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Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The Dubai Lifestyle App . The Dubai Lifestyle App Review has concrete evidence to blacklist this system and warn our readers to stay away from this junk piece of software permanently. That’s why we strongly believe that reading our thorough this Dubai Lifestyle App scam analysis cum review will definitely help you to take a wise judgment without committing a big financial mistake. In this context, we would like to request you to attentively go through our straightforward, meticulous, and in-depth review to reveal the true secrets behind this system.

The Dubai safari world Lifestyle App Software owned by Scott Hathaway, makes us really wonder how incessantly and deliberately this new scam can reach the binary options industry on a daily basis. Dubai Life Style system is a just typical money stealing scheme which is nothing but a rotten scam. Merely a cheap looking deceptive website which pops up from thin air with having only one goal to steal your money as much as they can without mercy. Hence, we have decided that this is the right time to expose this deceptive yet fraudulent software (Dubai Lifestyle system) in front of our valuable readers so that they can’t become another victim of this new vicious software.

If you believe in these fairy tale stories where the crooked people like Scott Hathaway (the so-called product owner of Dubai Lifestyle App) will completely change the financial conditions of innocent traders like you through his auto trader, then you’re absolutely mistaken. It’s simply a honey trap to steal your hard-earned money. That’s it. Obviously, don’t believe on such stories which just contain loads of lies and deception to entice you. It’s our serious warning that please stay away from this Dubai Lifestyle App Software. It is their poor effort to attract you in order to win with Binary Options industry which will sting you just like a venomous scorpion bite. Also, read our full impartial & unbiased review and reveal the ultimate scam of Dubai Lifestyle App.

Website: Dubailifestyleapp.com


Who is Scott Hathaway The CEO and Founder of Dubai Lifestyle APP?!

Sometimes you need to make search engine and social media research regarding the names involved! In this case however things are little simpler! The alleged creator and CEO has a photo displayed on dubailifestyleapp.com! We investigated the photo, and we found that the alleged founder of the Dubai Lifestyle APP is just a stock model! Of course we will provide evidence to support our words!


Testimonials and endorsements!

During the promotional video we see few real people who testify in support of this trading system! Unfortunately, we will ruin the moment here, because those testimonials worth nothing! They are all made by amateur actors for very cheap price! Those guys are offering gigs on website called fiverr.com. This is online marketplace where you can hire different talents to do all kinds of job for you! As the name suggest the minimum price is only $5, so you can gain access to such testimonials for really low price!

You can always check this website since it’s the main place where cheap scams buy testimonials! Just visit the site and write word “testimonials” in the search box! We will expose some of the actors here as evidence!

Towards the endorsements, there are none! The service is completely alone, no one is supporting this system. Of course the claims how this software is national news in Dubai are just lies! If you research the social media and the search engines you`ll come across only bad feedback and negative reviews!


Dubai Lifestyle App Review

The alleged founder, product owner, and the CEO of this trading program claims this trading software, Dubai Lifestyle App has been developed and designed that can work on a complete autopilot mode, has the capability to generate you a potential amount of as much as $7,000 per day. He even claims that this particular application currently being offered to only a few lucky investors like you for free.

During his presentation video of Dubai Life Style App, he tells us that he’s basically originated from Iowa and subsequently moved to this luxurious city of Dubai around 2 years ago while having only an amount of $500 in his own pocket. He claims that during the research for implementing this incredibly successful AutoTrader, he needed a huge funding to carry out its research. And this brings “Mahmood Brothers” into the picture. Those individuals, obviously wealthy in their own right, who eventually made their fortunes of making millions of dollars from the Oil boom were included in the Dubai Lifestyle system’s sales presentation. Plus, these Mahmood Brothers were claimed to donate approximately $430,000 in order to design & develop this Dubai Lifestyle App.

This is an auto trader that utilizes some specific (ultimately vague) algorithms in order to generate & conduct signals automatically. Even, Scott Hathaway tells us that he had recruited world’s best software engineers, coders, and programmers to design this trading application. This process further took around 6 months while costing them approximately $190,000 regarding developmental & testing costs. Now, the final version of Dubai Lifestyle App auto trader has a brilliant 99.8% winning ratio with an exceptional capability to generate around $7000 per user per day. Plus, Dubai Lifestyle App was kept in secret for a period of three months in order to help the local community of Dubai. As a result, during this phase of 90 days, 319 different Dubai residents consequently used this app and increased their bank accounts with insanely huge profits which roughly amounts more than $2 million dollars each.

The above statements look so lucrative and profitable. Aren’t they? But before you’re planning to make a deposit into this Dubai Lifestyle App, make sure to read our review to understand the actual scam which abuses binary options industry.

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Dubai Lifestyle App Scam !

Fake CEO : Let’s be clear, Dubai Lifestyle App system is an absolute scam and Scott Hathaway is a big scammer. In fact, we suspect that Hathaway doesn’t even exist, it is a completely fictitious character which has been created by scammers to trap the rookie investors.

Fake Claims : The voice narrator has claimed that his system has an impeccably accurate ratio of 99.8%. Hence, the traders who’ll join their program will be able to easily generate at least $7000 US dollars per day. Those promises are obviously unattainable and achievable goals.

Falsified Dubai Lifestyle App Testimonials : During the promotional video of Dubai Lifestyle software , you will get to see few real people who’re deliberately supporting this trading system. But, let us inform you that those testimonials are worth nothing. We paid a close attention in order to justify the credibility of those people. Our experts made a thorough review in order to figure out the identities of those testimonials. In reality, those people are amateur actors who sell their gigs on a famous online marketplace of Fiverr.com just for $5. No legitimate system should ever use such fake testimonials to attract the users. Hence, Dubai Lifestyle App is completely fake and unreliable.

Domain Age Legitimacy : Our reviewed data has enough valid points to declare this system as a SCAM. However, we also tried to find out the domain age of Dubai Lifestyle App using the well-known platform who.is which reveals that the official website of Dubai Lifestyle App was registered on 6th July, 2016. That means the story of “prolonged research and development phase” is again fake.

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Conclusion : The Dubai Lifestyle App System is Scam !!

Thus, with the end of our review, we are declaring that Dubai Lifestyle App is a lousy SCAM. Don’t ever invest your invaluable money into this software with a dream of being rich. This software makes only vague and fake promises without much credibility or reliability.


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