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Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about Free Profit Code software is a recently launched scam system. We have investigated the program since last Monday and our findings suggest that its not a promising system. Read our complete and comprehensive Free Profit Code review with proofs and facts here.

This analogy neatly sums up exactly what the Free Profit Code scam is all about. At heart it’s simply an old fashioned confidence trick which promises the potential to make a select number of ‘exclusive’ investors wealthy enough to enjoy long yearned for financial independence. All that’s required is that they pledge a sizable initial investment (minimum $250) to unlock the magic codes that through binary trading will change their life. Of course Free Profit Code app is nothing but a scam .

Website: freeprofitcode.com


The Free Profit Code Website Is Incredibly Vague

Those unfortunate enough to find themselves on the Free Profit Code website will find the typical sales video above a rather long list of small print (more on that later). Interestingly the Free Profit Code program is introduced by a young lady called ‘Natalie’ who alleges to be the girlfriend of someone who has made a fortune using this scheme. Right…

Natalie explains how amazed she was when she started dating her unnamed partner who displayed all the ostentatious trappings of wealth and success (expensive car/watch etc.). To cut the long story short she only found out after three months that he made his money using secretive, exclusive Free Profit Code system which she simply has to ‘share’.

Already and even by trading scams this is lazy. It might as well be a high school PowerPoint presentation as far as the investment in effort which has been stretched into designing this Free Profit Code software site. What leaves a particularly sour taste in the mouth is that behind the general laziness of the presentation, it’s clear that this operation is simply trying to attract people who are financially desperate, down on their luck and jealous at the success of others. The whole mantra of Free Profit Code program is about frustrated greed and it’s thoroughly unsavory.

How The Free Profit Code System Works

OK so it’s already clear that this is a pretty nasty operation, so you’d expect them to have pretty clear information available on how the magic Free Profit Code app system works. According to Natalie when the secret code is used it ought to massively enhance the success of binary trading, scoring near infallible returns on each and every trade. Should it be able to do so you can bet that every trader, mathematician and economist under the sun would be desperate to see the data that demonstrates how the Free Profit Code software manages this.

But no. There is literally no explanation whatsoever as to how the Free Profit Code app actually works. Rather than extensive the trading histories and data packages that investors would receive with a legit binary trading package, this scam provides not one scrap of evidence for how it has been so successful. The rather lazy implied reason for this is that it’s an exclusive club limited to a small number of investors – a cartel in other words – which would be ruined if such information were made available.

Scarcity counter

Natalie claimed that her boyfriend gave her one hundred copies of the code free and that she has only given out three to her co hotel workers and has fifteen reserved and has eighty two copies available. She claimed that it is available on a first come first serve basis. The tactics here are to put you into pressure to get that Free Profit Code before others take it. This is their tactics to pressurize you into using this fraudulent affiliate program. Even if you check the message the next two weeks, you will observe that the same number of copies would continue to be available.

Fake earnings

If you check the earning side of it, you would not be in doubt that it is a framed figure. It claimed that the earnings started since 2014, why is it now that many people are getting aware of this Free Profit Code program. If it has been in existence all this time, there would have been enough information about it on the internet, and currently there are none and that clearly shows that it is a red flag. It is a sign of a scam.

Free Profit Code Testimonials are by Actors

We only catch a glimpse of ‘Natalie’ – a still photo of an elegant blonde – but towards the end of the presentation movie we do get to hear the testimony from some of those fortunate enough to have been trading with the Free Profit Code software. Each of these individuals relays stories (and they are stories) of the amazing sums that they have made through using this system. More so they don’t so much focus upon what they’ve earned, but much more so upon the problems that the Free Profit Code system has helped them overcome.

The scripts that these actors are presenting tie neatly into the whole ethos of the scam. This is no more than offering a glimmer of hope to people who find themselves destitute, in debt, and angry at a world that never seems to cut them a break. Sentiments such as these are exactly what the whole Free Profit Code scam is based upon – basically fishing for people who are so disillusioned and disenfranchised that they’ll take a punt on such a ludicrous system out of sheer desperation.

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As For That Small Print…

You don’t tend to see small print too often on scam sites, however the Free Profit Code system site actually presents pretty extensive qualifications for those who take the crazy plunge to invest with them. To summarize in a nutshell the message is clear that not only is any financial scheme a risk which can cause clients to lose their entire investment (alarm bells!) but also – and this is unusual – that the testimony of the ‘investors’ used in the promo video should be taken as being exceptional cases.

Now if that’s not setting you up for a fall, what is? It’s only fair to presume that the small print has been added to the Free Profit Code scam to add an air of legitimacy to this nasty operation. If so it’s a cunning tactic and one that should be noted.


Proven Lack Of Transparency

There’s not much information about Free Profit Code signals as a company. No address, no full names, no customer service. Just a generic email address. To gain access prospective clients need to provide their own details (bye bye inbox…) and once inside the site it’s an all too depressingly familiar scene. Pretty much the only options are to to arrange an initial deposit – basically giving a stranger a not inconsiderable amount of money in good faith. There’s not even any indication where Free Profit Code software are even based. Sure they may use American actors in their production but you can bet it isn’t anywhere where scams such as this risk any threat of being closed down.

It’s also troubling – but really not surprising – to hear that the few people out there who admit to having been duped by Free Profit Code system have voiced that withdrawing funds is next to impossible. This is even when their ‘accounts’ show considerable profits are allegedly being made. Obviously this is because the entire thing is made up – indeed it’s be remarkable if any of their deposit funds were ever invested anywhere other than ‘Natalie’s’ back pocket.

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Conclusion :

Hopefully by now it’s pretty clear that whoever is behind the Free Profit Code scam is little more than a confidence trickster. Thief may be a better description but at the end of the day people aren’t obliged to sign up with awful schemes such as this – but they still do so out of sheer desperation. Hope this Free Profit Code review was helpful for you.



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