Greg Insider Method Review – Scam Aware!

There is strong evidence to show that the Greg Insider Method is Scam. We have review carefully all the claims made about it and investigated it in depth for this Greg Insider Method robot review, so we could check exactly how accurate it is as a binary options trading system. In our review we reveal all that we have found out about the GregInsiderMethod.com.The scam automated binary robot that is run by Greg Insider Method software claims to give you 100% success in your binary options trades. It is a trading system devised by Greg Marks, a Hedge Fund Manager who promises that you will profit from your wins and be refunded for every loss.

A Hedge Fund Pool of $45million is said to have been set aside to cover any losses for the first ninety applicants who download the free Greg Insider Method App and use it for binary options trading. There is also a bonus offer from Greg Marks to match any deposit up to $500,000 when you fund a trading account through a link on the Greg Insider Method scam website.The trading software can be used on any computer, smart phone or tablet. It gives you instant access to the “Zero Loss Binary Robot” that is supposed to cover your trades 100 percent against loss. You will not need any knowledge of the financial markets to use the Greg insider robot for automated trading.

Why Greg Insider Method Is a Scam Auto Robot !!

Greg Insider Method Software

The system teaches newcomers to binary options trading some of the approaches necessary for success. The Greg Insider Method signals are based on secret techniques used by professional traders. There are no complex charts or financial graphs to follow.Each binary options trade can either double your money or result in a loss. The software used for the Greg Insider Method system has been developed to use proven calculations that reduce the risk and make it as profitable as possible.You get to decide if you want short term options or to trade on longer terms. Short term trading provides instant results but you can get a higher amount of profit form a long term option. You can make money from binary options when the automated system informs you of the time to trade. The Greginsidermethod.com software does all the trading for you when you set it to operate in automated mode.

Fake Owner with Greg Insider Method System Exposed 

When we were doing our research for this Greg Insider Method review we have found a great many suspect signs which indicate this is a scam. In this section of our review we explain what these are and how they prove that the claims made about the system are simply not true.First we searched online for information about Greg Marks, but were unable to find any leading Hedge Fund Manager of that name. The only time his name comes up is in connection with the Greg Insider Method. If he was worth $45million he would be listed by Forbes and would be discussed on financial websites. We can only conclude that such a person does not exist ,so its 100% scam!

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Then we checked the statement from Greg Marks that he has hundreds of followers who have quadrupled their accounts using his method. We could not find any evidence to back up this claim. If any binary trading system was really producing 100% success for hundreds of people, a number of them would be talking about their success in financial forums and posting proof of their trading results.

Below the picture on the Greginsidermethod.com website, several badges are shown as endorsements from various organizations. One of these is the Better Business Bureau, a watchdog site where people rate all types of businesses for reliability. No rating is given for the Greg Insider Method. In fact when we checked with the BBB for this review, we found that this particular software provider is not listed, which means that he has posted fake credentials and his offer must be a scam.The offer to match all first deposits with a bonus of up to $500,000 is a sure way to lure people into putting larger amounts into their trading accounts when they sign up to the Greg Insider Method scam.

Fake Greg Insider Method Testimonials and Reviews 

The website shows images of verified agreements in respect of the $500,000 bonus offer. When you click the link to see these, you are told to sign on for the Greg Insider method Auto trading robot before you view the agreements. If it was not a scam, a bonus agreement would be available for anyone to view before being asked to give an email address and commit to accessing the product that is being promoted.When you arrive at the member’ testimonial page you will notice that they are only identified by their first name, so there was no way for us to check for this review whether any of them really are beta testers who have been using the Greg Insider Method software for binary options trading, with 100% success.

The comments made by so called Greg insider method members are all about now being able to pay off the mortgage or to take a vacation in an exotic location. These traders do not reveal anything about how they used the system to win in binary options. The messages have been written to make you think about what you could do with all the cash, rather than giving you proof of profitable trading.

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The Greg Insider Method binary robot has obviously set up to deceive people into thinking it will guarantee zero losses in binary options trading. In this review we have pointed out the lies, fake identities, false credentials and unreliable testimonials. No-one outside of the Greg Insider Method knows of a Hedge Fund Trader called Greg Marks who is worth $45million. This is because he does not exist.

Our conclusion to this review is that there is no such thing as a 100% Win, 0% Loss system for trading in binary options. The Greg Insider Method just looks like the type of scam that is set up to encourage people to place a big deposit into a trading account.If you are new to binary options trading ,always check our scam binary options trading software’s page before you sign up with any systems.Post your comments below

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