Navstar Trader Review – Scam Aware!

Is NavStar Trader a scam?! Yes it definitely is. The sham software has been made by a bunch of malicious people looking to drain you of your finances and leave you regretting ever signing up for it in case you have. Bit by bit, this NavStar Trader review will bring to light the true hidden facts showing how the trader is nothing but a pure scam. It surely will change your mind in case you were thinking of starting to use the spurious program.

What is NavStar Trader?

To clearly understand what NavStar Trader is all about, one must first get the concept of binary options trading. Binary options are software, most of which are found online, that let one invest in them and try to generate profits for the investor. Binary options is a quick way to make fast money and can actually make one rich in a matter of time. The major problem with binary options is that most people have taken advantage of it by creating software that do not work and extorting money from gullible people using them. NavStar Trader is an example of such a malicious program.

NavStar Trader, as mentioned, is a binary options trader that has just been recently launched into the market. The software’s official website has a promotion video just at the home page in which Ethan Harrington introduces himself as the program’s owner and tries to market the program. He claims that the software can make one a whopping $22,005 in just a day. Ethan is now looking for new members, 24 members to be precise, from 10 select regions to sign up for the software for free so that he may fill the set of 50 people he needs. He then proceeds to show how his software works and keeps insisting on how it works on auto-pilot meaning that all one has to do is invest and sit down waiting for returns. He also claims that the software uses space age technology to venture into the market and beat it effectively. He got the idea to create this software after he found out that his job at NASA was not paying as much as what his friend Zach was getting from binary options trading.

Website: www.navstartrader.co


Why NavStar Trader is a Scam?

I’m pretty sure that by now you have started noticing some scam signals in this whole thing, including the presentation made by Ethan Harrington. In case you haven’t, here are some things you should note that reveal just how malicious Ethan is.

  • The amounts mentioned by the owner do raise eyebrows. Making $22,005 a day or $900 an hour seems untrue, and actually is impossible. You should note that these software uses brokers who act as middlemen after you invest your money. The brokers cannot generate you profits amounting to this value. Another fact to keep in mind is some of the best binary options trading software managed to make only $800 a day. We would have fallen for the software if Ethan had mentioned a value of around $700-$900. The $22,005 dollar is just too much and shows that this software doesn’t work in reality.
  • Ethan claims to have worked in NASA. This may be the biggest lie he told in the promo video together with the $22,005 profits. NASA has no record of any employee going by that name. He may have changed his name for reasons he best knows or he may have never worked at NASA at all as he claims. Looking at it from either directions, it is clear that the guy is a complete fraud looking to make himself rich using our hard earned money.
  • The technology he talks about, doesn’t exist in reality. He claims that the program uses space age technology to access granular data in a faster way than normal trading programs. This is just a made up story that he is trying to impress us with so that we might think that the software is complicated enough to be able to generate such kinds of profits. The story about the technology has just been made up to lure innocent people looking to easily get rich.


  • Ethan insists that he needs only 2 to 3 people in each region to sign up for the software freely so that he can meet his set threshold. One may be tempted to think that by now all the vacancies have been filled and that the free registration period should have been closed, which should be the case. However, the contrary is true. Anyone trying to register from anywhere, including the regions that haven’t been selected, will be accepted by the NavStar Trader system. I tried using dummy emails and ended up registering more than 4 times. This just shows how incompetent the software is. The algorithm to count the number of people it has registered may have failed. How then would you trust such a program with your money? The number is just a made up figure and the registration limit doesn’t actually exist. Ethan is just trying to get as many people as possible to hurriedly sign up and start using the program so that he can benefit himself before we all realize it’s too late.
  • It is also uncommon for serious people in business to reveal their clients’ accounts to the public like Ethan did. He is not a serious business man as he claims to be. All he is trying to do is to get people excited by showing them non-existing and fake accounts with huge bank balances so that people could sign up for the program believing it could make them as rich. Well, we weren’t born yesterday and we are keen enough to notice all these techniques he is using and that most scammers use.

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Conclusion !!

It is crystal clear that the NavStar Trader system is nothing but a disaster waiting to happen. The above arguments laid for you to see clearly prove that the system is not to be trusted by anyone. All it does is squeeze money off your pockets and leave you not richer as it claims. This is not to say that all binary traders are fake. Binary options software that actually do work are in existence. You therefore need to proceed with caution when picking a trader to invest in so as to avoid scammers like the NavStar Trader program.



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