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This review is all about Hedge Formula Group scam that has hit the internet lately. The scam software is presented by one anonymous guy called George Dalio. He is also the alleged CEO of the so-called Hedge Formula System. He claims that his team members have worked so hard, and have come up with a very powerful app that can trade the financial markets with a high degree of accuracy, potentially making users up to 10,748 per day. According to Dalio, this Hedge Formula Group software is likely to make all users 30 million dollars richer in one year. He claims those figures are possible because he has made that much himself.

However, it’s expedient that we expose this scammer and his evil dealings to prevent him from further taking advantage of unsuspecting day traders who want to test the markets using software.

Hedge Formula Review ; Is Hedge Formula a scam?

Hedge Formula Scam

We can say that we’ve found overwhelming reviews and evidence suggesting that one should not waste their time downloading this software. Yes, the Hedge Formula App requires you to download it into your hard drive to use it. It doesn’t scam people in the cloud -just in case you didn’t know.

The Hedge formula system is free like other fraudulent App’s in the market. But apparently, you’re rushed into signing up and downloading it because they don’t want to lose your precious $250 investment. The landing page of the Hedgeformula.co website has clearly stated that a few spots are available, and that those spots are fast running out, so if you close that page, there is no guarantee that you will get that opportunity next time.

Those statements sound very familiar and typical of scam workmanship. We are so used to them to the extent that it doesn’t bother us in anyway. The thing is, you will find slots today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and forever — as long as the Hedge Formula Group website is still live on the internet. And that’s when you’ll know it’s a sales tactic being employed by the team behind Hedge Formula to force people into signing up for their bogus signals.

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Dalio and his Hedge Formula Team ! Exposed !

The truth is that Dalio is a fictitious character played out in acting. He was paid to claim that a company in the name of Hedge Formula Group existed, and that he is the CEO of that particular company.The plain truth is that this is a software that losses money by default. Hedge Formula signals are not supposed to be treated as signals because they aren’t generated by an algorithm. They are simply random movements in a simple chat used to fool people. No one has benefited from this scam before.

The only people benefiting from this Hedge Formula App scam are the affiliates that teamed up with a few brokers to earn commissions upon your signing up and depositing money. It’s a lucrative niche these days, although the trader is always the loser. In fact, if you do your research, you will realize that most of these scams don’t work with regulated brokers (although others are daring enough to team up with the most reputable in the industry).

We want to warn that anything is possible on the internet these days. So the Hedge formula App should not catch you by surprise when we tell you that it will sink all your investments into a pit where you won’t recover a dime.

More Scam Proof Against the Hedge Formula system !

George Dalio;This man has presented several other scams on the internet as well, so it is not surprising that he can be found here as well. He presented the Click Cash formula as the CEO of the team who created the software. In this presentation, he used a different character, and not George Dalio. This was to conceal his chances of being discovered, and for sure, he has managed to make it difficult to trace him.

Thankfully, Dalio’s face is the same one that we are seeing across several scams on the internet. And in that case, how can we trust him with the Hedge formula system this time round? No way!!

Let’s give a small test here. Search for the name James Edwards or Click Cash Formula. What you will find is Dalio’s own face. That’s when you’ll know that this man is a con artist and a liar too.

Fake Hedge Formula Reviews & Testimonials !

No scam software will lack fake reviews or testimonials. In this case, we have an introduction Hedge Formula group video where the presenters are all paid actors. This is the norm today. You get someone on Fiverr or similar sites, you pay them and they will not have a problem lying on your behalf, so long as they have a decent video camera.

The people we are seeing in this Hedge Formula review video are the same people who have endorsed countless other scams on the internet. It is not possible that they are using all the apps they are endorsing. But it is possible that they got paid to endorse those trading apps.We hope you can see where this is getting us. Fake endorsements only belong to scam software, not legit ones. Furthermore, all trading and bank accounts you see in that video are fabricated, nothing to trust here!

The so-called HFG software Facts

You should not be surprised when we bring to your attention the fact that the HFG system is the same software being used by scams which we reviewed like Lie detector, Profits Infinity and so forth. It is only that the layout of the website has changed.It is also possible that all these apps are owned by the same individual.

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Conclusion On The Hedge Formula App is Scam !!

Dalio will tell you that the Hedge Formula system is free and that you will never be asked your credit card or wallet. But believe it or not, after signing up for this bogus software, the first thing you’ll be required to do is to pay $250 on pretext that you’re investing. Be warned that this is the work of scammers.

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