Hoffman Steins Nexus App Review – Scam Aware!

Heyyy I am Here Again With My Latest Honest Review On Hoffman Stein Capital, the Hoffman Stein’s Nexus App is a typical representation of get-rich-quick scam scheme targeting gullible traders who have never tried their hands on the financial markets. You can clearly see how the Hoffman Stein’s Nexus App Team are encouraging traders to deposit more money in order to earn more money. This kind of fallacy must not go too far. You don’t always have to invest $250 or more to earn big with a software that is fail-proof. Mathematically speaking, even a $10 deposit could be multiplied to any amount provided you’re re-investing profits from each trade. But seeing that this trading app only has a terrible ITM rate of less than 40%, you will never amass wealth in your bank account — not when you use HoffmanStein scam system.

Hoffman Stein Nexus App Review ; Is Hoffman Stein Capital A Scam?

Hoffman Stein Nexus App Scam

This review is a proof that Hoffman Stein Nexus App signals is not a reliable system. You will lose money with each trade. You should not be convinced even if they offered you a free demo account. After all, scam demo accounts are not a true reflection of what is happening in the financial markets. They don’t give real price feeds.

But that’s beside the point. The short answer to the question above is, Yes, we are dealing with a scam which was designed to take advantage of gullible traders. Hoffman Stein and the so-called Nexus App is a creation of people who want to earn money illegally. If you get to trust their software, you will lose all your trading account, and no rule of law will protect you. This explains why they don’t have a disclaimer or terms of use page.

The so-called Anthony Henderson is a liar. He could be the mastermind of Hoffman Stein Capital scam. Otherwise, there are chances that he could have been hired to act on behalf of these crooks. Even the company Hoffman Stein Capital doesn’t exist. So what assurance do we have to trust that Nexus app will give results?

As a newbie trader, you don’t have to think so hard to doubt it when someone tells you that Hoffman Stein Nexus App signals will make you hit the jackpot on a weekly basis. Generating $125,000 in weekly profits is insane. It could be compared to winning a jackpot on a weekly basis. And the most ridiculous thing about this very ”profitable” app is that it can be used for free, without paying a single coin. Do you smell a rat in that statement?

Why you should not put your money into this Hoffman Stein Nexus App ?

We have said that Hoffman Stein Capital company doesn’t exist, so you should not expect a CEO to exist either. Anthony Henderson is nothing but a crook who was paid to act and pretend to be the CEO of a non-existent company.

If you have some time to spare on this crap, do a simple Google search about this man called Hoffman Stein Nexus system. You will find that all reviews about him are related to the Hoffman Stein Capital scam. We cannot really say that these reviews are trustworthy. All of them are fake by the way (provided they support this scam signal service).

So, why is it that we can’t find any data about this company that created the Nexus trading app? Simple, there is no such company anywhere in the world. The most that Henderson could do was to try linking his promotion with a company that has a name close to Hoffman Stein Capital. But he did not do this either.

Fake Press Badges with Hoffman Stein Website Exposed !!

They know that newbie traders are so gullible that if they spot a CNN or BBC logo on the site, they quickly get convinced. But we are saying that anyone with some Photoshop knowledge can create these logos and put the on their site.In the case of Hoffman Stein software, we cannot really get convinced by the press articles being shown in the introduction video. The horrific truth is that these articles were all faked by Photoshop. Both the LA times and Wall Street Journal have never published anything about Hoffman Stein’s Nexus App.

How about the Hoffman Stein Nexus App’s Testimonials?


A number of users have shown up on the review website to claim that they’ve been making consistent wealth using Hoffman Stein system. Are they getting real? Well, scammers lift photos from the internet, then write a few sentences below them to make you believe that these are real users.

Secondly, they can always hire actors to write their fake Hoffmanstein.com reviews and testimonials on the internet. This is a well-known trick, so it doesn’t come by surprise when we discover that the testimonials on the Hoffman Stein’s Nexus App are all fabricated.And now it’s time to bust one Fiverr actor who has featured also in many internet scams before. You can clearly see that this is the handiwork of crooks masquerading as genuine people. The person on the right side of the screenshot is a Fiverr actor. It is not uncommon to spot him in binary options scams. When paid $5 only, he makes fabricated testimonials that look natural when they are not.

Fake Claims of the Hoffman Capital Nexus App Guaranteeing Success !

This character called Henderson has this thing he calls ”guarantee”. It’s laughable to still hear people talk of guarantees in the financial markets. Where is volatility then? Who can accurately predict what will happen in the future as far as the financial market is concerned?

Do not be so gullible to believe everything. Hoffman Stein system takes you for granted. It insults your intelligence by presenting you with ideas that don’t hold water.

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Conclusion : The Hoffman Stein’s Nexus App is Scam !!

This review was supposed to offer insights into the so-called Hoffman Stein system. If you have read and understood it, do not make one move in the direction of Hoffman Stein Nexus software. It is very sad that these scammers are still asking for your $250. You should not fund your broker account with any money because they are untrustworthy.

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