Maximus Profits Software Review – Scam Aware!

 Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The Maximus Profits . Maximus Profits Software is currently highly advertised as profitable auto-trading service. Allegedly the system is using the financial trading tool binary options in order to create new millionaires every month for the past 3 years. The presenter George Maximus himself boldly claimed that for the past month he has created 14 brand new millionaires.

Don’t be fooled here at all. During our investigation we found undeniable evidence proving this trading robot as money stealing scheme! Unfortunately, it’s another one, that’s going to bring bad reputation to the binary options trading. Sadly, but more and more scammers, are trying to steal money using the financial instrument as working field. Due to the high demand, there are many crooks stalking for your money. Those people are not associated with the financial industry and they are not traders or gurus! They are just scammers who are using the field to manipulate new users and attract them to sign and lose money with their system. All the lost monies are going into their pockets!!

Maximus Profits Scam Review – All you need to know!

This system should not be trusted at all! The deception here is evident. Everything inside maximusprofits.com is fabricated, without any exceptions. Just read this article to the end we`ll reveal everything.

Website : maximusprofits.com


Immediately upon entering their website, George Maximus brags how just last month he created fourteen millionaires through the help of his automated trading system. Generally speaking, MaximusProfits.com is labelled as a powerful resource for “never losing a single trade”, eliminating the grueling process of studying charting solutions or economic data, by simply placing trades on your behalf. These outrageous & unverified attributes are supported with added nonsense, insinuating Maximus Profits software is uniquely constructed with self-improving algorithms for counteracting against the possibility of lost trades, by executing opposing positions. Furthermore visitors are told George’s app is integrated with high speed networks and “untapped” equations for preventing a lost entry in the first place. What everyone must understand is the image of perfection is a quality commonly used among scams. Even the highest experience human investor or program cannot perform a consistent winning streak without encountering losses. As you continue reading our review, you’ll witness how this software begins to fall apart.

George Maximus is the mysterious alleged CEO and Founder of Maximus Capital, creating center for Maximus Profits software. Lets be perfectly clear this “George” character is an imposter posing as a ‘generous’ developer wanting to make you rich. Whatever his real name might be, he was formerly recognized as Matthew Shepard, supposed developer of CloudTrader (review), a damaging scam launched earlier this year that cost users thousands in lost investments. After already declaring this crook as a bonafide liar, seeing him promoting the Maximus Profits scam is a clear Warning indicator! The conflict between two identifies held by the same person solidifies our standing this individual is a paid performer hired by the real scammers responsible for these productions.

I’m sure most rookie investors may not be aware of his “double personality”. But there are other maneuvers you can apply for determining his legitimacy. For instance, he briefly mentions his company, Maximus Capital, which in reality is an authentic establishment, but unrelated to trading systems or remotely compatible within the binary option industry. I advise readers to check it out for themselves, showing you how vital conducting your own research and paying attention to the smallest details can prove beneficial.

Is Maximus Capital Real Company.

We couldn’t find any reliable information anywhere on the web about this organization. The name George Maximus cannot be associated with Maximus Capital! WE managed to find one firm with this name, but they are not connected with maximusprofits.com in any way. The original Maximus Capital S. A. is a Swiss company.

Seems like we have a stolen brand here, with fake logos and no verifications of the opposite.

Also see my latest scam exposure reviews on the Pure Profits Scam & Brooks Blueprint Scam !!

Is George Maximus real identity?

That’s really interesting topic, we were very eager to cover this one with some words! The guy does not exist, well, the identity of course. He is a quite famous actor, participating in many proven scams in the past. First we saw him as part of very viral and dangerous scam called the Amissio Formula! Where he plays as one of the technical developers of the system. Then we saw him as CEO of Cloud Trader! Basically, another hype scam, which was quickly recognized and exposed by most of the reputed blogs.

In addition, we`ll provide a snapshot evidence that will explain everything!

What about the so called 14 new millionaires? We see some of them at the beginning of the presentation video?

As you can think of alone, they are also actors. The scam artist George Maximus has created 14 millionaires from fiverr.com. A very famous online marketplace, where you can hire amateur actors to testify in support of your product! The website offers many other services and it’s used by thousands of people, so take a look if you haven’t heard of it yet! As always we`ll back our statements with some evidence! Check the screenshot below!


How the Maximus Profits Software works?

The explanations provided by the phony actor are very poor. That does not surprise us of course since he is an actor he does not know anything about trading at all. All he can say is that its auto-trader and its free! But even that’s a lie, since in order to use the service you have to deposit a minimum of $250!

Therefore, we just add more red flags to our exposure review!

Estimated Profits?

They are complete BS. The Maximus Profits System is advertised as 100%-win rate app for the past 3 years. First, no software or human can forecast the online markets on hundred percent for so long period of time. And secondly the official website maximusprofits.com is registered on 07.03.2016, so how all this can be possible? That lone facts, actually debunks half of the storyline!

Highest Performing Auto Trader of 2016!


Conclusion :

Before we announce our obvious final conclusion, we would like to say that for us it’s been a pleasure to expose this trading scam! We just have a perfect example of a fraud right here. Paid actors as presenters and testimonials. False credentials in the face of many fabricated screenshots containing large sums of money. In addition, the regular stock photos on the second page long with nicely developed fake trading history. The Maximus Profits Software has all the scam elements on one place!

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