Multiplexer System Review – Scam Aware!

Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The Multiplexer.The Multiplexer Software is a brand new scam that has been spreading through social media and spam emails at a terrifyingly fast speed. Anyone who has spent just a little time researching binary trading scams such as this will notice right away all the familiar warning signs.

According to the relatively slick (and very long) Multiplexer System marketing video, 43 people have allegedly already had their lives transformed thanks to the Multiplexer software. Apparently this groundbreaking system has never lost a single trade and earns around $20k a day – enough to make anyone a millionaire within a couple of months. Obviously this is utter hogwash but it only takes duping a small number of people for these fraudsters to spin a tidy profit. Naturally this makes Multiplexer System Website a very dangerous scam that must be exposed right away.

During this Multiplexer System review we’ll expose this scam for it’s real colors, and explain exactly why budding investors should avoid this shady operation at all costs.

website :  multiplexersystem.co


The Multiplexer System Review & Scam Warning !!

The first thing to be aware of right away is that the Multiplexer System App doesn’t work! It’s utterly fraudulent, and don’t believe for a second that this is a revolutionary new piece of software that is remotely set apart from existing binary scams. During the promotional video and on the Multiplexer System review website great claims are made as to how their software allegedly beats the trading tools used on Wall Street. Is it likely that a small-time private ‘operation’ (read:scam) could beat the commercial trading industry, which invests hundreds of millions a year in software research and development? Of course not.

As noted during the introduction the key claim is that the Multiplexer System software is infallible, with a 100% trading success rate. Even complete novices to online trading, or even investing in any form, should realize that this is a ludicrous claim. Compared to the very best genuine binary trading platforms – and yes there are a few out there – anything over a mid to high eighty percent success rate is a market leading product. Scams such as the Multiplexer System platform claiming 100% win rates are, to put it politely, pipe-dreams. Again, ask a simple question: if the fraudsters behind the Multiplexer System Auto trader has devised a way to legitimately crack the market, then why would they be giving their magic software away to strangers for ‘free’?

The Multiplexer System – Fake Software : Review Exposing Scam !!

Those of us with experience exposing binary trading fraudsters will notice right away that the software being used by the Multiplexer System robot has been seen before on a number of proven scams. This makes it very likely that whoever is behind this operation is running a portfolio of scams, with their system being basically just a template which can be easily modified using different skins. Yet the truth of the matter is that slightly altering the layout and color scheme doesn’t mask the fact the fact that the software itself is utter garbage.

As with the vast majority of this kind of scam the Multiplexer System website goes to great lengths in explaining that their software runs entirely automatically. Once more this should be setting off the alarm bells, as would anyone in their right mind trust a robot to blindly trade on their behalf without having any input themselves? Reputable binary trading sites encourage their clients to comprehend and participate in the trading process to a certain degree. On the other hand the Multiplexer System software is designed so that all invested monies will simply be swiftly traded away by their affiliates. We’ve seen it many times before with this exact software, and there’s not a single genuine anecdote anywhere that anyone has ever made money using this App.

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The Multiplexer System Is Complete Make-Believe !!

Hopefully so far this Multiplexer System review will have already put off anyone considering investing with these con artists; but just in case there’s still a few eternal optimists who need convinced let’s take a look at a few other factors which expose this outfit for what they really are.

If you believe the promotional Multiplexersystem.co video – and you shouldn’t – the mastermind behind the Multiplexer System App is Richard Ewing who apparently had a prestigious career working for CNN. Disillusioned, he threw it all in, and then magically transformed himself into the trading/programming genius who created this software. Even by the standards of binary scams this story is far fetched to say the least, yet the scammers will be hoping that people will associate the familiar and trustworthy CNN name with their own shady operation.

Yet the truth of the matter is that there’s no evidence that Ewing has ever existed. Anyone who works for a major corporation can easily be searched for nowadays – indeed most executives take considerable effort in generating a legitimate online presence. Not Ewing though – and this is because he doesn’t actually exist. As with so many scams, the Multiplexer System promotional video uses actors, and in this case they have been exceptionally sloppy (or more likely they just don’t care!) because we’ve seen most of them before.

The guy playing Ewing has had a number of other personas playing the role of genius CEO for a number of other scams. The same is true for the testimony from existing traders, all of which is made up and uses stock images which again we’ve seen on plenty of other sites too. Of course the fraudsters behind the Multiplexer System scam understand all too well that 99% of people who check out their site will be none the wiser to this issue.

The Multiplexer System Website Has Zero Accountability !!


One final issue that must be highlighted is that despite the use of Western actors to present their scam, there’s no details provided on where the Multiplexer System robot is actually based. Some people may not think this is especially important, but in fact it’s essential as it demonstrates that this operation is entirely unregulated. What this means is that investors will have no means of complaining once their funds have been expropriated. Sure the front page of the site claims 24 hours telephone and web support – the reality is that these will never respond to any contact besides people wishing to invest/throw away more of their savings. It’s a horrible way of doing business but sadly standard practice for scams such as Multiplexer System website.

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Conclusion : The Multiplexer System is SCAM !!

As mentioned at the top of this Multiplexer System review this scam is spreading fast across social media. Anyone unfortunate enough to come across their marketing materials must avoid this nasty scam and wherever possible warn others to steer clear too. Those who are tempted to chase the impossible, unobtainable riches promised by the Multiplexer System program will simply be fleeced dry. Sadly we’ve seen it time after time before.

Truth be told there’s nothing to like about this operation whatsoever. The Multiplexer System is a complete and utter scam!

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