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Read this FinTech Limited Review to stay safe.To all those who were contemplating to use FinTech Limited software hoping to become rich, avoid this scam !!.However, for those who had suspected that FinTech Limited system was too good to be true, this is just a reinforcement of their initial suspicion. We have just discovered that this is yet another money-stealing scam being presented as a very good trading robot to use.

Read this FinTech Limited Review to stay safe. Do not be fooled because this is just another trap laid for people who get easily excited at the mention of free money.

Let’s first agree that the stated income potential of $14,000 a week with FinTech LTD system is false. You cannot make that much with any trading robot in one week, reason; no one can predict the market 100% accurately. People selling their trading robots claiming to have the secret to winning trades all the time are liars. Beware because scammers are on the loose to rip off anyone who doesn’t do their own research before signing up for these trading robots.

FinTech Limited Review – Is FinTech Limited A scam?


It’s quite puzzling to realize that this trading app is raising so many questions which go unanswered. There is no authenticity in this software at all. Daniel Roberts claims to be the founder and President of FinTech Limited. His company is supposedly specialized in analyzing financial data. But when you search for this company on the internet, you find nothing relate to this line of business.

Sure, there is a company going by that name. However, this company doesn’t deal with the financial markets. They are not related to binary trading or Forex trading. This fact alone makes us curious to try finding out more of what they are hiding. This is already a case of fraud seeing that they are breaching copyright laws. They are using the name of this company illegally to look genuine and reap profits in the most dishonest way.

FinTech Limited software is the kind of scam trading robot that is being promoted with misleading information. They make it sound so easy to win trades in a market whose future cannot be predicted.

Claims of being able to setup the FinTech Limited system in minutes and using it right there and then are indeed legit. However, that’s not how people make money trading binary options. One has to realize actual profits to see if trading using software like FinTech Limited program is worth it.

To this end, we confirm that there is no proof to try validating the existence of FinTech Limited in relation to the software they are making. Since it’s a LTD company, we are assuming that FinTech Limited is some sort of a corporation which has existed for some time. Sure, they stated in their FAQ section that they have existed for the last 5 years. But how come search engines have never picked up this website?

The only reference being made to this scam trading robot are those originating from websites which are either endorsing or debunking the FinTech Limited scam. You can clearly see that the whole thing is lacking authenticity so to speak.

Let’s bust the so-called Daniel Roberts from FinTech Limited App !!

The FinTech LTD is a case of trying to exploit non-existent companies to deceive and misguide potential customers. Anyone can therefore conclude that Daniel Roberts is an imposter at best.

It is already a known fact that one doesn’t just wake up one day and decide to venture into binary options, thinking they’ll win. However, using a trading robot like FinTech Limited system is exactly the same thing. You trust a harmful robot with your hundreds of dollars in a strange broker account. We think that’s the scariest thing that can ever happen to any human being who thinks straight.

Let’s delve into his fake FinTech Limited Social Profile a little bit !

We expected this ‘’CEO’’ to have an active social profile because all leaders have social links anyway.

This guy didn’t have any social profile like he had captured on a screenshot on the homepage of Fintech-ltd.com website. He didn’t even have a professional resume to match his identity. We checked LinkedIn first before turning to Facebook. There was nothing.

So where did he get the Facebook screenshot and reviews, which he has published on the homepage of the FinTech Limited website? Probably it’s the work of some PhotoShop here and there.

It’s strangely odd that a company with success of this magnitude can remain underground all this long. 5 years is a long time for a LTD company to remain invisible, don’t you think?

If indeed this company was making that much of money, it would have at least gone public for people to buy shares. The taxman would have known that this company is in existence, and that it’s making billions of dollars a year. How come none of that is happening?

Well, the reason is because the so-called Daniel Roberts has never involved himself in trading binary options, except for his involvement in selling a scam robot to unsuspecting customers.

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The FinTech LTD Features don’t make sense – beware!

They claim that this Fintech-ltd.com website only utilizes innovative software with powerful algorithm to execute trades accurately. To reinforce this statement, they claim to work with large amounts of data and fast computers to try buying and selling when everyone else is still unaware.

It should be noted that the above statement or promise is something that has never made sense up to now. No expert trader will ever endorse that kind of thing.

Secondly, the claim that the FinTech Limited App is a trading robot guaranteed to make you $2,500 a day is a big lie. They refused to prove it, yet they still want you to believe in their software. That’s not far from what criminals do, right?

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Conclusion On The FinTech Limited  !!

The FinTech Limited scam is an expensive piece of crap that will make you regret for all the action you have taken. We have met traders who ignore reviews such as this one only to cry later. We don’t want you or a friend of yours to get into trouble because they trusted the FinTech Limited program. By no means should you get involved with this.

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