Freedom Circle Software Review – Scam Aware!

The Freedom Circle website is a Scam which is also operated by well-known fraudsters on the internet. Our facts are indisputable as far as Freedom Circle software is concerned. This suspicious trading robot is presented by Kyle Stanford, a character that we find very hard to believe due to the unrealistic promises he is using in promoting the scam system.

This Freedom Circle review will therefore unearth all the evil that is taking place in this website. Hopefully, you will not waste your time hoping to make the stated profits.

The Freedom Circle Review

In the Freedom Circle website, we have the usual presentation done by scam artists who create all sorts of imaginary stories to lure traders into their dirty deals. The person running this software is filled with greed and selfishness. He wants to make as much as he can out of the Freedom Circle scam.

Why Freedom Circle Software is Scam ? Review Facts !!


You hear them say that the world is facing an unprecedented economic crisis, and that they are the only ones having the solution to this problem. We find this statement so ridiculous because we don’t understand how a filthy scammer like this one can solve the problems of all individuals in the world.

As far as Mr. Stanford’s explanation is concerned, this shady Freedom Circle system is supposed to exploit a loophole which exists in the Federal reserves to help individuals make up to $5,000 a day. It is not clear which role the Federal Reserve plays in the money market. If you continue paying attention to their lies, you hear them say that the Freedom Circle is only available in 12 countries across the world, and that since you have managed to open their website, it means your country has qualified among the 12.

Finally, this bogus trading app is free to use. Do you believe scarce products are offered free of charge?

The Freedom Circle scam; what we know so Far !!

People who attempt doing business with these scammers end up losing. Secondly, their main goal is to sweet-talk as many traders as possible so they can rip them off collectively. You can see that they are not offering sufficient explanation concerning the Federal Reserve thing. We are therefore treating this statement with a lot of suspicion.

Thirdly, you can see that the Freedomcircle.co website has a fake scarcity scenario to prompt traders to sign up in numbers. This software gets over 300 signups in 30 seconds, something that we cannot believe since there is no proof.

Fourth, we can see that the expiry time has elapsed yet people are still able to sign up so long as they refresh the homepage. Is this some sort of a bug or what?

By now, they would have realized that more people are signing up despite being locked out. But seeing that they are not doing anything, we assume that they are not serious with all the countdown timers on this scam Freedom Circle website. And the reason why they are not taking it serious is because they are here to scam traders by creating fake demand. Be warned!

The Real Details of Freedom Circle CEO – Kyle Stanford

Mr.Kyle claims that he is an ex-professor in economics, although he doesn’t mention the schools he has taught in. Unfortunately, we can’t find more information relating to his career. Only a bunch of spun reviews on Google relate him to the Freedom Circle and not his ex-professor career. So why is it that no one is talking about his past career track record? Simple, this man is an actor, and everything he is saying is made up. He knows that people will be carried away when he says he used to be a professor in economics. He understands the psychology of new traders who are desperate to make instant riches.

Since we can’t find any credible reviews and information to support his track record, it’s safe to assume that this is a scam. You should not proceed to sign up until these details are proven or verified.

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The Reality about the Fake Freedom Circle Testimonials

The Freedom Circle system and their promotion team bombarded their website with fake testimonials & reviews to help facilitate their work.These testimonials  and reviews were faked because we couldn’t get access to the people who actually wrote these things. Normally, real testimonials are written by people who have real social media pages. In the case of those who claim to be members of the Freedom Circle system, things are different. The social feeds you’re seeing at the bottom of the page are creations made using cheap software.

We cannot bank on them until they show us proof that these are real people writing realistic things about the so-called Freedom Circle App.We should also mention that this website has evidence of paid actors sourced from Fiverr. We expected this kind of thing anyway. After all, this is trend followed by all scams on the internet. They hire actors for $5 in return of having them write good things about their software on the internet. These reviews are suspicious until they prove us otherwise.

Inside this scam Freedom Circle System !

Freedom Circle scam is a typical trading robot used by other fraudulent vendors to rip off unsuspecting traders. We have checked and verified that this is the same app used by another scam called Profit Maximizer.

The Hidden Trap

These fraudulent individuals will push you to open an account with another scam binary options broker called Opteck, which doesn’t have a good reputation anyway. They have lots of complaints on the internet. Needless to say, all the complaints we’ve come across have never been addressed till now.

The simple truth is that this Freedom circle software is not intelligent like they claim. It works on pure guesswork, and thus we are certain that you will lose money when you apply it on a live account.

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Conclusion On The Freedom Circle Software  !!

Let’s face it; no one is going to give you free money for doing nothing. What they call ‘’auto-pilot trading is a misleading feature in this bogus Freedom circle App. Why would you go automatic when you keep losing every time the software runs trades on your behalf? It is very risky, considering that both the broker and guys at Freedom Circle don’t have a reputation. So keep off this piece of garbage.

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