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Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The Methodox 2.0 . We have the evidence to prove Methodox software is a fraud. Scott Sholes and his partner Mark claim to be the co-founders of Methodox 2.0 scam! It is an automated binary options scam that tries to pass itself as a genuine binary options trading platform and promises traders that they will make over $632 in a day.

The Methodox system co-founders claim that Methodox 1.0 was a beta system that has been undergoing tests for over a year to ensure that it works. Now that the concept has been “proven”, traders can finally join Methodox 2.0 app and start making money as promised by the co-founders.

The one thing you need to know is that any automated binary options trading platform that claims such high returns in a day that is $632, it is a scam and will take your hard earned cash without any returns. As investor ourselves, we know that every investment carries a risk and it is not a guarantee that you will make a set amount of money every day. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a new found investment or the algorithm has artificial intelligence in it.

Scott Sholes claims to have had enormous success with Methodox 1.0 in the last two years. During this time, the co-founders claim that they were approached by investment firms you had shown interest in their software. The investment firms had promised to pay them huge sums of money for their software but with a condition. The Methodox program co-founders need to reach 1000 users during a period of one year of testing. This is why they are offering the Methodox software for free for a limited time only.

Website: methodox.co


Methodox 2.0 Review – Whats it all about? 

Who are Scott Sholes and Mark?

They claim to be the co-founders of Methodox 2.0 which is an automated binary options trading system with limited available spaces (1000) for beta testers. The presenter in the video claims to be Scott Sholes and with his Methodox system, he will help traders to make $632 in a day once the system is out of beta testing.

He goes on to say that the first version of Methodox scam website began some 2 years ago and during this time, Mark and Scott have been testing the software in order to see if it works. He also claims that during this past two years, investment firms were offering the duo a lot of money for their software. All they had to do was achieve 1000 satisfied users during their beta testing thus the offer of limited spaces today.

What we have already established which will be explained further in the evidence section is that Scott Sholes and Mark are fictitious identities created by scammers behind the Methodox software. According to Methodox scam review, the presenter in the video is actually an actor.

Here is the evidence that the Methodox app is actually a scam you need to avoid.

Co-founder and video presenter is an actor

When you have a chance of watching the video, you will get to meet Scott Sholes who claims to be a co-founder at Methodox website. He continues to say that he co-founded the Methodox 2.0 app with Mark. Who is Mark? Where is Mark? The video does not provide an image of Mark nor any information that would lead to the identity of Mark in the real world. Is he not proud that his Methodox system has “helped” 542 people? After conducting an in-depth investigation on Scott Sholes especially in the financial industry, no one seems to have heard of him.

Clearly Scott and Mark are creations of Methodox 2.0 website scammers who just want to steal your money. The conclusion we have come with is that the presenter in the video is actually an actor who has been hired from a micro jobs website.


Fake Methodox 2.0 testimonials

When you visit Methodox website, you will get to stumble upon the testimonial sections. Here you will read the so-called testimonies from fictitious users residing in different countries. So, how did we know that they are fictitious? The testimonials section lists the following people with their corresponding images – Sven Moench, Mullner Vitez, Tyson Rowlandson and Cameron Green. The images used are either stolen or stock photos. What this tells you is that the testimonials displayed at Methodox 2.0 software website are fictitious.

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Why The Methodox 2.0 Software is Free?

Inside this topic we meet another deceptive storyline! The questionable reputed Scott explains that few big banks have interest in buying the company behind The Methodox 2.0 Program! Unfortunately, those banks require some proof that this system is really profitable. That’s why they upgraded the software and now they are inviting 458 new members! They want to use the new investors as test bunnies and eventually proof that their service really provides the claimed results.

  • Why they don’t share the so called famous intuitions names?
  • They already have 542 successful members remember? Why they need new once?

Everything sounds too absurd to be true.

What about the live demonstration? It’s looking authentic?

When you start the registration process you`ll be redirected to the private member’s area, where the actor starts to heat the things up. Pushing you into registration with different tricks, but just ignore him all this is just BS. If you visit methodox.co after 5 weeks, the service will be still available for everyone!

Now back to Jessica Stern and her “live session”! The female logins into the Methodox 2.0 software platform in order to open 3 trades live! Now look closer to the next snapshot!


She opens 3 trades the second one is GBP/JPY with Option PUT! Meaning that after the expiry finishes the price must be under the entry price otherwise the position will be lost! Now, take a look at the next snapshot! Entry rate 135.642, expiry rate 135.648 – how can possibly this trade be a winner?


Don’t wonder why the platform don’t contain the trade’s direction displayed as: CALL / PUT or BUY / SELL. Its fabricated that way to confuse the newcomers. Unfortunately, those fake sessions don’t work with us we are too smart and we have sharp trader’s eyes!

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Conclusion :

Is Methodox a scam? From the evidence collected and written above, we came up with only one conclusion – Methodox system is a scam and you need to avoid it. To recap the evidence collected, Methodox app is a scam since the video presenter is basically a paid actor and his real name is not Scott Sholes. The testimonials presented on the website are also fake and it looks to be the work of scammers. Lastly, the domain name registration is also misleading especially when you look at the claims Scott Sholes makes in the video. This shows you that the Methodox software has not been around for 2 years but 8 months instead. Hope our authentic and in depth Methodox 2.0 review was helpful for you to take a decision, which is to stay away from it.


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