonials from people who have allegedly tried this system. All of them say very positive things about the software. It is like they are reading from a script, or something. Oh . . . wait a minute . . . they truly are! Yes, the people in these video testimonials were hired from the fiverr.com marketplace. The screen name of one of them is MarketingXpert5. If you opt to visit this particular website, you will notice many “brilliant actors” that are offering their services for just $5.00 USD. For this amount, they will film themselves lying about whatever you want. Yes, it is truly very unfortunate that there are people that are willing to lie for a couple of bucks, when the end result is going to be people falling for a system that is not worth the time of day.


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Conclusion – The DeepNet Trading System is Scam !!

Our DeepNet Trading review has revealed that there is nothing genuine about this offer. It is a scam, with no real facts available about how it really works. It is made to appear as if this is a free offer with a low risk. The fact is that the Deep Net software is not free after 30 days use and in that time there is a high risk of losing part or all of your money.

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