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Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The Instant Cash Club. We came upon the Instant Cash Club software website and were intrigued by the promise that members could earn up to $5,000 within the first eight hours of its operation. It sounded too good to be true but before you can totally rule out a program, it’s important to check them out first. The facts that we uncovered were sickening. We were looking for anything that could support Instant Cash Club scam as a legitimate money making opportunity but we could not. What we found was proof that it is nothing more than a swindle that has been created to steal money from innocent victims that join and invest. Read on this authentic Instant Cash Club review to learn the shocking truth.

Website: instantcashclub.co


What is Instant Cash Club App?

Instant Cash Club software is claimed to have been developed by a pair of successful Wall Street traders by the names of Thomas Jordan and Andrew Haines. It is a supposed to be a binary trading options robot that is uniquely programmed with a special algorithm that can guarantee winning currency trades. It offers a high success rate that can make millionaires in six months or less, at least that is the claim.

Support offered by Jim Robinson

We noted the evidence that the presenter offered as support of the program’s success. We set out to find whatever we could to show that the Instant Cash Club system was legitimate. Instead, we proved just the opposite. Robinson claims that the software runs on autopilot and there is nothing that the user needs to do to get rich. This is easily debunked by any professional Forex trader in the industry. There is not a software program made that is capable of this feat. Success in trading depends on knowing the market and performing calculations that will predict movements and it’s more complicated than what any known software program is capable of. Some may achieve success, but not at this Instant Cash Club program level.

Jim Robinson of Instant Cash Club System – Who is he?

We tried to find out if he was really who he claimed to be. In addition, we also checked out each person who gave their Instant Cash Club testimonials and claimed to make well over a million dollars. We included Thomas Jordan and Andrew Haines in our search. What we found is that none of them are real people and there are no profiles available for any of them under the names that are given on the website. We did find the people giving the testimonials are actors who are paid to read from a prepared script. They didn’t earn the money that they claim and they’ve probably never used the Instant Cash Club program either. You can also find stock photos of Andrew and Thomas in stock photos as well.

Proof that the testifiers did not make a fortune in the last 6 months

The Instant Cash Club software website claims that the people giving the testimonials made all of this money in the last 6 months, but we checked the date that the website was first registered. It’s only been online since September 20th, 2016. It hasn’t even been up for a full month so this is yet another deceptive lie.

Where does the real risk come in?

Before you can begin using the Instant Cash Club scam, you have to make an investment. You are required to open a broker account and deposit $250.00. You’ve been told that you’ll make five thousand dollars within the first eight hours but the truth is that you are likely to lose all of your investment within this time. The proof is in the negative reviews that people who were victims of this scam have posted. There are no positive Instant Cash Club reviews that can be verified but there certainly are negative ones.

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Sham Brokers of Instant Cash Club Signals System

Your money will be deposited with brokers that are questionable. We don’t know anything about them because they are not named so you won’t know who they are until your money is in their hands and even then you may not know who they really are. Every legitimate broker discloses their registration and official recognition so you will know that they are recognized and reputable. Fly by night operations are more shady and they want to hide their identities because they are in the business of committing internet fraud. Instant Cash Club app doesn’t have any reputed broker by their side.



Is Instant Cash Club a Scam?

Yes, the Instant Cash Club scam is a dangerous and deceptive ploy to rob innocent people of their hard earned money. Our Instant Cash club review has found no evidence to support any of the claims that are made for earning wealth, but rather, just the opposite. We’ve proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Instant Cash Club system is a flim flam operation that is organized by a group of con artists.

Are there really only 30 spots left?

Hahaha, no folks, this is just a marketing trick! The shady people behind this system are trying to push you into registration, due to the fact that now the negative reviews are poaring in and soon everyone will realize that this service is just a fraud operation!

Instant Cash Club Review Results

We can easily summarize the pros and cons of joining this bogus program. To start with, we didn’t find anything good or supportive of their legitimacy. The presenter is telling viewers lies and a made up story under a fictitious identity. The creators of the Instant Cash Club software are also made up so whoever came up with this idea does not want anyone to know who they are. There is a lot of secrecy involved in this operation. Most legitimate are happy to share all of the positive benefits and testimonials that are related to their companies, but there are none with this one and that is why we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Instant Cash Club is a lousy scam.

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Conclusion :

If you’ve been considering investing in the Instant Cash Club software, we recommend that you take our warning and run the other way. They are a group of scam artists and their website is filled with lies and deceptions. There is no good reason for you to trust them and there is every reason not to trust them. Avoid investing your money into this bogus program that will take every dime of your money and leave you with no way to get it back. We’ve proven beyond all reasonable doubt that the Instant Cash Club is definitely a scam.

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