Magnetic Profit Review – Scam Aware!

Magnetic Profit is a cheap, dumb Binary Options scam that has absolutely no imagination, let alone anything of value to offer. This is the type of system that someone clobbers together over a weekend, and then try to convince a couple of people to sign up. The magneticprofit.co website, and the whole presentation reeks of scam.

The truth is revealed in this genuine review, The Magnetic Profit Software is a Scam !!We have looked very closely at the Magneticprofit.co system and have seen how it is supposed to work, so we are able to explain clearly in this review how we know it is not to be trusted and why it is a real scam.The owner of the software is David Silversmith and he describes himself as being a top expert in binary options who has written hundreds articles on the subject. If you believe him, he claims to have made £11 million from using the Magnetic Profit software and says that the system has already paid out $50 million to his student traders.

The Magnetic Profit method is integrated with some revolutionary tools, so it can collect meta-data from the financial charts and analyze all the global markets. It is designed to predict precisely what is about to happen to market prices, so that winning trades can be placed within minutes.The Magnetic Profit App is apparently available for free to 138 people, and then the offer will be removed!

Magnetic Profit Scam Review Summary

  • Annoying Browser Pop-Ups: No
  • Fake Scarcity Counter: Yes
  • Paid Actor Testimonials: Yes
  • Impossible Revenue Gains: Yes
  • Comes Across As Authentic: No
  • Convincing Proof of Profits: No
  • Possibility of Being a Scam: 99%
  • Price: Free.
  • Available In: Everywhere 

How The Magnetic Profit App Work ?

Magnetic Profit System

It takes just three minutes to set it up to trade with Magnetic Profit signals. You enter your name and email address to access the members’ page, where you have to open an account with a designated broker. You are then required to deposit $250 or more for trading, before you can activate the Magnetic Profit software.David Silversmith guarantees that you will soon become a millionaire by making $32,000 per day from binary options. He even promises to give $50,000 of his own money to anyone who does not make a profit from trading with the Magnetic Profit App!

Why Magnetic Profit System Is a Scam ? Facts !!

We have gathered many facts for this review to prove that Magnetic Profit is a scam. It is certainly not to be trusted and we are sure that all the guarantees and promises made about this software are false. In this section of our Magneticprofit.co review we show you why your money is at risk if you open a broker account and use it to activate the Magnetic Profit system.David Silversmith says in the video presentation that he is a well known expert who is known for exposing scam offers for binary options software. This is not true. In our research for this review we found no person called David Silversmith associated with a top binary options blog or a watchdog website.

If this man really does have the biggest binary watchdog site and is known as a leading blogger who exposes trading scams, he would tell us the name of his Magnetic Profits website or blog. This would give him some real authority, but he fails to name it in the video when he is supposed to be promoting his own software.A sure sign that it is a scam is the main focus of the video, which is all about becoming a multimillionaire and having the sort of lifestyle you might dream of. The photos which the narrator describes as showing his own luxury car and his dream vacation home are just stock images. The car in the photo does not even have a registration plate!

Is Magnetic Profit a Scam? Yes, For Sure!

These Magnetic Profit scam site has a fake ‘copies left’ counter, the presenter, an actor they hired on Fiverr.com, tells us that the video will only be shown to 138 people in total, which is a lie. You are told that if you don’t watch the video all the way to the end, your chance of ever earning “daily life-changing paydays” are over. What a load of baloney!

The next thing we’re told, is if course that you don’t need your credit card. Put it away, you’re told, but David Silversmith is an actor, and not at all who he claims to be. He tells us that he made over $11 million last year, absolute rubbish!

“You will become a millionaire, guaranteed,” he glibly tells us, and of course he also claims that Magnetic Profit is fully tested and proven. We get this guy that claims he made a gazillion bucks, but the interesting thing is that both David Silversmith and this other bloke are both shown in completely empty offices. Why would they do that? I’ll tell you why, it’s because it is a Magnetic Profit scam, and they sneaked into some unsuspecting company’s offices over the weekend to record this crap!

Magnetic Profit scam review

This is the type of system that targets complete newbie Binary Options traders, that believe the hype of a guy telling you that he has made over $11 million dollars online. David Silversmith of Magnetic Profit even goes on to say that if you don’t make a profit, he will personally give you $50,000. Now tell me, why would he do that? You think he would do that because he’s actually a nice guy and loves giving away thousands of dollars simply because you didn’t turn a profit with his pathetic system? Nope, he’s just a paid actor that has a script to read. You’re not going to get paid $50,000 if he Magnetic Profit scam software doesn’t work out for you. They probably will not even answer your emails.

Magnetic Profit scam review

If you check the MagneticProfit.co website, you will see that it was only registered mid-January 2016, there is no way that this has been around for a long time and that it has been proven to be successful. So, is Magnetic Profit a scam? Yes, absolutely!

Fake Magnetic Profits Review Video’s

According to the video presentation, Magnetic Profit program is risk free and there is nothing which can outperform it, but there are no trading statistics and no verifiable evidence of its success. It is very easy to create a fake trading account for a scam, showing a profit of $1,333 in one hour on video, and this is no proof of what will be achieved when actually trading with the software.The Magnetic Profit video testimonials are all performed by actors. The woman who appears to give her personal review in the video has previously appeared in a number of videos, all promoting scam offers. Her photo can also be found on a website where, for a small fee, she is available for video appearances.

One of the men in the video says in his review that he has never lost a single trade when using the Magnetic Profit system. It is not possible for any trading software to achieve 100% success in the highly volatile markets and his false testimonial proves that it is a scam.We could find no genuine traders who have given the Magnetic Profit software a good review, but we did find plenty of real people who have given it a negative review.The video presentation guarantees that you will become a millionaire and promises that David Silversmith will personally give you $50,000 if you fail to make a profit. There are no details about how to contact him or how you will receive this amount when you have made no profit. It is just a tactic and there is no real guarantee of making any money when trading with Magnetic Profit bot.

Another total lie told by David Silversmith is his promise that this software offer is risk free. You have to fund a broker account in order to activate the Signals App, so there is a real risk of losing $250.It is almost certainly not true that the license is only available to 138 people and then the offer will be removed. Why 138 people? Why not 100 or 150? The website shows that there are only 4 licenses remaining, but this is just a tactic to get people to sign up quickly and fund an account with a “trusted” broker!

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Conclusion – The Magnetic Profit App is Scam !!! Avoid !!

The Magnetic Profit System is being promoted with lies, deception, false testimonials and fake personalities. The offer does not come from an expert who is known for being able to spot,because he and his website do not exist. Magnetic Profit App is a scam and nothing in the presentation video can be trusted.

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