IFollow Club Review – Scam Aware!

Read this Important review ; The IFollow Club software is a dangerous scam ”social trading” scheme that was created with the intention of wooing its members into a money pit. The fraudsters running this site have created a very authentic-looking site. It mimics some of the best social trading platforms on the internet. Therefore, if someone is trying to convince you to invest your money into IFollow Club System, think twice because chances of losing that investment is 100% sure.

Is IFollow Club a scam?

These are nothing but evil scammers scavenging for your money. They deserve no place in the binary options industry. We are therefore warning everyone in this I Follow Club review not to get involved in this scheme of lies that cost money. They piggy back on some of the most successful platforms on the internet. But the only difference is that IFollow Club software is a scam.

The idea and how you’re being fooled so you can deposit money into your broker’s account.It’s a social trading service that isn’t genuine as they want you to believe. It allegedly works by giving you the chance of picking your favorite trader so you can copy how they trade.It works like Tradeo, although Tradeo is said to be genuine. And to get started with IFollow Club signals, you have to sign up and pick on a fake random trader to copy. But it should be noted that when you pick any of these traders, you are not picking a human trader. You are being fooled because the owner of IFollow Club software is only using stock photos to make unsuspecting traders think they are following someone when they are not.

The so-called expert traders with a reputation of winning trades have very low quality signals so as to speak. Because they are not human and neither does the system depend on any credible algorithm, the end results of putting your money into such a program will always be disastrous.The goal of this person running the website of IFollow Club platform was very simple. He wanted to design a social website that would fool people to join on the promise that they would reap lots of success copying the trading methods of other successful traders. For this reason, this website appears very genuine. Once you open this page Ifollow.club/optionrally you will be convinced that it’s a legit social trading website.

Why The IFollow Club Software is A Scam ? Valid Proofs !!

IFollow Club System

It is alleged that members of the IFollow Club software are making huge withdrawals and buying the whole world. But those amounts of cash are not realistic. Even the pictures you’re seeing on the news feed part of the website are not real. They have been lifted off from somewhere on the internet to make you believe that IFollow Club system is the real deal when it comes to changing your life.

Let us warn every trader who was about to get into this. This website is very realistic and uniquely incredible. Its user-friendliness is going to suck a new trader completely into the system. They are going to fall head over heels because the site has all the bells and whistles of a legitimate social trading platform.We only wished that IFollow Club scam was not what it was. But unfortunately, we have to deal with the reality and save others who might end up falling into this trap.

You see, once you sign up and fund your account with their rogue, unregulated brokers, you will be prompted to follow one of their fake traders — who don’t exist anyway.Once you select the trader you want to copy, the i Follow App will begin doing what it is good at — copying the trades of the said trader. Within 24 hours, the software will be done and your entire balance will have been wiped out. Sometimes it takes less than 24 hours to wipe your entire account. This is just the average time-frame you should see your account balance reading $0.

Fake I Follow Club Reviews & Testimonials !

The website has a video that features at least 10 different people giving their testimonials about how life-changing IFollow social trading platform has been to them.Now, the task was to scrutinize the authenticity of these individuals plus what they were saying concerning the IFollow Club signals.

We were shocked to discover that every single one of them was a Fiverr actor. In fact, several of these fraudsters have been featured in other scams on the internet before, so you will not have a problem identifying their familiar faces (if you’ve been following these scams lately).

And seeing that all those users are fake, this fact alone automatically disqualifies the IFollow Club software in just one fail swoop. You see, we can’t have a website littered with fake social traders and reviews/testimonials yet expecting that we will convince new customers to join.

Instead of getting ashamed, these fraudsters are bold working day and night to make money off people’s ignorance. They mostly target new traders who have no idea what Fiverr.com is. They also capitalize on people who don’t have any information concerning this site’s true identity and the people behind it.

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Notice the $200 Scam IFollow Club Bonus

Towards the bottom of the site, you will come across step 3 which asks you to seek $200 IFollow Club bonus. But this is yet another ploy to make you lose even more money. Experienced traders know that you should immediately reject such offers.Not only do they make it impossible to withdraw your money in a timely manner, but they also give a trader a false sense of security, thus encouraging them to take bigger risks. This automatically places their accounts in great danger.

Conclusion : The I Follow Club is 100 % Scam – Avoid !!

This IFollow Club Review has completely discredited the software and declared it unfit for use. Unless you’re willing to be fooled by the flawless design of that website, we encourage all traders to stay away from this scam. Some people have already begun losing, and we don’t want you to be a part of them. You should not be part of the statistic of people who were scammed online in 2016.

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