Greenwood Formula Review – Scam Aware!

Is the Greenwood Formula software a scam? That’s what I want to know, and I’m sure that’s what you want to know as well. Will you really get $10,000 handed to you just for trying, and will the Greenwood Formula (scam?) make you $100,000+ in 30 days? Those are pretty bold claims! You probably landed on this page by doing a search because someone sent you some or other email with some wild claims about your account that already has money in it, you just need to claim it, or some similar story. Let me first tell you that you should unsubscribe yourself from that email list without delay, those type of tactics are simply there to trick you, regardless of how good the software might be.

Unlike fraud sites might also support the Greenwood Formula software that don’t disclose this, we would like to mention something. Regardless which web link or website you make use of to enroll in this service, someone may be paid a commission fee. That includes web links on this website. Our register web links can be trusted, since they secured by SSL HTTPS security, so you can be certain of the starting point.

Greenwood Formula Review

Let’s take a good look at what Greenwood Formula is promising you. Jake, the presenter, starts off the whole video by telling you that you have landed on a very special website, and that you are already guaranteed to get $10,000 purely for having found it! Now, wait a minute, let us think about that. He didn’t say he will give the first 10 people that land on the site $10,000 and not even the first 100 or 1,000 people, he left that completely open-ended so he is saying any number of people that arrive on the Greenwood Formula scam will all be eligible to receive $10,000.


I hope you realize that whenever someone makes a promise like that, and it sounds too good to be true, that would be because it actually IS too good to be true! What incentive would he have to give away what could potentially run into millions of dollars like that? I’ll tell you why he’s saying that, it is to play you for a fool and hope that you will sign up for the Greenwood Formula scam software. How can I be so sure of that? Well, because it is not my first rodeo, so to speak, and I’ve seen this particular tactic being used before, and not a single person got paid thousands of dollars “just for landing on the page.” It’s bogus, fake and that’s all there is to it.

Greenwood Formula Scam Testimonies

That’s right, I’m calling the user testimonials on the Greenwood Formula website outright fake! Once again, it is because of the absolutely crazy statements made by these people. I know binary options, and while it is indeed possible to make some decent money from it, nothing comes close to the types of numbers that these people are talking about! Especially not in the time-frame of a mere month, and starting from a balance of merely $250.


They all claim to have made hundreds of thousands of dollars, basically all around the half-million mark in as little as 30 days. I can tell you straight that even if you believed in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and Aladdin’s genie lamp and you rubbed it 3 times, you would still not be able to make that type of money from a $250 starting balance in 30 days with trading binary options. Especially not with the Greenwood Formula software. There stories that they’re telling you are beyond fairy tales and it is a downright shame that they are making such a mockery of trading binary options.


This one guy even claimed that he made $1.6 million with this software, and no, that’s not real, no matter what it shows on that fake broker account statement. This is EXACTLY the type of system that I want to warn people against! There is zero chance that these people have your interests at heart, all those promises they’re making are only there to make you sign up for their Greenwood Formula scam software. Please don’t fall for this, it is simply not worth it!

I don’t even care what else they might have to say about the software or how it works, none of that matters if they start off the whole presentation by making such ludicrous claims! This system simply cannot be trusted and I would certainly advise you against investing your money with them.

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Greenwood Formula Conclusion

All is not lost, even though you came to read this review hoping that you had found a system that will make you some extra cash. Greenwood Formula is not the system that is going to do that for you.

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