Medallion App Review – Scam Aware!

The Medallion App Trading Fund is one of those systems that get you really excited when you see their site the first time. But is it for real, or just another Binary Options scam? Read on to see what we’ve found.

To clear the doubts of traders that, is Medallion App a Scam ? We have investigated it in full for this review and have found strong proof that much of what appears on the website is not genuine. We have discovered enough evidence to show that the MedallionApp.co is a scam.In this review of Medallion App system we shall set out the facts and expose all the deliberate deception and faked credentials that are being used to promote this scam. We do not want anyone to lose money by thinking it safe to deposit their money into a trading account linked to the Medallion App Software.

What is the Medallion App Method ?

It is implied in the Medallion App video that the system has been developed over nine years of testing and is now being offered to the public by the mathematician and fund manager James Simons of Renaissance Technologies. It is available for free, but only to a limited number of people, and only if you use one of the binary trading brokers listed on the Medallion App website.The software has been set up to provide profitable trading signals, which are easily accessible through any web browser or a mobile device. You do not need to have any knowledge of the financial markets or any trading experience, because one click is all that is required to for fully automated binary options trading.

How Does the Medallion App System Work?

After entering your name and email address to reserve your spot, you are required to sign up for a trading account with one of the binary options trading brokers named in the Medallion App User Guide. This guide also shows you how to deposit your trading funds.

There is a minimum deposit requirement, so you will have to fund your account with at least $250 and then link your trading account to the Medallion App software. All you need to do is set the app to trade automatically on trading signals generated by the system.

Medallion App Trading Fund Review Summary

  • Annoying Browser Pop-Ups: Yes
  • Fake Scarcity Counter: Yes
  • Paid Actor Testimonials: Yes
  • Impossible Revenue Gains: Yes
  • Comes Across As Authentic: Yes
  • Convincing Proof of Profits: No
  • Possibility of Being a Scam: 70%
  • Price: Free. Have to sign up with one of their brokers.
  • Available In: All Countries

Why Is Medallion App a Scam ? See Real Evidences !


See proof here of Fake Presenter : www.de.fotolia.com/id/77917361

The website for the Medallion App System is very sophisticated and the video does include some factual financial information. However, in researching for this review we found evidence of false credentials, deliberate deceptions and faked screenshots relating to the release of this automated trading software.Using the name of a genuine financial leader and some factual statistics about his achievements is very misleading. We could find no proof anywhere that James Simons actually has a connection to this free Medallion App trading software.

James (or Jim) Simons (born 1938) and the Renaissance Technologies company do exist, but he does not personally appear in the introductory MedallionApp.co video. There are only some still images of him, which are taken from Wikipedia, and some quotes that he may have made and that have been made about him.If this was not a scam, he would surely have been widely interviewed about his automated trading system. The two screenshots on the Medallion App webpage are clearly faked. We have checked for the purposes of this review and can reveal that the articles about the Medallion App automated trading software that appear in the screenshot have never appeared on the BBC news site or the Fortune website.

We also checked up on Lucia Warner, who is named as the author of the Fortune article. There is no such journalist writing for Fortune. There is also an obvious error visible in her text, which proves this screenshot to be a fake. A genuine Fortune article would not appear online with the word “found” being used, instead of “fund”.The official badges that appear on the Medallion App website, for financial monitors such as the FPSC, are not clickable and these have clearly been used to promote a scam. Some of these organizations might have endorsed James Simons’ Renaissance Technologies, but they definitely do not authorize the Medallion App.

Specific evidences to show that Medallion App is a scam

Apart from the few points mentioned above, there are other specific evidences that suggest that the trading robot is not real.

Fake actors

One common characteristic with all fake robots is the reliance on fake individuals to prove the worthiness of their systems. Medallion App is also suffering from the same problem. To investigate whether the trading app is legit, we used different methods to ascertain the identities of all those who were mentioned on the website, especially those who claimed to have made thousands using the system. We were able to identify four members of Medallion App who claimed to have been using the system successfully. These four were marked verified on the website. We discovered that these people were not verified, because they were fake people. Their photos were either purchased or they were stolen from shutterstock.com. We are quite sure that the information they provided were fake. If you want to use it because of the testimonies, you should think twice, because it is a scam.


It is obvious that the Medallion App was targeting new traders because they know that experienced traders would not subscribe to their garbage. Credit must be given to them for the efforts they put in creating the website. It is professionally looking, the look alone is enough to mislead newbie traders, and it is not surprising that the app was directed at grabbing their attention.

Artificial scarcity

Medallion App creates the impression that only limited copies of their system are currently available and that you must make efforts to buy it before it finishes. It said that the available copies would only be ready for people who subscribe to it, and you must do that through their approved brokers. This means that the software is not available for all brokers. The worst thing about this site is that even if you had an account with reputable and regulated brokers, they will still demand that you open an account with their broker. Note that brokers they use are not registered and not regulated, this makes it impossible for you to recover your money should you see anything fishy with them.

Medallion App is not free

Another falsehood that easily turns people off the trading app is the claim that they will help you make money free. The software is not free, because you must spend money at least $250 dollars before you can use the app. The money according to them is to help you to fund your live trading account. Do not believe that because most of the times, you can never have access to your money after the initial investment.

False claims

Medallion App claims that it can record over eighty percent profits every time you use it. This is not only false but also misleading. It deliberately decided to confuse its users. Is it 81 percent success rates or 81 percent profits? The phrase is confusing. It does not tell its readers how it generates the trading signals it delivers to its users. This is the most important information which every trader is looking for. Unfortunately, Medallion App has failed in this regard and this is concrete evidence that it is a scam, because it was not based on any algorithm.

There are no actual results to back up the claim about Medallion App signals producing 81% profits every time. This figure is not verifiable and it is not clear whether this means that trading signals have an 81% success rate or if it is really saying that there is 81% profit to be gained on every trade. If it does refer to the amount of profit, this figure would of course only apply to winning trades.The statement that trading with this Medallion App system is risk-free is another misleading promise, because there is no guarantee that you will not lose your deposit.

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From this Medallion App review it should be obvious that a scam has been set up to impress with a flashy video and references to official organizations, such as Forbes and Bloomberg.With countdown clocks, and the implication that it is a limited offer, the people behind this scam clearly want to pressurize you into signing up quickly, without giving you any time to check out whether the whole thing is genuine or a scam.Our conclusion to this review has to be a strong warning to stay away from the Medallion App Method . It may appear, at first look, to be a free software offer from a top fund manager, but our close investigation has exposed it as a scam.

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