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Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The Modern Profit Professor. Is the Modern Profit Professor a scam? Yes it definitely is. The software is nothing but a mere sham created by malicious pretenders who look to extort monies from innocent investors’ pockets. The MPP, Modern Profit Professor review below will not only expose the hidden truths behind the software but also shed some light on why you shouldn’t dare to think about investing your hard earned money on this bogus system.

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What is Modern Profit Professor Software?

To fully grasp what the Modern Profit Professor software is all about, we must first understand the concept of binary options trading. Binary options trading involves using traders to invest one’s cash and expect returns. Software have been invented to make binary options trading easy for most people. Some of the software are fully automated while some are manual. The software require you to register, deposit an initial amount which normally is about $250 which will be invested and profits returned to you. It is a good investment opportunity for many and that is why scammers have tried to take advantage and used illegal means to trick people into invest in their softwares like Modern Profit Professor system so that they could benefit themselves.

The Modern Profit Professor aka MPP system is a binary options software that was recently introduced to the market. Its CEO goes by the name Marco Adessi, who we get to meet on the promo video that one gets immediately we visit the site’s official webpage. It is a 53 minute long video in which Adessi tries to get people to sign up for his software. What makes this software quite unique is that, as Marco claims, it does use the binary options platform to trade. He says he is a self-made billionaire and has been able to acquire up to $600,000,000 in just two and a half years just by using his MPP software. The software is half automated and half manual and one should obviously expect to spend a little more time on your pc. He is currently having people sign up for the application for free and says that there is only 1 spot left.

Why Modern Profit Professor is a Scam?

The amounts mentioned by the Modern Profit Professor CEO that investors could possibly earn in case they choose to use the software are first of all outrageous. He promises to make millionaires out of investors in a very short period. The amounts don’t add up. They seem impossible and that is just what they are. The best binary options trading software out here could only be able to make not more than $1000 daily when performing at its best. Below are other proofs that this Modern Profit Professor software is not legit.

A common way to know if a software is legit is by checking the date in which it was registered and comparing it to how long the promoter says it has been around. A simple search on who.is reveals that the Modern Profit Professor website was registered not so long ago, this year, yet Marco claims that he has used it for more than two years to make himself rich. This is a total lie. He just wants to convince gullible people that the Modern Profit Professor app has been around and working for long enough so that we could trust it. The contrary is however what is true.

Fake counters are usually a characteristic of software that do not work and the Modern Profit Professor program website has them. A counter has been put that runs down giving one a limited amount of time to sign up for the software. What caught our attention is the fact that one could still sign up for the Modern Profit Professor system without any consequences even when the counter has run down. This means that the code to run the clock failed which is a huge setback for them as no one can trust the whole code that runs the system. It could also mean that the developers put up a bunch of code that wasn’t working just to make people sign up for the program without giving it a second thought.

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For those who were keen enough when Stone was making his presentation, one would surely notice that he was trying to be a vague as possible when giving details about himself although he made it seem like he gave a lot of information. Marco stated that he worked for a mining company and did not dare mention which company it was. This is a clear sign of Modern Profit Professor scam. He knows that people would dig in to any company he mentions and try to find out if he was actually associated with them. This only shows that Marco has something to hide. Maybe he is just an actor who has been paid to present the promo video.

Modern Profit Professor Testimonials are FAKE


The Modern Profit Professor software allegedly does use binary options code to make its investors profits. This is according to the CEO, Marco Adessi. A little research and digging about this software will reveal to you that this software uses binary code which is exactly the opposite of what Marco states. The hype about software using different approaches to make money is used by most scammers so that potential investors could perceive it as unique and more superior. The paid actor is just trying to woe people into signing up for his spurious Modern Profit Professor software.

These above are just but a few evidences that show that this program is not to be trusted. There are many other little signals that one may notice as they watch the promo video and as they sign up for the software. However, the ones presented above should be enough to convince anyone that this Modern Profit Professor software is nothing but a pure scam.

More Tricks from Modern Profit Professor Software

It seems these scammers are desperate for creating convincing aspects from all angles. We’re already beginning to grasp the idea how unreliable this software is becoming, but it doesn’t stop here. Entering their members area, there’s a designated slideshow section for displaying falsified advertisements and newspapers articles supposedly from Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post & Empire Magazine acknowledging Modern Profit Professor software as a reputable trading program. As I did myself, I suggest you check them out yourselves and you’ll find no evidence or actual clippings from these prestigious organizations endorsing this faulty scam. After, the last thing any reputable company would do is choose to associate themselves with online frauds containing damaging repercussions to its users.


Hopefully at this junction you’ve come at a crossroads by reconsidering your next move, whether or not to proceed in depositing money with MPProfessor.com. What traders should asking themselves by now is why are these crooks lying to us if their trading application is truly beneficial? Its clear there’s zero authenticity surrounding this program which explains the use of several scamming characteristics like paid actors, plagiarized endorsements and even the classic annoying limited availability of 30 remaining spots for joining. An overused maneuver to persuade traders into committing rash decisions before realizing they’re being scammed before learning the facts. Undoubtedly a losing scam no trader should invest a shred of trust nor funds of any kind!

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Conclusion :

To wind up, you may be interested to make extra money through binary option trading. While this is possible, you should make sure that you are using the right software. The software will execute winning trades for you on complete auto pilot. Of course you may lose some trades but tested and trusted auto traders minimize risks so that you can profit more. Unfortunately, scams are becoming many every time. MPP aka Modern Profit Professor System is a perfect example. Avoid it so that you do not lose your money. Hope this Modern Profit Professor review was helpful.

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