New Year Profit Review – Scam Aware!

The New Year Profit scam is a despicable system. Their sole aim is to fleece you of your money before the new year! This review of the New Year Profit scam will tell you exactly why you should stay away from it! This system raised a number of red flags with us. While it might seem like a good idea to invest your money with this system, we strongly advise against it.

Starting with the chief executive officer Edward Pritchard, it appears that his real identity is not known as far as binary options market is concerned. There is no trace of his name anywhere. If he has been a successful trader as he has claimed , there would have been specific evidences that would point out to that. Check the forums and other New Year Profit reviews in Google for his name; you would not discover anything that shows that he was a profitable trader. You can begin to wonder how the self acclaimed trader offers what he does not have.If he has been a successful investor, he should not have come up with the absurd claims that his New Year Profit scam system can make at least $170 per hour. This is an incredible claim judging from the fact that you are required to make an initial deposit of $250 to start the trade. This is enough to blacklist the New year profits system and we do not hesitate to blacklist it. We do not recommend it for anybody.

This shows that New Year Profit App is bogus software. It only intends to steal money from you before the year runs out. The developers are looking for money to spend this holiday, do not allow yourself to become their target. The New Year Profit software comes with bogus claims, same like other scam tools we have reviewed here. So far, there is no verification anywhere that somebody has used the app to make money. Let anybody with such claims come forward, so that it would be verified.

Why New Year Profit is a Scam System – Evidences


As said, we have enough reasons to believe that New Year Profit method is a scam. It is one of the last frauds of 2015. It is definitely targeting new traders who would be looking for monies to spend this festive season.

Fake New Year Profits Software Presentation video

When you consider the presentation review video, you would discover the voice over actor. It appears that the voice is not that of the person you are seeing in the New year profits video. Apart from that, the presenter has not succeeded in saying any tangible thing about his software. He concentrated on promoting jargons and selling tricks instead of providing its audience with the real information about the system. Professional traders are not interested in stories, they wanted to know how the New Year Profit App works. This would guide them in determining whether they would use it or not. You would discover that the whole length and breadth of that video, you would never get any concrete information about this software. The reason for this is that they do not have anything to say.

The New Year Profit falls into our scam category. It is only selling dream videos, in binary options market there is nothing like dream videos. There is no legit information about the New Year profit software that can make us to recommend it to traders. We have checked forums and endorsement sites about NewYearProfit.com, and we do not find any information about it. As expected, you would notice that only fraudulent websites like them have endorsed the site. You should not be deceived by such fake endorsements.

New Year Profit Scam: Why You Should Steer Clear

They claim that you will make $64,342.01 by 1 Jan 2016, but think about that for just a minute. How do you think it is possible that the New Year Profit scam can guarantee you will make that much money in just a couple of days? The reason is that they are making all of this up!


Edward Pritchard promises that if you don’t make money, he will give you $1,000. Why would he do that? We’ve heard many scammers promise that they will give you your money back, but they never do.

The whole video starts by talking of a little boy in a hospice and how much it cost to care for him. This is just a tactic to manipulate you into believing that the fictional Edward Pritchard actually cares about you and other people.

He even tells us that he lost his job last year, all of this is purely to make you feel that you can trust him. He says that he typed in “how to make money online” many times and fell for a lot of the online scams. He claims that he tried filling envelopes, MLM and affiliate marketing, but never made any money. This is just to gain your trust, don’t believe it.

The New Year Profit scam video continues by telling us that Edward’s cousin from New York came to visit him. He supposedly worked in the financial district for years, trading stocks and shares.

I hope you can see where this is going… He meets up with his cousin, and he tells him that he quit his job, because he can make more money online. Of course his cousin developed software that trades Binary Options. His cousin proceeds to download the software to his computer. By now I hope you realize that he’s referring to the New Year Profit scam software.

He claims that in only 42 minutes his balance went from $250 to $3,694.10 by using  the New Year Profit scam. Even doing a trade every 60 seconds it would still be impossible to make that amount starting with only $250!

The next part of the New Year Profit scam video tries to explain why they’re giving the software away for free. We’re told that him and his cousin realized that there are many people that are not financially free. This is supposedly why they’re so generous, they just want you to pay it forward we’re told. What a load of hogwash!

You will also notice that the quality of the English starts going downhill in this part of the video. The sentences start getting very stilted and weird. You will also notice that there are numerous typos on the site. Their “trust badges” are the worst!


We’re told that the mystery ‘cousin’ checked many different Binary Options brokers, and selected only a one that they trust. Curiously enough, they do not mention the name of the broker. We’re simply told that “it is the broker that goes with the software.” Of course this is just a load of nonsense. There are more than one broker, and they are assigned to you on a rotating basis.

Fake New Year Profits Method Testimonials and Reviews 

When you get access to New Year Profit Members area, you would discover more evidences that show that it is a scam. You would observe a number of people who claimed that they were already making amount of money using the system. When we checked the identities of those people, we discovered that they were not real. Photographs were purchased from fiverr.com and a fake name attached to it. We would shortly provide specific evidences that show that the names were fake.Starting with the New year profit founder, we have said that Edward Pritchard does not exist. This means that the real culprit behind the scam is not known. Why should you use a system propagated by a fake identity.

More Misleading  information about NewYearprofit.com Exposed

Now coming back to the New year Profit fake information we have earlier talked about, we discovered that information provided by members at member’s area is fake. For example, we conducted a check on Julia Rasckle. This actor claimed that she has already made huge amount using the New Year Profit method. This piece of information is not true; because we are one hundred percent sure that Julia Rasckle does not exist. Her photo was purchased and a fake name attached to the video. This is a clear sign that it is a scam.

Secondly, another person who claimed to have made huge amount using the system is Jim Morrian. This actor claimed that he has already earned more than 49k of October he started to use the system. We searched for his identity and we can confidently say that he does not exist. These are a clear indication that New Year Profit App relies on fake information to promote the product. This shows that you are dealing with a fraudulent system.

Perhaps, the final evidence that can convince you is the fake enforcement badges. These badges are fake, because they are not clickable. This shows that the software does not have any authority to back it as genuine. These are enough evidences to convince you that New Year Profit is a scam.


We have to conclude without wasting time that this New Year Profit system is fake. All information available on the website is misleading, fake, and deceptive. It is the worst scam binary options signals App we have reviewed in the recent times. If you are looking for useful binary trading software that can help you to make money, always check our website for information about such systems.

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