Mirror Trader Software Review – Scam Aware!

Read this Important Mirror Trader software Review !!.Our comprehensive SCAM investigation have revealed the real truth about this Mirror Trader Scam. We will give our thoughts on whether or not you should embrace this bogus system.


Whereas it’s possible to make money out of trading robots, most of them turn out to be scams. This includes the Mirror Trader scam as well. The owner of this App has failed to unleash proof that this software works. He has also failed to give solid proof of its members’ earnings. It is therefore very risky to go foolhardy on this trading application making assumptions based on the empty promises.

The Mirror Trader Review: Why it’s a Scam Software ?


This Mirror Trader software was created and founded by John Harrison. He alleges that his software was designed to have an ‘’edge’’ in the markets in terms of fast connection speeds. He claims that he was a former Wall Street employee who interacted with computers most of the time.

The idea is that Mirror Trader program will speed up raw data streaming to the advantage of its users. Apparently, he was able to achieve this mission by converting an optical OC3 system to OC192 system. We are then supposed to believe in this technical stuff and see that indeed Mirror Trader software is as effective as advertised.

The claim of guaranteed success comes from the statement which John made concerning how this Mirror Trader software could effectively process and counter trades in a timely manner. All this explanation is deemed as insufficient, and can’t be used as proof that this Mirror-trader.co software is effective.And by the way, does this man really mean that every single user will make $14,500 each day? You need to find out the answer to this question below:

More Scam proofs : Mirror Trader Software Red Flags

This guy must be a total joke. It is only possible to make that amount in your dreams, not in binary options. This is pure illusion, a trick which the Mirror Trader provider is using to cloud the minds of those who dare listen to his lies.Our experience has enabled us to follow patterns exhibited by scammers who try fooling traders on the internet. Apparently, all of them show the same red flags, and thus identifying a typical binary options scam is never that difficult.

We have even taken note of some familiar faces constantly appearing on the Mirror-trader.co website promotion videos. John Harrison is one example of those faces which we saw in reviews promoting the Push Money App scam. The rationale behind it is that he cannot promote scams on the internet if he is not a dishonest person.

In that scam offer, John Harrison introduces himself as Dennis Moreland. The software he was promoting has since been labeled a rip-off, plus no one has ever come out in broad daylight to explain things to those who got ripped off. This alone can be treated as evidence that the Mirror Trader software is a scam too.

The Forged story of John Harrison, the Fake Mirror Trader CEO !!

We can therefore say that this man is an actor who was paid to sell lies to the world. How about this Wall Street story? All of this is fictitious as well. We and everyone else are unable to lay hands on verifiable proof concerning his role as a computer network expert at Wall Street. To add to this Mirror Trader review, no one has ever verified that this man is a millionaire like he claims. So, would you like to follow a looser or a scammer at worst?

Think about it. Certain things make this software look awkward. We still have several findings that will shock you, just in case you planned to invest in the so-called Mirror Trader system.

Becoming a millionaire right from day One ? 

Don’t you think this claim is too far-fetched? You can clearly see and sense that this is not realistic. There is certainly something wrong with the folks who were doing the promotion work for this software.

When trading binary options or any other financial instrument, the profit you make is dependent on the amount you invested. Even if this Mirror Trader system was able to perform exceedingly well, you wouldn’t expect it to turn a $300 investment into a $14k profit in one day.This crook claims that he usually withdraws $14k every single day and leaves the rest in his trading account. To be precise, this amount is $300, which he uses for his next day’s trade.

This is a deceitful offer because for one, most brokers don’t allow same-day withdrawals. Forex brokers can do this, but not binary options brokers. Secondly, by mentioning this much of a profit, we are assuming that he is so good at it that he is making 60 times the initial investment in his broker’s account. Practically speaking, this is impossible and not achievable at all.

Keep in mind that you cannot risk more than 5% of your account balance and still think that you will achieve the consistency that’s needed to succeed.

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Fabricated Mirror Trader Testimonials & Reviews !!

Because the owner of Mirror Trader review website is a scammer, we expected him to make use of fabricated testimonials and fake reviews to justify his crazy and impractical profit figures. These are nothing but random lies used with pictures that were lifted from the internet.

We noticed another fabricated ‘’success story’’ by a man called Patrik Holub. His portrait was attached beside that of a famous motivational speaker called Tony Robbins. All the pictures here were randomly sourced from the internet, and thus there is no authentic success story to support the Mirror Trader and its effectiveness.

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Fake MirrorTrader Software Trade History !!

The Mirror Trader system has a lot of defects not worth mentioning since we would run out of time. However, it’s worth mentioning that the trade history which they are showcasing on this website is full of faults. The trades they have marked as ‘’WINS’’ are expired. When comparing strike price with the current option price, we can see that a lot of defects exist.

Conclusion On The Mirror Trader  !!

These are inauthentic claims of success. It is foolish to believe in this piece of crap called the Mirror-Trader system. It is a simple manipulation aimed at scamming people who don’t have time to research what they are getting into. Just rubbish the Mirror Trader software and move on.

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