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Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The Electoral Profits review to discover what we found out. Traders who use robots should be aware of this new scam in town called Electoral Profits. Usually, these robots turn out to be scams when they get promoted with the idea that users will get rich overnight. Therefore, the software is here to take advantage of the situation because they know that rookie traders don’t understand how money is made on the internet.

Now, it seems that Electoral Profits scam is riding on that idea with the hope that they will con traders in the process.They might have heard that major events such as elections affect market volatility, and that there’s a potential of making money under these circumstances. But that knowledge is not enough to help anyone make money as a trader if they don’t know what they are doing.

Website: electoralprofits.com


Electoral Profits Review

Is Electoral Profits a Scam?

We saw that this was a scam from the word go since their stories were not adding up. You see, when you come across the Electoral Profits App review website, the first announcement that you will see on top of the homepage is that you can make $120,374 before the world can know the next US president.

Okay, those claims are bizarre indeed. How on earth are you supposed to make that much in a short time? We know that people do make money during news release of major events such as elections. However, it is not realistic to say that traders will make $120,374 using this software because of the current political fever. You will not make that amount with Electoral Profits system regardless of the outcome of the US election.

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Furthermore, you don’t expect to grow rich in one night out of a small capital of $250. This does not make sense for sure. You see, binary options typically reward up to 80% profit for every winning trade. To put it into a better perspective, every winning trade gives a profit of $5-$30. What this means is that the Electoral Profits scam software has to place multiple trades in a day in order to make $500 or more.

The problem is not what binary options trading is willing to compensate you. The biggest trouble comes in when the software fails to win trades in a row. It is guaranteed that Electoral Profits system will open and close trades in losses most of the time. This makes it nearly impossible to regain your capital and profit as well. It even becomes impossible if you’re looking forward to making $500 a day, let alone $50.

We hope you can see how impossible it is to make $120,374 – with or without elections. And now that this is out of the way, let’s get to the details of the scam.


Can we trust Daniel Walters?

No, folks this individual is completely hidden behind voice over covered video. Nor the search engines or social medias know anything about Daniel Walters. The only posts, which appear are associated with The Electoral Profits Scam. Therefore, we cannot trust this person. Moreover, such approach is very common for the lousy scams!


What about the real people who appear in electoralprofits.com?

The few people who appear and claim that this service offers wealth in exchange of virtually no risk are fake identities. All of them are cheap amateur actors hired from online marketplace called fiverr.com. Where you can order such testimonials for $5! Therefore, you can alone calculate how cheap this fraud is!

In addition to those fabricated testimonials we have plenty of stock photos all around the page. Keep in mind friends that all the photo + name testimonials visible inside electoralprofits.com are phony. The scam-artists behind this suspicious offer are just trying to create positive environment surrounding the deception. However, we are here to dig out the true face of the Electoral Profits Software. Check out the snapshot below!

Electoral Profits Testimonials are FAKE


Electoral Profits signals and the people who endorse it

Again, all of them are fraudsters. If not, then it means the owner of this rogue website created other fake personalities and used stock photos to represent them. We are totally aware of these tactics which scams love to use since they have nothing to show potential users except fabricated testimonials and paid reviews .

Our Electoral Profits review found that this is a trading robot that has such a bad reputation, and cannot be trusted at all. The owner remains anonymous throughout the presentation, plus the claims which they make are obviously impossible to fulfill. This makes the Electoral Profits app look very bad in the eyes of traders who pursue this profession with a clear understanding of what they are doing and what they intend to achieve.

‘’Open a free account’’ — Another trap which you should probably watch

The Electoral Profits website claims that you can open a free account. But that’s not the case because you will quickly realize that you actually need your credit card to fund your broker account and connect it with the scam robot so that it can lose that capital to the broker and creators of the program.

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Conclusion :

Simple and very easy to debunk money stealing scheme. We have literally every single scam trick from the book! Pushing into registration tricks by limited spots, fake identities, unrealistic claims and a lot of misleading information. We feel obligated to warn you about the potential threat here! Do not sign up with this trading system, because such actions will be disasters for your capital!


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