Midas Touch App Review – Scam Aware!

Midas Touch claims to generate $5000 per day! Does that sound credible? Probably not. Before you decide to subscribe to the Midas Touch App, we recommend that you read our Honest review to find out hard facts about the Midas Touch Scam system.

After a close review we can confirm that Midas Touch App is Scam, it’s not safe to trade with. In fact, traders will have to proceed with caution because this is most likely a scam system – going by the overwhelming evidence that we’ve gathered from the official Midas Touch site and those responsible for publishing fake reviews.

This site was registered a few weeks ago, precisely on the 22nd January 2016. A new site for an old name! The site is registered in Panama, which seems to be the hub for scam binary options software systems. Claims of successful trading by means of this Midas Touch App, are very likely to be fraudulent, because of the sheer novelty of this binary options auto trader system itself. Registration of sites such as the Midas-touch.co in Panama, mean that the developers are using an offshore tax-haven which will cover their identity. Sounds like scam? It is probably scam!Midas Touch App registration

Midas Touch review: the overview

There Midas Touch App is same as one of the scams in the binary options industry. As a result, many newbie traders have fallen in the wrong hands of selfish brokers who end up taking all their money and leaving those traders with nothing.Scams like Midas Touch system all starts with a nice-sounding promise of making thousands of dollars trading binary options every day. While most of these dirty tricks can be termed as ”lazy scams”, a few of them are very convincing. It’s hard to detect that you’ll lose money if you’re not an expert in watching out for all the loopholes existing in that software.

Many traders have therefore left the market without smelling the kind of money that binary options can earn them.The Midas Touch software is just another neat fraud meant to rip you off your money. The creator of Midas Touch signals claim that his App is meant to trade gold only. This is the first trick they are using to convince every unsuspecting trader to put money into their fake application. They know that most people will trust gold investment since this precious metal never loses its value.

Secondly, the claim of making $5,000 per day in pure profits is something we cannot believe no matter how hard they may want to convince us. If you think this figure is just too good to be true, then you’re right because everyone else thinks so.There is a lot of shocking evidence that we shall expose in this review concerning the so called Midas Touch software. Keep reading!!

So, Is Midas Touch Software a Scam?

Midas Touch App

Definitely yes, you don’t want to put all your money here hoping to earn $5,000 daily profits because you will lose all your investments.The following is a checklist of things that have guided us into finding out whether Midas Touch platform is a fraud or not.

(i) They have a fake scarcity counter

They claim 42 spots remaining every time you open the official website. Furthermore, they claim at least 30 individuals are queuing up to grab their opportunity to use Midas Touch system. This opportunity will never expire provided you refresh the website, and this is typical of all scams out there.

(ii) Scam browser pop-up used

You cannot teach an old dog new tricks because he is too informed to try learning them a second or third time.Who doesn’t know about websites that use scam browser pop-ups to try retaining any visitor that lands on them?

First, browser pop-ups make us believe that Midas Touch software is too desperate to have any visitor in their system so they can wipe all their money. This does not resonate with the scarcity counter that claims high demand and limited supply of the system.Therefore, we cannot be fooled by someone using a browser pop up and at the same time claiming there are limited spots in their App.

(iii) Impossible revenue gains

From the word go, we knew that Midas Touch robot was not a genuine product. They promised $5,000 daily earnings. The demo video also went ahead to show some abnormal account balance in a bid to make viewers believe that this Midas Touch Method is the best out there.If someone shows you a fake system user interface with an account balance to the tune of 7 digits, know that he is a liar. You shouldn’t spend time wondering whether this is true or not. That’s because in every genuine binary options programs used out there, profits and losses have to be suffered in the process. What is more, the user will always withdraw a part of their profit, and therefore will never accumulate such earnings in an online broker’s account.

(d) Proof & evidence of the profitability of this Midas Touch Method !

They claim Midas Touch system will generate every trader an abnormal amount of profits. But where is the proof? Telling us that Midas Touch generates $5,000 a day isn’t enough to convince the world. We need proof if this App is that good. But if this proof isn’t there, let’s just treat this like any other meaningless talk.

(iv) Fake Midas Touch System Testimonials

There is this passion that fraudsters have for fiverr.com actors. But what they do not always know is that this site is so popular, and so genuine reviewers will never hesitate to use that site to search for the people who give their testimonials and Midas Touch reviews concerning a product.It is not shocking to realize that the testimonial appearing on the official Midas-touch.co are all sourced from Fiverr. We cannot be convinced when we catch someone in his own tricks.

Other bogus claims that will make you laugh about this software several times

The sales actor named Williams Mark together with the author of this App have decided to involve the history of the ancient Greek myth of King Midas who touched things and turned them into gold.They claim this is how they came to name the software. However, throughout the presentation video, the story line does not make any sense in relation to the ancient King of Greece.The presentation video goes ahead to list down a few bunch of hogwash. They say your rent and mortgage is settled in full, monthly car payments settled, credit card debts paid off in full etc.

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Conclusion – The Midas Touch System is Sure Scam !!!

The owner of this App claims he was holding a senior position as a financial analyst at Wall Street before he decided to quit and focus on creating a life-changing software.The entire Midas Touch presentation video of this system will never convince any experienced reviewer because you will quickly be met by a Fiverr presenter. It’s just hard to watch it till the end when you already know these faces. You already know all they’re going to tell you even before they can open their mouths. Therefore, do not trust any other review that tells you Midas Touch system is real.

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