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Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The Dream Catcher. Dream Catcher app is being advertised as a money making system that promises to make you an overnight millionaire. This is a big red flag! Stay away. One can’t help but laugh their ribs out as they watch the funny video. In fact, the presentation on Dream Catcher scam website is more of a comedy than a serious sales pitch. The video features a stranger who claims to be a Wall Street guru who made a fortune worth $27 million dollars. And now he is ready to split that fortune with you just for answering a short survey. This survey is supposed to make you $4,250 in record 17 minutes. And then shortly afterwards, the story changes into something else. The man changes his vibe and says that if you manage to participate in that survey, you will get a free cash gift plus some free $4,250 in the next 24 hours. As if that is not enough, he assures you that you shall continue to receive that amount of money every single day.

We are still laughing at these claims anyway. But let’s get to discuss the truth in this Dream Catcher review. Of course we have a lot of things that don’t make sense in this misleading pitch video. The first thing we noticed was that the man was avoiding the most important topics to discuss. As a result, this video confuses more than it educates. In fact, when you finish watching it, you still wonder what exactly the product is.

Website: www.dream-catcher.co


Dream Catcher App Review

Is Dream Catcher a scam? Of course it’s a scam, and we are 100% certain on this. First of all, even though it’s a scam, this is the worst presentation we ever came across. Matthew Warner only talks about how he will issue a survey which will make you $4,250 every day. But he never actually gets to give out the questions. It turns out that this is just a trick to keep you glued and waiting for nothing. We even regretted why we wasted our time. But for purposes of writing this review, we are glad that now we’re able to bring you the full details of the Dream Catcher scam.

As it is now, we can’t see how trading binary options or Forex is related to answering survey questions. There is no correlation between the two at all. The truth is that this guy is selling a trading robot called Dream Catcher system. But in order to convince you, he beats around the bush with useless explanations that don’t add value to the presentation.

Therefore, the idea of a survey at the end of the Dream Catcher program video is just nonsense. We didn’t see any survey despite watching it till the end. All that we saw was pictures of holiday resorts at the beach. We also saw turtles swimming in the ocean as this man kept telling us to relax. It’s the dampest sales trick we ever came across by the way.

Even the promise of receiving a free $4,250 was just hot air. We never received any money from this self-proclaimed millionaire of Dream Catcher scam, despite promising several times in the beginning that we would receive that sum of money. So this guy is a liar and a misleading person. Why would someone give you that money for doing nothing? Keep in mind that he promises this money and never says whether or not you will be receiving it as a result of your trading activities. Consequently, this has confused many viewers of the video because they don’t know what to expect from Dream Catcher software as daily earnings.

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But here’s what caught our attention

Instead of actually giving us the promised survey, Matthew Warner directed us to download the Dream Catcher app on our desktop or mobile device and turn on the auto-trade button. Apparently, that’s all we needed to get started on the road towards making $4,250 in daily profit.

The problem is that when you download this malicious software, you will be putting yourself at great risk. First, you will directed to a broker’s platform where you will be required to deposit $250. This is not mentioned prior to you downloading Dream Catcher system. It makes the whole deal phony, right?

So the first thing we notice is that a strange broker will be here waiting for your money. Of course this step would deter every sober-thinking trader from making any move forward. But a newbie could just fall in the trap, forgetting that what he was initially promised didn’t happen, and now they are being taken to a very different direction from what they had expected. One of the main points to come up with this negative Dream Catcher review.

The service is 100% free, and you don’t need credit / debit card!

Hahaha, probably this is the most common marketing trick in the book! Every system related with the online markets requires investment. You need to create account with broker or directly with exchange and fund that account with cash. Practically it’s like a bank account. Obviously, in order to start placing those positions you need to have some money in your trading account.

We, don’t know why the scam-artists here are hiding this fact, but it really shows that they are not transparent!

The system will except 15 days per day for 2 days and that’s it?

No, this is just strong pushing into registration tactic. Let’s apply common sense here and debunk this together it’s very easy! The official domain dream-catcher.co is live from 28.09.2016. The promotional video on YouTube is live from 02.10.2016. Today is 04.10.2016. If everything was real about the 30 people limitation, this website and this video will be long gone! Therefore, we have just another red flag here!


The thing is, Dream Catcher software is a scam robot and not a survey. It is supposed to reap you off and go underground. We almost anticipate the likelihood of this happening since this millionaire is a total stranger to the trading community. Therefore, he is bound to mislead you to some weird broker who will steal your money and divide it with him. Matthew Warner doesn’t have a reputation, which makes us very suspicious when it comes to doing business with him. You will end up losing money in this deal.

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They claim that big companies like Google and Apple have endorsed Dream Catcher Software!

First of all, these companies are never in the business of partnering or endorsing trading software. How does Google come in here? How exactly does Apple (which makes computers and mobile devices) fit in the puzzle? If you can’t seem to find answers to these questions, then it’s quite clear that these companies never endorsed Dream Catcher app. Their logos were used unlawfully.

Profit potential and other things you need to take note of

The website claims that Dream Catcher software made $150,000 for its members last month. That is not possible. Secondly, saying that this is a time-sensitive offer and that they are only accepting 15 individuals and no more is just nonsense. We were told that the software was being issued for the last time when the truth was that it was there to stay and scam as many people as possible.

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Conclusion :

You really don’t want to get involved with Dream Catcher app because it’s a scam and illegal robot. They are just playing games with your mind, and you know it very well. After watching the video, the nature of Dream Catcher scam becomes crystal clear. We are therefore afraid that more people might lose money with this software. But as for you who has read this Dream Catcher review, you shouldn’t be trapped in any way.

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