EUxit Software Review – Scam Aware!

Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The EUxit. The EUxit Software is new scam using trying to trick people and steal their money! Allegedly the service is advertised as advanced trading system, which will generate money for you! Unfortunately, the reality is not that simple!

After the positive referendum in Great Britain and the decision to leave the European Union was announced, the markets really crashed. That leaded some traders into enormous loses and of course some into gigantic profits.

The effect of the news disturbed hard the online markets and leaded the currency GBP into extreme free fall! However, the sharp downtrend was around 10 days after the news, after that the markets went into ranging mode! Therefore, currently the traders cannot predict what direction the GBP is going to head. Yes, there is slightly higher probability of continuation of the downtrend but it won’t be so massive like when initially the news hit the world!

Based on those analysis, we can conclude that automated application, which will scan for another potential fall of the GBP related assets, won’t be effective in the current market situation!

website : euxit.trade


EUxit Software Review – Busted Trading SCAM!

As we already mentioned this is the third similar scam we are coming across after the Brexit event. First two where proven as money stealing schemes, and this one is looking pretty similar. Moreover, such events are usually traded manually not by algo-trading solutions! Keep that in mind, because often people are not familiar how the software solutions work and what is possible to do with them!

How the EUxit Software Works?

Since, such news recognition and the aftereffect of it is almost impossible for the algorithms, the presenter is out of words. Basically, what he says is “this advanced trading system scans the word news and places 100% secured trades”.

Two things sound wrong here:

  • How exactly its scanning for news? And which news? Aren’t this supposed to be searching for the next Brexit? Something really suspicious is going on here.
  • 100% secured trades are a myth! No one can forecast the markets on 100%, traders use phrases like “low or high probability! Yes, some are giving percentages but 100% is never an option!

Who is David McNeal?

The alleged CEO and Founder of the EUxit software is nothing but a paid actor. This man is famous amateur actor, and scammers often use his services for different jobs. Testimonials, CEO functions, presenter and so on. You can find him on and even hire him yourself on website called fiverr.com. This is an online marketplace where you can hire all kinds of different people to do varieties of tasks for you! In addition, we`ll attach screenshot from his fiverr gig as evidence to our words!

Evidence – https://uk.fiverr.com/hanoi66/


Testimonials and Endorsements!?

Since these crooks have no problem being dishonest and maliciously deceiving, its no surprise there aren’t any real reviews or input from actual traders who’ve profited a single dollar from this scam. The developers are fully aware their EUxit trading app was rendered useless from its initial launch, therefore added measures of deception were taken to make EUxit software appear legitimate. Entering their members area, visitors will find what seems like testimonials from individuals using this system. However, just like David McNeal, they’re all FAKE and counterfeit! Take for instance William Stone from London UK. His image was either stolen or purchased from a stock photo website called srkheadshotday.com. Once again more lies!!


Also take notice how some of his “profits” fall on a Saturday & Sunday when markets are closed! Binary Option trading is only available during the week while the global economy is active. Since there’s no activity on weekends, its impossible to invest and profit 24/7. Ultimately, these scammers have overlooked basic details which further justifies our scam allegations against them!

I sincerely hope today’s EUxit review was transparent enough for you to pause momentarily and reconsider any decisions regarding investing funds into this sham! There’s not much else to disclose since everything I’ve highlighted is more that sufficient for clarifying any doubts, and hopefully our assessment has saved you from committing a regrettable mistake.

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Another bad intentions system revealed! We feel better and relieved that our readers are warned! There are just too much scam elements involved! First it’s the third similar system using the same approach. Moreover, the previous two versions are proven as bogus! In addition, we have phony identities, and literally no information on how the system will actually find and execute those potential trading opportunities! We strongly advise you to keep your hands away from this service, because investing here hides high risk!

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