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Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The Money Code , this Scam Software promises to give everyone the ability to easily make wealth. Normally, when you come across a website that promises such wealth, it usually turns out to be a deadly scam where the victim is likely to lose money in the quickest way ever seen.

Any visitor who arrives at the Money Code website will definitely see the ‘’$1,225 free money in 6 minutes’’ promise on top of the homepage. This is meant to lure victims into the trap. And according to our investigations, we can now reveal with 100% certainty that there is nothing like free money in 6 minutes.

Also, the form you’re using to give them your details will be used to lure you with further irresistible offers, just in case you fail to fund your broker account in the due course of time. Therefore, if you were contemplating to join the Money Code scam, it’s imperative that you read this honest Money Code review to get a true picture of what would have happened if you joined.

Website : Money-code.co


The Money Code Scam Review !!

The Money Code presents fantasies or dreams of banking massive profits shortly after activating the suspect software. This is very interesting to hear, and is naturally very likely to lure the attention of the new trader looking to earn supplemental income online.This shady Money Code system is presented by a character called Paul Thomas who insists that everyone who signs up for his program will make at least $770 per hour in profits, and that this is guaranteed.

But remember we have talked about ‘’guarantees’’ many times in our reviews before. We have always warned that there is nothing like guarantees when dealing with the financial markets. However, it seems this word has become a favorite vocabulary used by worthless scams that try to catch the attention of new traders who don’t know how to get started. Where financial markets investments are concerned, we don’t think such a thing exists.

And before this man can give you space to breath due to the ‘’excitement’’ of hitting a seemingly real gold pot, this man further reinforces his presentation with vague description of how this software works to make money.

He claims that Money Code program utilizes a secret concept known as the C-code. This ‘’phenomenon’’ states that the more money you feed into the system, the more that money will be multiplied without fail.And you can see that this is an ideology that any expert trader will not accept, no matter how aggressively they try to convince him.

Now, since our confidence is barely hanging on a thread concerning this software, let’s see what this method of deception really is.


The Money Code App Owner, Mr.Thomas is Fake !!

The Money-code.co website introduces its visitors to the image of someone called Mr. Thomas. This man is the alleged founder and creator of Money Code App. But apart from this, visitors are never shown anything in form of live footage or facial recognition. This is very odd for a system that’s supposed to make you millions of dollars in a short time.

In that very minute, viewers are shown a quick Facebook profile belonging to Mr. Thomas. This is actually a screenshot which they show on the Money Code presentation video. However, when we search for the exact name of Mr. Thomas on Facebook, we cannot find any professional profile as related to him trading binary options. The closely related profiles have totally different images on Facebook, and this makes us doubt him even further.

And needless to say, these red flags will leave everyone disturbed when it comes to funding their broker account with the requested money. The voice over which is used to introduce this rogue software could easily belong to anyone, and not the real owner of the software. After all, his details remain hidden up to this date.

So, who are these people writing their reviews on the Money Code Webpage ?

Because they know you are watching, these guys decided to put up a review video whose content was made up of 90% rubbish. From the word go, the video promoted this terrible software using fake members who claimed to have made a fortune using this Money Code software. These members also claimed to have received their free $1,225 bonus money 6 minutes after signing up.

However, what troubles us is the origin of the so-called testimonials. Let’s take the example of a young man who introduces himself as Thor, who also appears very confident when it comes to flaunting his past earnings, thanks to the Money Code system.

Now, this man called Thor is a famous Fiverr actor. Fiverr is a market place where most scammers source their testimonials from when they want to promote their falsified offers on the internet.This is surely an indication of harm. This actor encourages rookie traders to deposit money into a harmful broker’s account which will see them losing everything. This fact alone is very disturbing especially if you consider that this is nothing but a scam.

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Fake Money Code System Testimonials & Members Reviews !!

If you still doubt this Money code App review and are willing to take this actor as a valid verification source, then ask yourself why the need to involve scripted actors. Where exactly are real trader reviews here?

The $1,225 incentive

Since this is a scam, you should not expect anything like $1,225 incentive. Besides, Money Code is not a broker, and there is no way they will give you a trading bonus.

Today, multiple scams combine their software with shady offers to lock your profits. This means that even if you win a few trades but lose tremendously and opt to withdraw the remaining balance, you will be locked out of the game. When you ask them why, you will get the nasty answer after being referred to their bonus policy. It will sound legal and ethical. However, it will pain you very hard.

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Conclusion : The Money Code Software is Scam !! Avoid Right Now !!

We know these are nasty offers which are aimed at rookie traders who don’t know what it takes to make cash. The Money Code scam is just among the many internet frauds that people should be very aware of. With respect to this, we don’t encourage anyone to sign up, unless they want to lose money in this filthy deal.

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