Gold Trade Microsystem Review – Scam Aware!

In this review we expose all the negative evidence about Gold Trade Microsystem which is a complete Scam that has been uncovered. We reveal the truth about the people behind this fake binary options offer and their free trading software. In this Gold Trade Micro System review we give you all the real facts and explain clearly why it would be too much of a risk to register and fund an account for trading with this unreliable software.

What Is The Gold Trade Microsystem or GTM System ?

The Gold Trade Microsystem App is an all-in-one trading tool which has been designed to run completely on autopilot. It has been developed so that ordinary people can get into the profitable precious metals market.Professor Justin Hudson and his team of experts have developed the Gold Trade Micro System. The professor says that he has a degree in land economy, which is an economic science. He claims to have been working for twenty years in the gold trading industry and he even boasts about being able to understand everything that can have an influence on the price of gold.

Garry Cousier is named as the co-founder of this GTM App. He is said to be responsible for developing a perfect mathematical formula that can calculate gold prices for binary options trades in the global markets.These two men have apparently been working on the secret formula for the Gold Trade Microsystem robot for months, alongside a team of professionals who were able to develop automated trading software that can run on autopilot and accurately predict the future price of any asset in the precious metals markets.

The team is now giving away the GTM trading software for free, but only to the first fifty applicants. The reason they are only allowing a limiting number of people to obtain a free license and use the software is because they need more proof of the trading results. When they have this proof, it will be used by the team to sell the Gold Trade Microsystem App to the public for $1,999.

Why The Gold Trade Microsystem Is Scam !! Points

Gold Trade Microsystem

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The GTM or Gold Trade Microsystem signals are generated by the software from a perfect mathematical algorithm that is supposed to be based on years of experience in the gold trading. It has also been tested in the markets for other precious metals, but it has not yet been tested in the global markets for other types of asset.

Using the Gold Trade Microsystem App does not require any insider knowledge of gold prices or precious metal trading. It is a fully automated system that will process all the binary trades from the signals. Everything has been compressed into a simple application that can do it all.

After signing up for the Gold Trade Microsystem method with your name and email address, you will be taken to a members’ page where you are required to register for a new trading account and fund it with your own money. Then the system is set to work on autopilot with your account, and in a short time it is supposed to turn a deposit of $250 into a balance of $30,000 or more, with a win rate of 89%.

Fake Gold Trade Microsystem Reviews and Inactive Support Exposed !

The Gold Trade Micro System program is a pure scam, and in this part of our review you will see why it is not to be trusted. We could find no verifiable to support any of the claims made about the performance of the trading software. There are no genuine traders who have given it a positive review online and no helpful feedback from any real users. Our investigation for this Gold Trade Microsystem review has only revealed a huge number of red flags. These all indicate that a binary options scam is being promoted with a lot of false names, a number of fake testimonials and many other details which show it to be a fraud.According to the homepage on the website, the Goldtrademicrosystem.com App was launched at the Binary Expo 2016 by Professor Justin Hudson, but there is no mention of it on the official website for this event, where exhibitors and speakers are clearly listed. The Binary Expo event was actually taking place on the same day that we were investigating the Gold Trade Microsystem software for this review!

In the video presentation, the part of Professor Justin Hudson is performed by a hired actor. The same man appears in several other videos, which are all promoting scams. He can also be found on a website where he is offering his services to anyone who wants to hire an actor to endorse financial products on video.Our research for this Goldtrademicrosystem.com review has revealed that there is no such professor of economic science at Cambridge and we could find no trace of anyone by the name of Professor Hudson who has been working closely with the mining industry and the Gold investment market for the past twenty years. If he did exist, there would be some references to him on the Internet, which would verify his academic career and his expertise in economic science.

All the people who appear on the website, endorsing the Gold Trade Microsystem method, are portrayed by hired actors. The person who is named on the website as Johannes Van Rensburg is described as being a gold mine director. In fact this man has appeared under a number of different identities, giving similar video endorsements to various scam financial products.There is no proof that the Gold Trade Microsystem robot has ever been used successfully for trading binary options in the precious metal markets. There is no verifiable information presented in any of the details provided by the producers of this trading software.

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Conclusion – The Gold Trade Micro System is Scam !!

The evidence presented in this review has revealed that every aspect of the Gold Trade Microsystem scam is false, faked or has been invented for the purposes of attracting people into signing up and funding a broker account. This scam has been set up to present a very false idea about how to profit from binary options.

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