Disrupt Trading Review – Scam Aware!

Heyy I m Here Again With the Disrupt Trading Review. The Disrupt Trading software is a scam. You can choose to sign up for this system if you have too much money that you can waste some. But I bet you don’t want to waste any. I would therefore advise you against signing up for the Disrupt trading system and stop listening to the made up stories given by those who have claimed to have been made rich by this software. All of them are looking to getting rich off ,is by the money you will give them. Step by step, I will show you why I am right about the Disrupt Trading App being a scam.

What is Disrupt Trading Software ?

To clearly review, what this Disrupt Trading software is all about, one must first understand the concept of binary options systems. A binary option App is a system developed to make profits from small investments online. Most of these programs run on auto-trade. This means that all the investor does is invest and wait for the returns. The software works by trying to find loopholes in the market and making the most out of them.

The creator of Disrupt trading system is called Greg Hardman. Once you visit the official website, he welcomes you and explains how the software works, trying to get you to sign up for it. He then starts by stating that, the Disrupt Trading System, can make you thousands of dollars in just a single day, more specifically, $12,000 to $15,000 daily. The introductory video has a lot of testimonials, others of which he interviewed people by himself. Hardman states that what motivated him to create his software was the loophole he discovered while working in Wall Street as a Tech specialist.

Why The Disrupt Trading System Is A Scam ? Review Points !!


One starts getting doubts about the Disrupt Trading software immediately . $12,000 to $15,000 a day seems reasonably impossible right? Something about it is just fishy. Even the best and most successful auto-trader generated less than $1,000 dollars each day. We have seen many scam software trying to get people to sign up to them by promising them large amounts of revenue. What makes this different? Nothing. Apart from this, here are some other red flags that will show you just how corrupt this system is.

There is no evidence to back up anything Greg says in the Disrupt Trading review video. Notice he mentioned he worked in Wall Street at a certain company as a Tech guy. He doesn’t mention the name of the company he worked for. Maybe he forgot, which is not good for business as investors take keen on the details that one puts across. Or maybe he was careful not to mention any organization as he was afraid that he would get exposed as just a desperate guy trying to extort money from gullible people. Whichever point you look at it from, it ends up that he is a fraud.

Greg’s Software is Scam – Avoid Disrupt Trading App !!

For those who have been in the binary options business for quite a while, we all know of the Trend Trader App which was very promising then turned out to be a scam. Well after signing up for the Disrupt trading software using a dummy email, another welcoming video pops up with disrupt trading labeled on it. However if one takes a close look at it and the stand that the speaker uses, you will notice that the video is from the trend trader scam software. This can either mean that Greg never had time to piece up a welcoming video and decided to take the one from trend trader or the Disrupt trading system is just a reinvention of the trend trader scam.

If you choose to go with the former reason, it only shows how incompetent Greg is and how incompetent Disrupt trading method may turn out to be and for those who choose with the latter reason, then you clearly know that the software is a scam. All in all, this should convince you that the whole project is nothing but a scheme to con you.

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The Disrupt Trading System is Not 100% Accurate ! 

Greg goes on to worsen things up by saying that the Disrupttrading.com software has a 100% trading success. This means that no trade has or will ever fail. Trying to reason this out may cause a headache. See, binary trading software works with brokers. The money you invest goes to a broker who trades it and returns the profit to you. The main problem is that no broker can have a success rate of 100%. The best usually get 90% success. This means that there is no way the auto trader can have a 100%. Greg is just saying this to get you to sign up for the Disrupt Trading App after which, he takes all you money, does nothing with it and eventually pops up figures showing that you have made profits.

If you Pay more attention to the introductory Disrupt trading video,the points above go a long way to prove that the system neither works nor generates money the way the owner claims it does but is a bunch of shoddy algorithms that are meant to show you figures to get you to invest more on the software.

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Conclusion On The Disrupt Trading !!

It is crystal clear that the Disrupt trading software is a scheme meant to get money out of your pockets and return none. Basing on the evidence that I have just mentioned above, the Disrupt trading Software is a total Scam made by frauds who intend to extort all of your money from you living you with no cent at all. Just to clarify things, not all binary options systems are scams. There are others that do work and can actually generate you unimaginable profits. Just be careful with others like the Disrupt Trading scams.

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