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Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The Lucrosa Software,which is a top Scam. We don’t think anyone can make riches with this system as originally claimed. You see, Lucrosa website only makes claims that they are not able to back. We cannot take fabricated ‘’proof of profit’’ as the truth. The profit graph which you’re seeing on the homepage of this website was made up, and is not real. There is no way we can verify that members indeed earned millions of dollars in the past 7 months of using this free software.

Definitely, bad things are on the way for anyone who will give them the benefit of doubt. We have sensed danger going by the things which they say and do in this Lucrosa website. This is why we decided to pursue the real motive behind the shady system. The results have been published in this in-depth Lucrosa review.

It is very obvious that Lucrosa App is a scam. Telling us that the app will always make $600 per hour is just taking it too far. We have always said that no trading robot can do such magic in a live trading account. The reason is simple; man has never discovered a very intelligent robot that changes with the dynamics of the market.

Website : lucrosa.co

Lucrosa Scam

The Lucrosa App Scam !!

You see, there is no set of commands that can be used to program a robot that will simulate the same logical thinking process that happens inside the brains of big time investors. It is simply not possible to make a robot think like us. That’s the reason you will never get 100% success rate from any robot. But scams still persist that their robots are 100% accurate anyway. That is because they know you probably don’t know these things.

So the biggest lie we are getting on the Lucrosa website is that the app will never enter a trade if that position will lose. Now, the big question is, how does it ensure with 100% certainty that the position will lose? There is no straight-forward or magic formula that can be used to foresee the future of all trade positions. The same applies to winning positions. No app will ensure with 100% certainty that the position will win. So what you’re being fed with in this rogue website is crap! You can now imagine how much damage the Lucrosa software will do to your live account if you decided to use it anyway.

How Lucrosa Software Works ? Fake Principles Exposed !!

The reviews and explanation which they are giving on how this software works is just too vague. It does not have any real meaning. Telling us that Lucrosa program follows a set of principles that all markets follow is something that we cannot take as an explanation of how things work here.

It is even vaguer to claim that Lucrosa App knows that those principles repeat themselves every time in a systematic way. Honestly, what principles are they talking about here? Isn’t it only true that all scams use such generic information to justify their bogus apps simply because they really have nothing to bring to the table? In fact, that is the reason you will always here words such as ‘’secret’’, ‘’principle’’, ‘’magic’’ etc. They simply can’t go beyond those words to give an in-depth analysis of how their robots work. And by now, we presume that most traders are too smart to buy such useless explanations.

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John Lucrosa – The Owner of the Lucrosa Website is Fake !!

Lucrosa Software

He shows ordinary people how to make money on the internet. But is he real? What does he stand to gain when he gives away such a big secret for free?

In an ideal world, a wealthy individual guards his secret to making millions with all their might. A true wealth-creation secret is priceless. It is something we don’t just give out no matter the price one may be willing to pay for it. This infamous lucrosa.co website claims that the secret will be given to anyone for free, provided they beat the time counter on the site – which is also fake anyway.

By the way, have you really questioned this John Lucrosa guy? If you had trusted him so much, then it is very unfortunate that we are stripping him naked for you to see who he really is. He is a scammer. He runs some of the biggest binary options fraud on the internet. His real name is not John Lucrosa. His real name remains hidden. All we know is that this faceless character is responsible for running the rogue site and collecting cash from victims. The people you see on the Lucrosa video presentation are only assisting him achieve his end. They have all been paid to feed you with lies. That’s the order of the day in this side of the world.

So it emerges that these are nothing but paid testimonials and positive Lucrosa reviews which aren’t reliable. If you’re paid to say the opposite, you will just do that without caring the damage your words may cause, as long as you’re paid to do so. All people are sort of selfish. The honest ones will never show up in these paid testimonials and reviews. But the dishonest ones will always put up their profiles on Fiverr for an opportunity to be hired by scammers.

Making $7k a day With Lucrosa System is Unbelievable !! 

Rain or shine, you will never make that money trading binary options in one day. For one, we are not so sure if too many accurate signals will be available in such a short span of time.

So if you spot the Lucrosa software consistently running and doing some activity in your account, make sure you check your account balance too. Chances are that you will find it screwed beyond repair. You can cry or laugh at this point, but the fact will remain that the App was not intelligent from the word go, which is why it was acting on random signals.

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Conclusion: The Lucrosa App is SCAM !!

Join Lucrosa signals at your own risk. But as for us, we will not take the chances because we know very well that we are bound to lose everything to this shady App. One last thing; this app and the business they are running are not BBB-approved. You can see that this website has a Better Business Bureau badge. It’s a false one because BBB has never received a request to have them approve Lucrosa system.Avoid John’s Lucrosa Scam by all means unless your willing to throw your hard-earned money away!

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