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Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The Insured Trading Review. This software is just another SCAM scheme that projects itself as an automated binary options trading system. The first thing our readers need to know is that Insured Trading App software is actually an old SCAM once called Insured Outcome.

Website: www.insuredtrading.co

As a resurrected SCAM which had been blacklisted as a warning to the general public to not invest their hard earned money, both services are similar in functionality. If you were to visit the website, you will get to see how the “creators “of the website are very lazy. Under the sign up form on the home page of Insured Trading website, you will find a description about their “patented trading algorithm.”

Due to the laziness of the SCAMMERS, they forgot to remove the word “Outcome” in their new Insured Trading scam. This should automatically indicate to you that the Insured Trading software is actually a SCAM and you need to avoid it at all cost.This system is owned by “Oliver Breitner” who also owned the Insured Outcome SCAM. The Insured Trading creators claim that their trading platform is built with patented trading algorithm. This algorithm analyses billions of market variables in 1 millionth of a second. What you will end up earning is $750 every hour. This means that your earnings will jump to no less than $18,000 in a day.

The whole set up is a complete SCAM from the word go and no millionaires have been made by trading on the App. The worst thing is that the app has gone viral since its inception and this is attributed to email marketers. There have been several invitations being sent to different email accounts with the goal of convincing people to put up their money and grab a life time opportunity.

Who is Oliver Breitner ? Why Insured Trading Scam ?


Oliver Breitner is the current owner of the Insured Trading App scam and the previous owner of Insured Outcome scam that was blacklisted previously. He claims to have founded Insured Trading which has a “patented algorithm.” According to Oliver Breitner, he has allowed beginner traders to join the platform and they will become millionaires within the next 2 months. For starters, he claims that one will earn $750 every hour which translates to around $18,000 in a day or more.

The one thing I cannot put up with is the lies being perpetuated especially the point where Oliver Breitner claims that investors will earn $18,000 in a day. This is not achievable now and even in the future.

We are going to present the evidence that will show that Insured Trading software website is a SCAM and nothing else.

Red Flag One – Oliver Breitner is a SCAMMER & Hired Actor

After conducting our research, we revealed to you that the current Insured Trading App is actually a resurrection of Insured Outcome, another scam. Oliver Breitner was the founder of Insured Outcome scam and today, he is also the founder of Insured Trading system. He is just an actor who has been hired from one of the micro job websites like Fiverr. The sad thing is that the guy looks respectable and he is willing to participate in the Insured Trading App scam promotional video.

Red Flag Two – Confused Insured Trading Software Description !

When you navigate to the description posted on the home page http://www.insuredtrading.co website, you will read how the automated binary options trading system uses a patented algorithm. Before you even start reading the sentence with the words “patented algorithm”, you will read the line “Insured Outcome Protocol.” What is confusing is that the app’s name is Insured Trading App and the “creators” use the words Insured Outcome protocol. As you continue reading the description, you will stumble upon the same words. We revealed to you that Insured Outcome is a blacklisted SCAM so this shows they are one and the same.

Red Flag Three – Same Insured Trading Testimonial Photos in Different Names !!

The creators of Insured Trading App have gone ahead to include fake testimonials. The worst thing is that they did not do good job and simple scrutiny will reveal to you that two testimonials have the same photo. Fabian Schiffers from Strasbourg, France and Stephen Gray from Manchester, England have the same photo. This continues to show you how the creators are lazy and lack the creativity of developing something genuine.

Red Flag Four – Fake Reviews !!

If you have a chance of reading the testimonials on Insured Trading App website, you will find the words “Insured Outcome” being used frequently. Why would testimonials on Insured Trading App website be using the words “Insured Outcome” while they are reviewing Insured Trading App?

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Red Flag Five – Insured Trading Promotional Video Similar To Insured Outcome SCAM

Navigating to the Insured Trading website, you will encounter a promotional video presented by the so-called founder, Oliver Breitner. The video has been used before in another scam by the title Insured Outcome. When you visit the YouTube page of the video, the user name of the up loader is “Insured Outcome.” For once, the YouTube page of a binary option trading scam website has allowed comments to be posted. You can even read a review left by David Bump, an online user who warns others not to deposit their money with Insured Trading App system.


If you’re keen, you will also notice a few red flags here and there. For example, the fake trust badges at the footer of the Insured Trading program website will tell you that this site is not genuine. They talk of guaranteed returns when the money markets doesn’t offer any guarantees of returning profits on your investment. Thirdly, we see that there is no proof of anyone having made $750 an hour with this software. It is just crazy to sit and watch the introduction video because you will smell lies a mile away.

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Conclusion :

So, you have read what we have reviewed regarding the Insured Trading scam. By now you are well informed and you can finally spread the news to family and friends who may have received the invitation email from Insured Trading App email marketers.

From the information, you have learned that Insured Trading software website is actually a resurrection of another scam that has been blacklisted – Insured Outcome. The promises being made by the “founder” of Insured Trading System, Oliver Breitner are actually just that – promises.Stay away from this fake Auto trader. Don’t invest your money as the only returns you will be receiving include a headache and regrets.

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